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BOTD Christmas BONUS 12/7/12 "You Can't Say That Word" A DMK Bonus

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David M. Katz


A DMK BONUS Christmas Production

Your son, Newton, who is twelve, attends a rather strict and forward-minded private school. Newton is only there because he thrives in the academic environment. Neither you nor your spouse nor Newton care for the arrogant attitude associated with the school.

It is the day of the annual "Holiday Program" and the kids have been practicing their roles for a while. The principal has decreed that the program is to be all inclusive and non-offensive. There are to be no religious themed songs nor any mention of the word "Christmas." Newton's role is that he and two other classmates will be dressed in pajamas and seated on a couch and will read/recite 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. There is, however, a change. The poem has been changed to 'Twas The Night Before The Holiday. Part of Newton's role is to read/recite the last line. He is to say, "I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight, 'Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night.'"

Newton comes to you and informs you that he is NOT going to use the word "Holiday." He and his classmates have talked and they plan to recite the poem in the original form and use the dreaded word "Christmas." He says to do it any other way is "dumb."

While you support Newton's feelings and totally think he is right, you also know that not following the guidelines could end your boy in deep trouble.

How do you advise Newton? If, he says that prohibited word in the program, how will you respond?

Newton -12

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Would this be Newton's fate?

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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I know you had a Christmas, err "Holiday" program this morning at school. I hope this didn't really happen.

Given current world hysteria, in such a PC place as that, I can't imagine they'd be allowed to wear pajamas (or pyjamas) onstage either--after all, that could attract a "predator". And there couldn't possibly be any record of what he ACTUALLY said, because recording school programs, even by parents, is now prohibited for the same reason.

Personally, and I'm Jewish, if Nathaniel, er Newton, finished the poem with "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night", I'd commend him and take him out for ice cream.

It's not even a poem the principal's way, and is one more reflection of what a wreck this country has become in the wake of "political correctness".

"All inclusive" means all INCLUSIVE. The principal's decree is not at all inclusive, but rather is EXCLUSIVE. I wasn't there, but I'd bet mentions of Chanukah or Kwanzaa or even Ramadan, which has nothing to do with this season would all be celebrated by him as "diversity". Bah, humbug.


Oc coarse I will support Newton and his friends in their action I will also contact a Cristian, pro bono law firm in advance and have them prepared in advance to fight any punishment the school may attempt it impose on any of Newtons friends! A full recording will be made for evidence purposes though I will not reveal the true purpose of the tape!

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David M. Katz

AFinch wrote:I know you had a Christmas, err "Holiday" program this morning at school. I hope this didn't really happen.

The program was actually last night. Let's just say for now that sometimes art imitates life. More later.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


it a bit ridicules, I really thought that this kind of thing was in the past. what is wrong with using Christmas. i know not everyone does christmas so what. are we going to stop using Hanukkah. it is just a word.


Please tell me art didn't imitate life that closely!!!

If Nate Newt said the dreaded 'C' word I'll congratulate him for standing by his principles and let him accept any reasonable consequences from the school.

This is a teachable moment about hysterical PC ness and I hope he takes it to heart. I will work very hard with the Board of Governors to ensure true inclusiveness; there's a teachable moment here too.


While I appreciate that some people don't believe in the reason behind Christmas, Christmas itself is a fact of life. In my opinion, you should get no more upset over being wished a 'Merry Christmas' than a 'good weekend'. No matter what you're opinion, take the wish in the way it's meant.

With that off my chest, it's obvious that the school didn't ask for my advice or consent before planning this. Part of me thinks that Newt should do what he agreed to do, both because it's what the policy calls for, and it's what he agreed to do. I would honestly be more comfortable if they'd just boycotted the program.

However, I understand his views, and I can see this as a kind of activism. I'm going to talk with Newt about the possible outcomes of what he's doing, and point out that he's going into this with eyes open, so it's his choice, but he has to accept the consequences (if any).

And if someone at the school has anything to say about it, I'm going to start with asking them how this kind of thing is different than book burning, and we'll go downhill from there.


Very Happy I would tell him it's up to him and that either way I will stand behind him with what ever he chooses as long as he knows what could happen with his choices he meakes. He will not get into trouble from me....

hugs kal rendeer

John Boy

Go for it fight the power, and you will have my back. Some people over react and some don't. I am proud that he wants to stand up.


This does not say what the school will do about itI have 3 choices as I see it.

1 I decide the schools ethos, like Newt has is all too much, support him and remove him from the school
2 Discipline Newt for flouting the schools edict.
3 Say I sympathize son but if the school punish you it will be your doing and advise that really this battle isn't worth it. I will not however do the schools dirty work for them

I choose 3 . On his head be it


Editor Extraordinaire
I personally don't have a problem with the school attempting to be inclusive, as I would guess there are non-Christian students there. While I doubt many would find the word "Christmas" offensive, I can see how a non-Christian child might feel marginalized. I can't see making such a fuss on either side of the issue. I would probably try to explain to Newt why the school has adopted a more generic, inclusive approach. A child who is a Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim or Jew can feel a part of a secular holiday celebration.

If he feels so strongly, then this school is likely not a good fit for him. Perhaps he would be happier in a school with a religious ethos. My feeling is that he should either elect not to participate at all or follow the school's guidelines. If he doesn't follow instructions, then he'll have to face the consequences with the school.


David M. Katz

I first emailed his Uncle Jack and got some good advice.

I talked to Nathaniel and told him I would support him but we discussed possible consequences. I had decided that I would not let him be punished for this. Nathaniel was the last kid to go, he said if the other boy said Christmas he would too.

The program was opened with the principal explaining the inclusive nature of the program and saying how hard the kids had worked.

The time came. The first kid said, "Christmas," and said it very loudly. Nathaniel also loudly said his closing, "MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night!" They got a standing ovation. I was very proud.

At the reception after, the principal told Nathaniel he did a good job and she was sorry he forgot his part like they rehearsed it. He politely told her he did not forget but he changed it and shook her hand. Nothing else was said then or today,. All is well.

BTW, he will return to public school for 8th grade next August. Nathaniel, Anne and I have been discussing this far prior to last night's program.

It was a wonderful show and all of the kids did a fantastic job.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Go for it Newton and let the chips fall where they may. I've been planning on looking for schools that would be a better fit for him and I may have the impetus that I've needed.


cheers SO happy nate did what he believed in.....way to go Nate!

Happy they just let it go!

hugs kal


cheers GOOD FOR NATE!!!

Glad he stood his principles and his ground with the teacher.

I don't know about the Tennesee schools, but here in PA they are just as asinine with the PC stuff. This year's high school choral concert has NO traditional songs at all, and the band is getting away with it only because there are no words. That came straight from the board of our District. Rolling Eyes

If it weren't for the fact that the littles are already in high school, I'd homeschool! silent

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