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BOTD 12-22-12 Old Sins Cast Long Shadows - A Kat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

A Kat Production

You have two sons. The elder son, Tucker, is fourteen. The younger son, Myron, is twelve. Over a year ago, you gave Tucker “the spanking of his life” for vandalizing the next-door neighbor’s house with spray paint. You had to pay for the damage, but you convinced the neighbor not to involve the police. Though Tucker insisted at the time that he was innocent, the evidence against him seemed overwhelming. The neighbor identified him as the culprit, and he’d had a confrontation with the man the day before when Tucker and his friends were making “too much noise” in the back garden.

Tucker 14
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Myron 12

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This evening at dinner, the conversation turns once again to this neighbor. Myron grins and admits that he was actually the one who vandalized the man’s house. (The brothers have a strong resemblance, though Tucker is, of course, larger.) Tucker is outraged all over again. He reminds you he told you he was innocent at the time, and he insists you punish Myron. Myron protests that it was over a year ago, so it’s silly to punish him now. Is it?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I afraid Myron is toast! Where is my switch? Oh there it is!

Can you dig it?


I owe my oldest what will probably prove to be the most difficult to do things in the world; the apology for the unjust beating. The scenario states that it was the 'spanking of his life' and if this were R/L, it would have been. I'm appalled that I've done this to my boy and don't really know how I can or will make up for it.

As to his brother..... Twisted Evil

He will get what his brother got with enhancement for lying, allowing Tuck to be so punished, and waiting so long to 'come clean'. This just might be an occasion I could justify a 'stick type' implement. I want this to be memorable.


Is that toast Myron is eating? Appropriate if that is the case since his butt will soon resemble an overcooked piece in the sense of being 'burnt'.

I'm also going to invite Tucker to watch so he can see his little brother get his just deserts wich may just, along with the sincerest apology I can muster, go some way to making up to him for my grave error in not believing him back then.


To say Myron is toast is putting it mildly. Mad

He did the deed
He cowardly stood back and allowed Tucker to take the consequences
He is unrepentant
He seems to think it funny
He thinks there is some is now some sort of statute of limitations in force.
He is wrong

Embarassed I intend to find some way to recompense Tucker for the injustice but for the moment I am first going to apologise to him, admit that I was wrong to just accept the neighbour's word over his after they had crossed swords the day before and ask him if he can please forgive me for doubting him. Embarassed

Next, to avoid the possibility of having to spank him again for executing summary justice he will not only see justice being done but will have a major input into the sentencing process.

David M. Katz

I agree with everyone else. I need to feast on some serious crow with Tucker. I will try to make this up to him but he will now receive the apology of his life.

Enjoy your toast Myron, you are about to be toast. Myron cuts a switch. And, yes, Tucker gets to watch.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm really torn on this, because I don't think I would have spanked a boy who was maintaining his innocence, unless I had more than the word of someone who doesn't sound like a good neighbor.

In this case, I'm taking Myron aside after dinner, and we're having a long talk. I'm upset with him for vandalizing someone's house in such an expensive manner (we're not talking TP and shaving cream here), but I'm more upset at letting his brother take the blame.

We're going to have a talk about the statute of limitations, but I'm pretty sure Myron is going to get worn out more for leaving his innocent brother to take the blame than for the actual actions.

I think that whatever Tucker received, reduced just a hint for size and age, then the suggestion that he owes Tucker an apology. I know I certainly owe him one.


Jack wrote:Myron is going to get worn out more for leaving his innocent brother to take the blame than for the actual actions.

Yes. After a year, I probably wouldn't spank him for the vandalizing, but if he was aware that his brother was being blamed and he let him get punished then that bothers me much more. I need to explain to Myron that members of a family need to look out of each other, and he did the very opposite thing. Myron is getting a hard spanking and Tucker will witness it if he wants. I need to apologize to Tucker, of course, and this should be a lesson for me too, so that something like this does not happen again.

John Boy

Skater wrote:I afraid Myron is toast! Where is my switch? Oh there it is!

I agree Skater. I will be giving a very science apology to my oldest. I know i will take a long time to mend this problem but I will be working to help us both move past this. My younger is in soooooo much trouble.


I go with Jacks line. The scenario doesn't say what the worst a boy in this house might be faced with but the implement will be either leather or wood and will sting badly. I Have to wipe that little smirk off Myron's face. I guess the next time I get a confession the boys will be in their thirtys!

Stone Man

One does not leave his brother to dangle in the wind when one is the guilty party.

Myron is in for a long roasting until well done.

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