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BOTD 01-18-13 Dangerous Deeds - An Ivor Production

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Dangerous Deeds

An Ivor Production

Your son Efram is fourteen, going on daredevil. It's been really dry in the area where you life. It's been so dry there is a temporary ban against open fires.

Today you look out the window and see.....
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Normally your son with a sparkler isn't a big deal as you had some left over from your New Year's Celebration party but you did remind him of the ban.

Will you set a forest fire on his bottom?

Can you dig it?


Editor Extraordinaire
Um... let me think... Yes.



Direct, deliberate, dangerous disobedience.

Efram can go pick a switch.

David M. Katz

Had I not made a point to remind him of the ban, I would say he is safe. But he knew he was disobeying me and breaking the law.

If spanking is still my typical punishment for Efram, then, yes, I will be setting a fire in his backside.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

Remember only you can prevent Forest Fires, by lighting a fire no your sons Backside


is that what's meant by "fighting fire with fire"?

Stone Man

You could also think of it as a "Backfire", Kier. One of which I'll be lighting on Efram's backside.


"OFF with his pants king !"

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He's only gone and done something I warned him against hasn't he. No doubt if I ask him how he would feel about half the neighbourhood going up in flames he woulds either tell me not to have a cow or that it probably wasn't such a bad thing anyway, thats teenagers. Rolling Eyes I'm paddling for this flagrant disobedience. He may not be a direct danger to himself but if one spark on the ground will set off a brush fire then I have to act by lighting up his backside


Not because of the ban. He stands on a hard floor and the sparkles won't do more harm there than grinding or welding iron what isn't likely to be banned too (yes, it can start fires - if there is burning material around).

However, I don't like fireworks or lighters in my kids hands unsupervised and he knows that very well from past experiences.


Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil


Jk, that pic is priceless!! He knows what disobedience earns at our house and this is potentially dangerous disobedience so there will be no surprise to him at all when I set his rear on fire! Twisted Evil


In exchange for him bringing a bit of sparkle to my life, I'm gonna bring a bit of spankle to his.... Very Happy


It looks like he's not standing on grass, so I'm not sure this would be an automatic spanking offense. It would really depend on what I said when I warned him, and where he's doing it. My near back yard (where the pool is located) wouldn't be a danger, while other areas might be.

Only if I felt what he was doing was both dangerous and very thoughtless, and if I felt like I'd specifically warned him about this kind of thing, then he'd probably get a medium level spanking.


Yes, for a whole bunch of reasons. If it's fire season, whether there's grass in the picture or not, the sparks could drift and catch fire on something, and take out the neighborhood, or maybe the district (Australia can tell you about that right now) -- and you'd be liable for the damage cost and the firefighting.

The sparkler itself may be an illegal firework in your district or county, breaking the law, and that's another count against him. The sparkler is also capable of burning him severely if he grabs it or drops it on his clothes or his foot, and even one or two sparks on skin might hurt.

The blisterin' of his life for this: even if you're reluctant to lay on some leather this is about as justified as it gets.


I reminded him and then this? Time To Fight Fire With Fire!

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