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BOTD 1/10/13 "CHEWIE THE IRRITATOR" A John Boy Production

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David M. Katz

A John Boy Production

You have a fourteen year old son, Anakin. Anakin has a good friend, thirteen year old,Lando. Your family and Lando's family attend the same church. There is also a seven year old named Chewie who attends the same church. Chewie is known to the older kids as "The Irritator." Chewie always wants attention and will kick at and punch at the older boys and Chewie is always looking to play jokes on the older boys.

This Sunday, before church, Chewie plays a joke on Lando. Lando steals one of Chewie's shoes in retaliation and runs away with it. Chewie finds Anakin and pins Anakin's hands behind his back and starts pushing him to Lando. Chewie wants Anakin to get his shoe back for him. Anakin is good-natured and he lets the little boy lead him away.

Anakin says to Chewie, "You are only able to do this because I am letting you do it."

Chewie says, "Oh really?"

Anakin says, "Yeah, because any minute I could do this . . ." He then turns the tables and puts Chewie in a head lock.

Chewie starts screaming and yelling and causing a scene. A crowd gathers to see what is going on. You come on the scene to hear people calling your son a bully and being shocked at "how he is picking on that little kid." All you see is your fourteen year old son with a little seven year old in a head lock. For the record, Chewie is not hurt and only wants attention. You do not know this nor are you aware of Chewie's irritating personality or of the fact that Chewie instigated the incident.

People are asking you if you are "going to do anything about your son."

ANAKIN - 14 (Your Son)
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LANDO - 13 (Anakin's Freind)
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CHEWIE - 7 ("The Irritator")
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How do you handle the situation?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm going to talk to my son, and Lando, and the other boys, and Chewie.

And after I'm done talking, assuming the story is as has been related, I'm going to expect everyone to apologize to Anakin, and for Chewie's parents to deal with HIM.


I'll tell him to let Chewie go, if he hasn't done so already. Then I'll ask Anakin what he has to say for himself. When I find out what has happened, which I guess can be confirmed by Lando and perhaps other kids, and made sure Chewie is OK, I'll tell Anakin that church is not the place to roughhouse, and that if he does roughhouse with a younger child he needs to be extra-careful not to hurt him. If Chewie is bugging him in church, he should ignore him if possible and, if not, tell an adult. Then I'll tell him to remain by my side for a while.

That's assuming that we are already inside the building. If we are outside there's little need for a scolding.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier and Daniel. This is easily sorted out by giving everyone a chance to explain himself.



Very Happy well ....DITTO Kat and that should cover me.....
I wouldnt do anything until everyone had a chance to calm down and talk it out

hugs kal


Looks Like Chewie's Parents Need To Make His Bottom Match His Shorts. Maybe A Little Bit More Red Though... Twisted Evil

John Boy

scratch Hmm why does this sound so failure? scratch I am sure you will get plenty of details from me later. lol!

Stone Man

JTT wrote:Looks Like Chewie's Parents Need To Make His Bottom Match His Shorts. Maybe A Little Bit More Red Though... Twisted Evil

Definitely more red, JTT. More like a Santa suit than light pink. Laughing


I'm with the first responders Smile


I don't know the situation but I do know my son.

Its a shame Chewie's parents don't know their son brat as well as I know Anakin. (or perhaps they do?)

I'll ask Anakin about the situation and tell him its a pity he didn't squeeze a bit harder.

Then if Chewie's parents complain to me I'll be ready for them. Cool


I've dealt with so many kids over the years, as big brother, teacher, and parent, that I feel safe in saying my response to the people asking is 'What started it?' If anyone claims to have seen the whole thing, I'll ask why they didn't stop it. When everyone admits they have no idea what's happening, I'll then assure them that I'll find out what happened and deal with it, and since we're in Church, I'll probably suggest they go look up Matthew 7:5.

After the lynch mob has been dealt with, I'll turn to the boys.

Separating the three of them, I should be able to make a good reconstruction of what actually happened. From there, it depends on if I'm able to deal with all three boys or not.

If I can deal with all three, I'll suggest that Anakin deserves a mild spanking for rough housing in church, that Lando deserves a regular spanking for taking the other boys shoe, and that Chewie deserves a very hard spanking both for 'playing jokes' and for causing an unnecessary scene (as well as the arm twisting). I'd imagine (and hope) that all three boys are willing to forgive each other and promise to save their behavior for a more appropriate setting (which will hopefully keep Chewie away from them).

If I can't/don't have to deal with all three boys, I'll just take Ani aside and discuss ways to avoid or deal with the brat.

Whatever happens, I need to have a talk with Chewie's parents. It sounds like the kid needs some rules laid down, a lot of attention, and probably a good spanking.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


The scenario says BEFORE church and "...runs away with it...."


I think I know my son. If he can look me in the eye when he explains himself I'll know. It was however rather silly for a boy his age to get drawn in by such a little squirt of 7 while in church and we will Talking about that later. It would be useful to have the evidence of someone other than Anakins best pal, Lando, after which I hope Chewey gets a light sabre to his backside(toy one of course Exclamation )


In the ideal (Bransom, TX) world it would happen as Jack et al had suggested. However, coming from JB, I guess Anakin had to take the blame alone with Chewie as poor innocent victim... Crying or Very sad

No wonder he turned to the dark side... [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


ABSOLUTELY what Jack said!!

John Boy

Okay time to set the scene. ACTION
Anakin 22 Yo JB, Chewie 13 Yo nameless boy, Lando 21 YO Campus Pastors son, and one of the Jr. High Leaders as well as a good friend of JB's. When we say before Church, I mean in between the 9AM service and the 11AM service. all the Jr. High students play this game where they try and take either Lando's Iphone, Lanyard for his keys, or his hat at times. Chewie does like to punch and kick, and JB does usually ignore him or willingly go along as long as it doesn't interfere with his Church responsibilities. Chewie didn't make a scene either; he just told me he would make it worse the next time. Twisted Evil Also when JB made his move, he made sure it was in front of people that knew Chewie and could see what he was doing. In other words, in front of the Jr. High Pastor, the Senior High Pastor, and the College Pastor. As well as enough Jr. Sr. and College kids.

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