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BOTD 1/15/13 'Treasure Hunting" A Dimitri Production

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David M. Katz


A Dimitri Production

You have married into a family that has 4 boys less than a year ago, and are at the seashore for a mini vacation. This weekend is also your oldest boy's, Dave's, 15th birthday . The one thing he wanted for his birthday was a good metal detector which he unwrapped this morning.

Because you are renting a house right on the beach, you left strict instructions to all the boys not to go out to the water or shoreline without telling anyone.

At mid-morning, you hear Dave yelling that his metal detector is missing and that he can't find it anywhere.

You look out the window to see twelve year old Jon with Dave's new toy.
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He has taken it without permission and is on the beach without permission!

Will he need the treasure finder to find something to ease the burn?

**Thanks to Stevie Weeks for providing the picture for this BOTD!

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Jon probably doesn't see this as stealing - but it is. It is definitely disobedience. He is old enough to know better.

He can come in and have a deluxe spanking session.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I am sure than Jon knows that taking something that doesn't belong to you without permission is wrong, even if you're only borrowing it.

Add to that the direct disobedience--he was specifically told not to go out to the water/shoreline without telling anyone (and without being accompanied by at least a buddy, I'm sure).

This transgression would make up 3 out of the 4D's (deliberate, dangerous disobedience) and would certainly be a spankable offense on that basis alone. The "theft", albeit temporary, is merely the icing on the cake.

I don't think there's anything metallic in Solarcaine, though, so I doubt Dave's toy will do him any good in finding relief after Dad has finished with him. Sadly, though, he's toast.

The boy in the photo looks more 7 than 12, in which case the safety issue is of even more concern.

John Boy

Yes he is in trouble. We will sit down, and I will point out the TWO things he did wrong. Then I will stand him up and help him to not be able to sit for a while; or at least not comfortably.


Aw, he's a cutie, but "OFF with his pants king !"

Stone Man

Everyone so far has done a good job of explaining what Jon has done wrong leaving me nothing to do but "whack him"... and then turn him over to Emlyn.


Stone Man wrote:Everyone so far has done a good job of explaining what Jon has done wrong leaving me nothing to do but "whack him"... and then turn him over to Emlyn.

Agreed Stoney. This BOTD doesn't need much detection, just passing of sentence.


Assuming the boy is 12 and not 7.. He will no doubt split hairs about whether the beach is the shoreline. He might also debate whether it is stealingt since he plans to bring the detector back but he is somewhere he had to ask permission for and using something he definitely should have asked if he could borrow so he is in trouble.Dave has alsobeen denied that first use of a pristine new toy/piece of equipment. Dave might have some say as to whether this required that fearsome strap or whether a brush or a sneaker would do. I think brush. Jon needs a well warmed bottom


Since I've been with this family less than a year, I'm going to operate on the assumption that it's been agreed that I'm handling discipline. Further, I'll assume that this isn't the first time I've dealt with the boys (which would make me handle it differently).

This is really an issue that differs some from family to family. In my family, it's important to respect other people's stuff. While I understand occasional exceptions (like using something they've let you borrow on a regular basis, when they're not around to ask), this obviously isn't an exception.

I'll admit that I don't really understand the difference between shore and beach in this situation, but I'll take the 'without telling anyone' to mean they're the same in this usage.

With those two things in mind, and checking to make sure Jon didn't tell someone else, Jon's going to get a strict lecture, a bare bottomed session over my lap with my hand, and then a hairbrush finale for the second offense. At that point, he can apologize to his brother for using his gift without asking (though I won't force it).

I will, however, give Dave veto rights over the hairbrush and suggest he might be willing to let his little brothers take short turns with it.


My hand will be oscillating so rapidly across his bare bottom that he'll think he's detected some hot iron. Evil or Very Mad


If this isn't a spanking issue (assuming I that's the way I've dealt with the boys before), what will be one?


I had to laugh a bit when Stevie posted this pic as the scenario I described had happened during our first year as a family and everything fit together nicely!

By the time we did our seaside vacation I had already introduced the boys to my strong hand and Jon and Dave met the strop.

Fot the record, yes Jon needed to go find something to cool his rear down but it was just a hand spanking in the instance with a firm warning not to take things that don't belong to him. I let this also cover the not going out without permission/notification issue. Dave was ok with the fact that he wasn't the first one to use his present; his excitement/enthusiasm about going treasure hunting over rode his annoyance with his brother.


Editor Extraordinaire
He's getting spanked.



Lets See... taking his brothers new birthday present and breaking a safety rule! Time for me to set a fire to his little bare bottom!


Everyone is so strict here, but I don't see it as clear-cut as all that...

Let's see what he did: he did something wrong by taking his brother's detector without asking permission. I would not call it stealing: he was within sight, for goodness' sake, and I have no doubt that he intended to return it. I'd call it unauthorized use. He needs a telling-off and he needs to apologize to his brother, especially considering that it was a birthday gift he had recently opened. But does he need a spanking? For me, it depends on whether we have clear rules about not borrowing each other's things without permission, and whether he has been warned about this before.

Then, he went to the beach without telling. However, were my instructions clear about not going to the beach? If, as it seems, he had no intention to get into the water he might well have assumed that that he wasn't disobeying my instructions. After all, my order was clearly about safety, and if he doesn't get in the water he is as safe on the beach as on the promenade.

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