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BOTD 11-24-12 - Summer Holiday - AN Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Summer Holiday - An Ivor Production

An Ivor Production

It is the summer holiday. Your 14 year old twin sons Roddy and Scott are home from Boarding School. Roddy has had a very poor term scholastically and his school report is dire. It indicates that he has been slacking and has been caned on three occasions. School canings are delivered on trouser clad bottoms. You do not usualy punish for poor school performance, but this time feel Roddy has been so lazy that you confine him to the house for the first two weeks of the hoiday. It is a glorious spell of warm weather and Scott has the use of the grounds and swimming pool along with the boys' friends.

On the second day of his confinement you catch sight of Roddy looking wistfully out of the window at the joyful noises coming from the pool

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Later that morning Roddy comes to you and asks if you will agree to give him the strap in exchange for lifting the 'house' restrictions.

The strap is an old tawse which you have only applied once to both boys. It had such an effect on them they have never done anything bad enough since to merit a futher dose. Roddy knows you will apply it bare, that he will get 14 strokes, and that the boys outside are skinny dipping.

Will you give him what he asks for.

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
Yup dropem and bend over!

Can you dig it?


Editor Extraordinaire
If Roddy is sure, than yes.


David M. Katz

It seems a reasonable request to me. Drop 'em and bend!

Why didn't I think of it in the first place?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


No, I won't give it to him.

What I will give him is an apology. Grounding him for school work isn't going to do anything positive.

Instead, I'm going to send him out to play, with the understanding that his 'grounding' is going to be spread out over the entire summer, in the form of spending time with me catching up on his grade work. Maybe I'll also be able to get him to talk about the problem. While it's possible he just doesn't see the reason to slave at school work, there's too big a chance there's some other problem.


The good angel says do as Jack has suggested so wisely.

The bad angel says let him drop them since you haven't seen him bare for a long time, and if it is just to see if he's serious. When he is in position, do as Jack has suggested so wisely. Embarassed


I wouldn't have grounded him in the first place!

I will whack him, not for poor performance (been there/done that), but for being lazy. If he shows me a genuine need for tutorials to up his game we'll proceed accordingly. It appears from the scenario that he just needs 'motivation' Twisted Evil .

My gut tells me a strap of that caliber will get the job done. affraid


If he's had the cane 3 times it is evident that a hiding is less effective than the grounding sadly. I'm not against strapping him and then letting him join his brother in the pool but he is also as Jack suggested, going to be hitting his books for some of the time and the holiday project work , if any, will be COMPLETED. We will try together to have him reset his priorities for next term and I will ask the school to take him out of any extra curricular activities if he starts slacking again


I'm rather ashamed that I'd imposed a knee jerk punishment without first exploring under the bonnet and I'll admit that to him.

His grounding is ended as of now with the understanding that we'll be sitting down together tonight in non confrontational mode to try to understand and resolve the issues underlying his poor report.

Pi Beta

Confinement ended. How on earth could I have been so stupid as to expect him to use such confinement for anything other than moping and resentment?

Will I strap him? No; what I will do is to sit down with both the twins and try to find out why Roddy is doing less well than his brother. If he does admit to laziness being a significant factor, I'll liaise with his Housemaster - for a boarder, the pressure needs to be applied at the time he is being lazy - not weeks later. I have to rely on the school. I might, however, negotiate with Roddy an agreement to give him, say, three strokes with the strap for every subject teacher reporting poor EFFORT, but not attainment, grades in his next report.

Stone Man

I'll end the grounding and set times when we can work together on the schoolwork that his giving him problems.

Will a strapping make him a better student? Heck no, but the school has had three chances at him that I've missed out on. Drop 'em and bend over Kiddo. Twisted Evil

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