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BOTD 01-06-13 - Your Son Finds a Passion - Good Boy Sunday

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Bransom Postmaster
Your Son finds a Passion

An Ivor Production

You took a family vacation near an Animal rescue facility. On the first day of your two week trip you, your spouse and your fifteen year old son Ryan visited the rescue.

Ryan just lit up around the place. One of your friends from college runs the place and invited Ryan to help out during your stay.

The boy got up at 6am during the entire vacation and your friend said he was an awesome worker. He offered to pay to fly Ryan down for the bulk of the summer to help out. Can he go? (it's January now)

Please Dad can we take her home at the end of the vacation?

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Can you dig it?

John Boy

Sure, if he can prove he is still responsible at that time. Also as long as my friend isn't a party animal and I trust him. Then YES

BUTT if he messes this up, His butt is mine Twisted Evil


Lions make lousy pets, but of course he can go.

As a resident, there was no vet school locally, so we did the neonatal intensive care for the zoo. I was friends with an orangutan, and got to hold some very cuddly baby tigers (who I'd not have wanted to meet a couple of months later). It was one of the high points of my professional experience.

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David M. Katz

Sure he can go! Wow, that was easy.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


why not?



why not, indeed? Sounds like he's grown up some, here.


No problem for me, but in January its early days. I'll put the offer to Ryan but tell him summer is a long time off and he doesn't have to give an answer straightaway.


Editor Extraordinaire
Of course, he can go if he wants to when summer arrives. I'm afraid he can't keep the lion, though. Perhaps a nice house cat will be an acceptable substitute.



No to the lion. It won't be cute and cuddly always. If he wants to work at an animal rescue centre this summer with my friend keeping an eye on him then fine subject to his grades being up to the mark. Should I give my friend spanking rights Evil or Very Mad


What a cute little lion cub! Let's take him home and call him Simba. Smile

eh... maybe not.

Ryan can spend the summer there if he still wants, though.


Of course he can! This will be a great learning experience for him and an opportunity to see another part of the world.

The cub however, is a no go!!

Gosh, that was easy. Razz

David M. Katz

I forgot to add: Ixnay ethay ionlay

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Answer to the second question is, 'No.' It just leads to bad pop songs.

The answer to the first question is, how much do I trust my old friend to be a good supervisor - not of the work, but of the boy. If I feel it'll be okay, and if it's not going to interfere with other things, I have no trouble with the idea.

Stone Man

Sure he can go, if he still wants to as summer approaches and assuming I trust my friend with his care.

As to the cute lion cub... a refrain from a recent post is going through my head as I type.

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