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Red Tales - Back Into Loving Arms (and others)

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Red Tales is an author I've long enjoyed. He's been posting stories to MMSA for nearly six years now, though there was a gap of over a year since he posted his last one. The Newest, Back Into Loving Arms, was just posted this week.

Red Tales does a good mix of story types. The only age icons he doesn't have are older teen and capital A adults. Some of his stories are fan fic, some are series, and some are solo. The one thing most of them have in common are that domestic discipline settings.

While I remember a few of them pretty well, I think my personal favorite is The Unorthodox Bunk Bed, though Conspiracy to Witness a Spanking hit a lot of my 'hot' buttons. And there are a number of other really good ones.

Back Into Loving Arms is his first post in over 13 months, and it was a very enjoyable story.

I'll be honest here, I think this story could have used a little more editing before being posted. I know it's hard to catch everything, but there were a couple of errors that jerked me out of the story. Having said that, it was interesting enough that I got right back into it.

The other thing about this story is it's one of the type that I have trouble enjoying. I felt so much empathy for the main character that it was hard for me to enjoy his spanking. On the other hand, It was a really hot, well-written, and enjoyable spanking.

Another thing I really like is that the characters were really believable through most of the story. Jimmy acted like I'd expect a teenage boy to act, going from angry, to sorrowful, to scared, and then relieved.

Overall, I would recommend this story pretty darned highly and hope we won't have to wait until 2012 to see more from this author.


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Thanks Jack. I really enjoyed reading this story. It got both votes and a feedback message from me!

Can you dig it?


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I also read the story and voted for it.



RedTales has always been one of my favorite authors, too. My favorites are: The Bonding Bonfire and The Paddle's Resurrection. His Michael series is also awesome. I will try and post some links.

This new one is just as good. I love how he articulates how spankings fit into the world order of a loving family, and he always seems to take boys on the outside of that world and shows their initiation into it. Fun stuff.


I just read this latest story and really enjoyed it. It hooked me when the uncle came immediately and just took him in without any questions. I thought it was pretty realistic when it came to how his life with his mother carried over when he became upset and I loved how his uncle became this sort of bulwark of love that never wavered after that. Now I'm going to go look for his other stories.

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