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BOTD 12/14/12 "Milking It" A Leti Production

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1 BOTD 12/14/12 "Milking It" A Leti Production on Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:06 pm

David M. Katz


A Leti Production

Your eleven year old son, Peter, was running late to school and so he skipped his breakfast. By lunch time, he was extra hungry and wanted an additional milk. He did not have money for the additional milk as he had spent his extra lunch money on a second roll. Peter steals a milk while the cafeteria attendant is not watching (so he thinks.) He was seen and reported to the principal. The principal calls Peter in to discuss the stolen milk. Peter tells the principal he stole the milk because he was extra hungry and was out of money. Peter then further enhances his story. He tells the principal that you have lost your job and that there is no food in the house and no money and so he had to go without breakfast. Considering the circumstances, Peter is not punished but given a warning. The principal tells Peter that he can always ask her if he is hungry and she will make sure he gets something to eat. Peter goes back to class happy in his "victory."

PETER - 11

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You get a call from the principal later in the day. She is cordial and tells you that she has heard about your misfortune but has referred your family to the parent organization. She says, "Don't be embarrassed, they are here to help in hard times like these." She further tells you that a food basket will be delivered to your home that evening. You are confused and ask for an explanation and so the principal relates Peter's stolen milk incident. Right now you are speechless.

What do you tell the principal? What happens when Peter gets home?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Well, I have to set things straight, then I'll assure her that I will handle things if that's alright.

"OFF with his pants king !" that mischieviously creative scamp.

I'm going to make sure that he gets a little extra lunch money, and that he gets up in time for breakfast!


I will thank her and promise to come tomorrow to discuss further options. If I cannot stop the food a donation will be made for it.

It is a good thing I work late today so I have time to calm down.


Pete is toast when he gets home!!!

Stealing, lying, bringing shame upon the home; you're sleeping on your tummy tonite.


Nothing to add to the previous respondents.

I'll thank the principal for her concern and compassion, but let her know it's misplaced. I'll let her know I will be dealing with Peter when he gets home, and suggest she check to make sure his nose hasn't grown a foot since he spoke to her. I'll also let her know if she wants to ALSO deal with his theft and lying at school, since it happened at school, I have no problem with her doing so. This situation would be a very rare instance in which I'd be in favor of double jeopardy.

John Boy

He is getting spanked for lying, now to try and make sure things are smooth between the school and him.

Stone Man

1strappedboy wrote:Pete is toast when he gets home!!!

Stealing, lying, bringing shame upon the home; you're sleeping on your tummy tonite.

This works in two ways... he gets punished for his story telling lying and if he's still hungry there's always the toast he's been made into.

Time to oil up the strop.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm in agreement with Jkher: I'll straighten out matters with the principal and ask her to allow me to deal with my wayward offspring.



He stole, he told stories about you, he gave you a reputation in the community you didn't deserve .. oh boy he's gonna get it.


When I recover the powers of speech I will put the Principal straight and rather than have her waste more time on my dishonest little boy I will undertake to deal with him at home.

Not sure if the school would paddle but I will. He has embarrassed me but it is the theft and dishonesty that disappoints me most. He will be wishing the school had dealt with it when he stands up again. He will bring the milk money to the Principals office tomorrow with a letter of apology. We will also have a talk about spending his money a bit more slowy especially as the milk money will be coming from his allowance


I'm in the Keir club

12 Re: BOTD 12/14/12 "Milking It" A Leti Production on Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:39 am


I'm afraid my little Peter is no saint and he is about to find out that the milk of human kindness has run dry.

13 Re: BOTD 12/14/12 "Milking It" A Leti Production on Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:51 am


Peter, will say, in his defense that he only said that he was hungry becuase he didn't found anything to breakfast in the morning. That the Principal was the one asking him questions and he just didn't deny it...

Rolling Eyes


I know Peter is just 11, so the idea of 'consequences' is pretty abstract. To him, it was the perfect crime, and it never occurred to him what the principal's natural reaction would be.

I think I'm going to explain the situation to the principal, ask what her normal response would be to a child stealing from the lunch room, and what the maximum would be.

My gut feeling is that I should allow the school to deal with it (and in Texas, where they could probably give a number of swats, I probably would). When Pete gets home, we're going to have a long talk about a number of issues. If being late was his fault, I'll let him know he's on zero tolerance for that for a while.


Reading back, I see that a lot of people had a stronger reaction than I did.

I wonder if that's because I'm trying to picture one of my kids trying to convince their principal that I'd lost my job. Suspect

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