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Bransom Writer's Group - In Front of Others: Two Spanking Stories

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It has been a while since Bransom Writer's Group has posted anything. Some of the reason has been the change at MMSA to make linking multi-author contributions easier, as with challenges.

Recently, however, a conversation with Jolyon Lewes made me think BWG would be a good way to post a pair of stories. Both Jolyon and I had written very brief stories that somehow just didn't seem as though they would be appropriate for posting as single stories under our usual MMSA handles. I suggested and Jolyon agreed to post the stories as a single offering.

I think the stories share some similarities. As the title implies, in both stories, a spanking or attempted spanking takes place in front of others. Both characters are very young ("b" icon) and both feel they are punished unfairly. Yet the stories are also quite different.

We hope you enjoy them.

In Front of Others: Two Spanking Stories



Neat little story, and a 2 star one as well (as always!) Cool

I must say I liked Kat's deft handling of the human nature of this. How many of our folks were like the aunt and what issues did that create for us? That pushed my 'what if' button rather hard and is a bit of reminder to me to maybe 'lighten up' a bit when dealing with my own, albeit older, guys!

Great story! cheers


I really like the emotional content to both stories, but I was particularly taken with Luke's Story.

I think it's tough to portray (much less live) the dual roles of a parent as nurturer and disciplinarian. I congratulate Kat for capturing it so well, especially from the POV of a seven-year-old.



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Two of my favorite authors! Wonder duo!

Both Votes from me!

Can you dig it?


Great stories!

Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

Hugs I love you


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