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BOTD 12-30-12 Your Son like Dares - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Your Son Likes Dares

An Ivor Production

This is a picture of your son Chad doing a 'dare'

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Are you now going to light a fire on his backside for being so damn stupid?

Can you dig it?


I am. Looks like his pants leg has already caught fire. The possibility of extremely painful second, and extremely serious third degree burns in not remote. "Better you should cry than I should cry".

Stone Man

HA! Bet he's going to loose all that hair he was once so thrilled to see.

You can't cure stupid with a spanking and I imagine he's going to be sore enough on the front side to more than make up for a less sore backside.

Although who's to say what I may hit while trying to put out the fire.

John Boy

Stupid is as stupid does. where did I put that fire extinguisher

David M. Katz

I am just not sure a spanking will address this. You really can't spank out stupid, although Chad probably doesn't see this as stupid. I am going to make sure he is physically OK and we will get medical attention if needed. Natural consequences and a discussion about wise decisions will prevail.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


My first response would be H**L YES just for the dang heart attack he just gave me, but like katz has pointed out, punishment can wait till the trip to the ER and then like y'all have said you cant spank stupid....

hugs kal bom


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier on this one. I don't care whether it stops him from doing it in the future or not -- he deserves punishment for this stunt, provided he hasn't already injured his fool self.



I see this as a 'triage' situation.

We'll take care of any first aid/thermal burn issues, then we will discuss why this wasn't a bright idea, then I'm spanking the slop out of him.

While it's probably true that one can't spank out stupid, I'm darn well going to try! I want him more afraid of MY consequences than the results of his idiocy. Mad


I'm going to deal with the issue first, then I'll give him a chance to explain why this even vaguely seemed like a good idea. I'll probably then explain why a spanking seems like a good idea to me. He might be able to change my mind, but I'm pretty sure Chad's next dare involves how many swats he can take with the hairbrush while remaining perfectly still.


I agree you can't spank out stupid -- but sure as hell you can try. Mad Evil or Very Mad


Serious injuries are not very likely. 2nd degree to the max, probably barely 1st degree. Jean's fabric isn't the best burning material. However, why are his jeans in that state at first place?


Assuming he Isn't seriously hurt he can lose whats left of those jean while I fetch a paddle


I'll "dare" him to take a spanking. Razz

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