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Badboysimon - Be Careful What You Wish For Jason Surfing

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I don't really know what to say about this story. I know from chat last night that Stevie loves it... me, not so much.

I've said before that I simply must read Simon's stories. There are elements in them that I find extremely hot despite the fact that I seldom like the adult characters. It is a tribute to Simon's writing that his stories can engage me against my will. I can't praise his style enough.

This latest story, though, seems to be Simon allowing his dark side free license. While Simon's adults are usually somewhat ambiguous, there is nothing ambiguous about the adult in this story--he's a total scumbag! (Simon's sense of humor is apparent in the fact he has given his own name to the vermin Laughing.)

Teenager Jason is a spanko, who longs to experience a real spanking. He indulges his fetish with visits to spanko websites and self-spanking since he can't have the real thing... until his new stepfather Simon blackmails him into taking spankings. Of course, Jason isn't a very nice boy. He is a manipulative and nasty little piece of work.

I took this story as almost a parody of some of Simon's themes. There is the usual age regression, complete with haircut, short trousers, and even 'nappies'!

I'm interested in how others respond to this one.

Be Careful What You Wish For Jason Surfing



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I love bad boy Simon's stories in general. I like the little boy treatment but I didn't enjoy the nappy or the blackmail.

Can you dig it?


Definitely not my cup of tea!

I will admit to reading it to the end - was I hoping for some sort of redemption? If so it didn't come. But I did feel sorry for Dustin and perhaps now Daddy has a willing volunteer his life might improve - although somehow I doubt it.


Way ott for my liking, though I tend to agree with Kat's idea of it being some sort of parody. Though usually quite good at reading a story clinically, this time I'll join Kat for his blood pressure check. Though I'll also have to agree that no matter how repetitive BBS's style is becoming - his main character always has the same basic personality, for one- it also absorbs me at some point or another.

Actually surprised there was no punishment shaving to top it all off, but then again I guess Jason hasn't any hair worth mentioning- other than on his head, where it's not worth mentioning anymore, either. Laughing

Stone Man

Loved parts of it and hated other parts of it, and told Simon so. Though when he'll get my comments, who the heck knows.

I'm not into the humiliation at all. I would not object to the short pants and hairstyle, once Jason was attending the other school where that is the norm.I saw no reason to do it ahead of time or any reason to use the nappies.

I was bothered by the blackmail but accepted it as a vehicle to allow punishments of Jason to take place. It was otherwise a story I enjoyed very much.

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