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St. George - A Spanking Virgin's First Time

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1 St. George - A Spanking Virgin's First Time on Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:46 pm


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This one is well outside my usual stuff, though I do have some "a" and "A" stories. It's a pretty straightforward story -- as the title implies, a spanking virgin hooks up for his first consensual experience with the narrator.

I've noticed several stories at MMSA lately with a similar theme; but since I wrote this story a while back and it's been in a holding pattern, I thought I'd better ask for it to be released or delete it so that I can release some newer stories (And if I delete stories, how will I ever reach 300 Razz ?) I've tried to use some of my insight/experience as both a top and bottom to give the story more depth than a stark account of a consensual adult spanking. I'm not sure how much that will appeal to the limited readership for this particular interest area.

A Spanking Virgin's First Time



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Another hot well written GREAT story from Kat. Not my usual genre but I still loved it. I love everything St. George writes!

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Can you dig it?


Kat showing his versatility and drawing on his experiences to give us an entertaining insight of a young man - I was going to say dipping his toe in the water, but this was actually more like diving in the deep end and hitting bottom!


Skater said it for me.

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