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BOTD 1/17/13"Dad Will Just Fire You" A DMK Prod.

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David M. Katz


A DMK Production

You are the principal of the only high school in your county. Part of your duties include dealing with discipline issues. If needed, you may give up to three licks with a paddle.

Your fourteen year old son, Dale, is an entering Freshman at your school. Dale seems to have let the fact that you are the principal go to his head.

Early in the school year, Dale is being disruptive in his English class. The teacher calls him down. He responds to her, "You better leave me alone or Dad will just fire you."

The teacher sends Dale to see you and has detailed what Dale said on the office referral. Your son is now standing before you in your office while you read the referral. Dale gets cocky and asks, "So, Dad, you gonna fire her?"

DALE - 14

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How do you deal with Dale?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

This is a real life story as related to me by a friend when we were in college. His Dad was the principal and he did say this. The rest of the story will be revealed later.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


No, I'm not going to fire her.

Most of you know that I abhor double jeopardy.

In this case, I'm going to pull Dale up short. He'll get his three official swats in my office. Unless he is extremely contrite BEFORE that happens, when we get home, he's getting the deluxe spanking he deserves, and which I can't give him, on school property.

Dale is about to discover that there is also a downside to being the principal's son.


I'm with Kier

John Boy

Um she is not getting fired and he is getting Three well places Swats.


Editor Extraordinaire
After I set Dale straight -- he has no special privileges at school because I'm his dad -- he's going to get fired... in a manner of speaking. He will get the full three swats that I'm allowed to give at school and will apologize to his teacher. I hope to lay this matter to rest at school, as I would prefer to have a clear separation between my role as Dad and my role as principal. I think three hard swats with a half-inch thick oak paddle will help Dale understand that separation.


Stone Man

No Son, I won't be firing her but I will be lighting a fire on your butt. Consider yourself lucky that's the worst the school will let me do.


Poor Dale! He's about to receive a rather rude wakening indeed.

He's getting his 'official' licks from his principal, then his 'Dad' is going to roast his rear right then and there.

He can go back and make his apologies to his teacher and it had better be contrite if he wants to avoid a repeat when he gets home!!


I'm more or less with Kat except that I will call the teacher in to be my witness.


the only thing that gets fired is the paddle at his butt


This is a crazy scenario to me, because I would have spent the last 8 (or however many it is before high school in this district) years drilling in to his head how important it is that Dale respect the teachers. Beyond that, I'm surprised that he doesn't know firing a teacher is just a bit more complicated than on The Apprentice.

No, Dale and I are going to have a talk about reality, and then he'll be bending over for two swats for being disruptive in English, then a third for giving the teacher attitude, with a promise that, if this kind of thing happens again, I'll be dealing with it as a father, not a principal.

David M. Katz

What happened:

Dale said his Dad told him, "No, I'm gonna fire you!" Dale was bent over for a paddling. Dale said after the third lick he stood up to be immediately told to get back in position. Dale complained to his Dad that the state said he could only get three licks. He said his dad responded, "OK, those first three were from the state, the rest are from me." Dale got ten licks. He said he limped back to class and was crying. He apologized to the teacher.

OK, technically his Dad broke the law BUT who was going to complain? His Dad? So, Dimitri, you sort of nailed it.

Dale said his dad then sent a memo to all of the faculty that said regardless of his son's opinion he was to be treated just as any other student.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Fire your tail more like. I really am not impressed. Did I forget the peptalk I should have given Dale that in school he would be treated the same as all the other students. Not only has he earned himself licks for his behavior in class which I think his teacher can witness( I am glad she wasn't frighetened out of doing the right thing by Dale) we are also going to have a long chat at home where I can legally paddle him for longer and where he will learn to respeect his teachers. He will then apologize in writing.


Glad to know I'm not the only dad who deals this way with his boys!! Despite all, I sometimes feel ogreish when I have to wear the black hat and burn a boy's buns.

It's kind of reaffirming to know an 'education professional' took that course of action.


She's not fired, but Dale's butt is about to be lit up. I'll give him three swats in my office and he will go back to class and apologize to his teacher. Once we are at home we will be having a long chat about respecting his teachers and how he will be treaded the same as every other student in the school. He's going to quickly find out the downside of me being his principle, he will end up bare bottom over my lap for this stunt.


Kat, as amended by MM gets my endorsement

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