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The Hogans

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101 Re: The Hogans on Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:21 am


Moving on to the originally scheduled update....

I already knew this, but I can't find where I ever mentioned it. Jake will be going to school in Texas, so he will be joining Christian here for long weekends. Christian has to be at college... I mean, his first day of class is 21 August. Jake's is not until the next Monday. They're both going to be arriving on the 14th, and Larry decided to let Nate and Ike join them for a few days, so they can visit Van and Kenny and Colt, and maybe see some of their other friends. Its going to be tight, and not everyone will be able to go, but at least some of us will be able to break away for a visit to 6 Flags and Hurricane Harbor while they're here.

We had family Skypes, I had Skypes with all four of the boys, and I Skyped with each of them individually.

There's really no update with Christian. He had gone hipster for a while, with a chin strap and some curly hair style, that I really thought looked ridiculous, but he seemed to like it, so I kept my mouth shut. His hair actually has a lot of body, and is pretty hard to control, but he's wearing it a bit shorter now (and seems to be coming it every once in a while), and it just looks a lot better to me (looking at a couple of pictures, I think part of the trouble is that the earlier one made him look lopsided). He's also wearing a goatee now. While I really don't care for facial hair, I think chinstraps are just silly looking, so I have to mark that as an upgrade.

Jake is still pretty small, but he's filled out a bit and looking really good. He's still kind of geeky looking, but in a 'handsome boy' kind of way. He says things are going pretty well, and he's looking forward to school, but he let me know he needs to talk to me about a couple of things.

The younger boys are all doing well. David is sad at being left behind, and he wants to come meet my new boys, but it sounds like Mom and Dad have promised he won't be bored while the brothers are gone. Ike is pretty grateful, because Wendy almost nixed him coming over the idea of him and Nate flying back alone. I promised I'll turn them over to airport staff personally, as see them as far as security allows.

That's about it for now, and I'll let you know more after the boys get here next week.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

102 Re: The Hogans on Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:45 am


Oh how exciting for them and your boys to get to see each other... enjoy and I can't wait to hear about it!

Thanks for the update jack

Hugs kal

103 Re: The Hogans on Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:58 am


Elsewhere, this appeared

jackson1 wrote:What was the outcome earlier in this thread over the meltdown Christian had with his teacher that time?

You mentioned you were both going to be having a meeting with the principal at school to discuss what should happen.

I actually answered most of this here, just a couple of days ago.

Jack wrote:

After z made this post, I looked back over the thread to remind myself of what I'd said and the timeline, and ended up devoting a lot of time to reading. One of the problems is that I start here, then jumped around, and I had to track down other sources.

For reference, at the point where Christian ran away from home, we go to the Oct 2014 Spankorama, then on to Christian's Bio. He also had a chore spanking the month after he moved in with us, but that really seemed to be all the trouble he landed in here.

I started to leave it at that, but realized I never did discuss what happened in the aftermath, so I guess that might be to what Jackson is referring.

As I said at the time,

Jack wrote:Tomorrow morning, Christian and I have to meet with Mr. P. At that point, I have to either present him as disciplined, with at least a capsule explanation of what happened, or I have to turn him over for Mr. P to handle. My intention is for us to discuss what happened, to find out how culpable he feels (that is, if he feels his situation is an excuse or not), and then to let him suggest what we should do. I don't see this as a switching offense, but I would normally see it as demanding fairly serious CP. If he doesn't agree with that, then I'll suggest he make a public apology to his teacher, but I'll also remind him that he has to convince Mr. P. If he doesn't feel like he deserves CP, I will probably explain to him why I think he does, but I feel like I have to be careful not to be the bad guy right now, so he has someone he still feels supports him.

However, Christian pushed the issue later that day, which led to the post in the Spankorama.

I don't remember why I had to be at BCA that day, but Christian and I went in to see Mr. P. I made Christian do the explaining, and he was pretty humiliated to admit to Mr. P that I'd bared his bottom, put him over my knees, and spanked him like a little kid. He showed Mr. P the apology he'd written, and then mentioned the paddling and how much the Lexan paddle hurt, though he neglected to explain just how badly he'd taken it.

I had to take Christian to the office the next morning, and Mr. P accompanied him back to class, where Christian apologized to the class for being disruptive, without going into a ton of details. Things went back to normal after that.

It's been a while, but, if I remember correctly, Christian had to sit out the first quarter for missing practice, but was able to play the rest of the game.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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