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BOTD 12/12/12 "How Dare You Touch That Angel!" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

NOTE: I want to thank Jkher for his famous line and Jack for his response to my good boy appeal yesterday. They proved inspirational for this BOTD.



A DMK Production (With inspiration From Others)

You need to go to the mall to do some shopping. Your twelve year old son, Ted, decides he wants to go with you. The last time you and Ted went to the mall, he wandered off without letting you know and it took you a long time to find him. You agree to let Ted come but tell him he can't be wandering off without your knowledge. You get to the mall and Ted is almost immediately bored with your choice of stores. He whines and begs to go off on his on. You agree and you make sure his phone is on and charged. You tell him to meet you at the fountain at 1:00 PM. You arrive at the fountain at 12:55. By 1:15, Ted is not there. You call his cell and all you get is voice mail. You make a few more attempts to call and you still get no answer. At 1:30, you go looking for Ted. He is still not found by 2:00 and so you get mall security involved. Finally at 2:15 he is found in American Eagle trying on jeans.

You ask Ted why he was not at the fountain at 1:00 and why he did not answer his phone. He just looks at you and blatantly says, "Because I was having fun and I wasn't ready to leave."

You quietly inform Ted that he will be given a spanking as soon as you get him home. Ted starts crying and making a scene.

Ted - 12

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Ted is still crying and loudly begging you not to spank him. He is saying how sorry he is and how you don't understand him. Two grandmotherly types happen upon the scene and see Ted crying and begging you not to spank him. The ladies say to you, "How dare you touch that angel!"

What do you say? What do you do? Are you going to "touch" your "angel?"

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


The angel asked for it and the angel will get it. Period.

If he answered the phone we could have agreed to more time but since he deliberately ignored my phone call, there is no reason to 'spare the rod'.


I'm going to explain to the two old busybodies, erm ladies, what Ted has done, and thank them for their concern, and I am then going to take Ted home and give him the spanking he richly deserves.

John Boy

The "angel" is getting spanked when we get home. But for now the nice interfering I mean nice ladies will here me say he is grounded from the mall until further notice for A being late B being rude when asked and C wasting Securities time.


This is one fallen angel!!

As to the grandmotherly types, I will thank them for their concern but reaffirm to them and him my decision to spank and why.

If he's crying now, wait until we get home! Twisted Evil


Editor Extraordinaire
This is what comes of trying to discipline a kid in a public place. It embarrasses the kid and invites interference. If I think Ted is making a scene to get out of trouble, I'll extricate him at once and punish him when we get home without further drama. If he is sincerely this upset over a spanking, it's time to find another form of discipline. Spanking isn't for every kid.


Stone Man

This must be the first time ever for Ted to react this way, otherwise why the heck would I not have taken him home before telling him about his impending spanking.

We are going home and Ted is getting a deluxe spanking for missing our meeting time, ignoring my calls, wasting my time and security's time. THEN we can talk about alternative punishments if he's really that scared about a little old major spanking.

As far as the old biddies, I will ignore them and go about the business of being the boy's father.


This won't be Ted's first hiding - nor likely his last.

I'll assure the old biddys that I have no intention of 'touching' the manipulative little dev.. angel - my strap will do that.

Then we'll go home and do the business. Mad


MemoryMan wrote:This won't be Ted's first hiding - nor likely his last.

I'll assure the old biddys that I have no intention of 'touching' the manipulative little dev.. angel - my strap will do that.

Then we'll go home and do the business. Mad

Nice answer MM - aa 'Hands Off' spanking.

I like it, but I doubt Ted will.


I am going to tell the ladies that Ted is in no way an angel. He has been disobedient and rude and is quite old enough to know better.

It is perfectly legal for Ted to be spanked and when we get home that is what will happen. It is their problem if they disagree with

my way of parenting.


"I'm sorry, which angel do you mean?"

If they say anything else, I'll point out that if their parents had been more strict with them, they'd know how to....

Okay, I won't say that, but I will invite them to leave the parenting to me.

I probably shouldn't have made my promise of discipline in a public place, not at a time when I was really upset with him. However, there is no excuse for a 12-year old to act this way (and I mean the way he's carrying on, though there's also no excuse for him to take off like that and ignore me).

I really wonder if Ted realizes exactly how much trouble he's gotten himself into. Not only is he going to be getting a deluxe spanking - if not a complete upgrade (maybe a deluxe upgrade?), but it's going to be a while before he has the to go off by himself again, because he's proved he can't be trusted.

The saddest thing is, I would have been happy to hang around and let him do this, if he'd just asked.


Kat, while I agree that this wasn't the best time or place to announce sentence, my feeling from the reading is that Ted is trying to humiliate you. After all, I've yet to meet a 12-year old that wanted this kind of attention in public, unless he thought it was going to help him out.

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