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BOTD 1/22/13 "Angelo's Angst" A MM Production

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1 BOTD 1/22/13 "Angelo's Angst" A MM Production on Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:19 pm

David M. Katz


A Memory Man Production

You are a child of the 1920's, the eldest of six. Your strict father demanded instant obedience and tolerated no back talk. Consequently not many days went by without a chair being pulled out from under the table prior to one or more little bare bottoms writhing round across his lap under the impact of his heavy hand. You, being the eldest, were expected to set an example to and police the younger ones and thus were often first in the line of fire. By the time you were ten the dreaded strap; a length of thick leather, short enough to be used otk and dedicated to one purpose only had been brought into play and it always left your bottom marked for several days afterwards. It was a draconian regime and even your two sisters weren't exempt from its ministrations.

When your son Angelo was born you resolved never to be so dogmatic and intolerant as your father. Happily Angelo turned out to be an easy going and generally well behaved kid - not a saint but when he needed correction a verbal chastisement sometimes backed up with a token sanction always brought positive results. Consequently, apart from an occasional pre-emptive swat to the seat of his pants when he was small, Angelo has survived for fourteen years without ever being spanked.

There was one occasion when he was about nine you had to remonstrate with him while on a visit to your parents and before you left your father presented you with the old strap saying "Here, you'll be needing this soon" Out of politeness you accepted it and when you got home you lashed the chair seat a few times telling Angelo "You'd better be a good boy now if you don't want to feel this across your bare bottom like I got it." Then you hung it on a hook at the back of the cupboard under the stairs and forgot about it.

Angelo's hobby is photography and he's talented. Colour photography is still a professional preserve but when he saved up to buy himself a decent second hand camera you supported him, setting him up with an enlarger and little darkroom where he could develop and print his films.


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Today though you have problem. Your prudish wife was tidying his drawers as she put clean clothes in and she found a sheaf of nude pictures of him hidden at the bottom of one. They were a range of back views in different postures with your dad's strap held across his buttocks and shadowy marks suggesting he had been self spanking. She had always believed you were too soft with Angelo and, incensed, she presented you with the pictures on your return from work demanding that you give him a sound thrashing and confiscate his camera.

After the evening meal she went out to see a friend and left you to deal with it.

When you confronted him about the "disgusting" pictures his mother had found he looked at the floor and blushed to the tips of his ears. "It's not like that dad .... Really."

You didn't reply, you simply waited, and eventually he started a stumbling explanation. "Dad - you always tell me off if I do something bad but most other kids in my class get belted or slippered bare off their dads and Pete's dad even has a school cane. I've had the cane at school and it really hurts but its always on my hands and when I see the marks on other kid's bottoms in the showers I wonder what that must be like. You've never ever used granddads strap, you don't even spank me and I wonder how horrible it must be to have to get across your dad's lap to get your bare bum strapped and how much it must hurt and sometimes I start to get a woody thinking about it. I've tried to do it to myself but I can't get more than a little sting. Dunno why I took the pictures though. Sorry."

He paused and swallowed hard before looking up to continue in a hoarse whisper "! If you give me a real bare strapping now like my friends get then I'll know what its like ... and it might cure me."

You have your doubts - but you are a 1950 dad with a dilemma. Will you give in to pressure from two sides and take him across your lap to indulge his craving for a bare hiding with that strap? If so how will you go about it? Will you be sufficiently severe so to leave him marks to display in the showers?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

I would hope that, even in the 1950's, I would have been "progressive" enough to understand Angelo and assure him he was not abnormal. So, I will calm any misgivings he may have and help him find a more discreet location for his photography. I will have a discussion with Darling and can hopefully sway her concerns.

I am not sure Angelo is a spank-o. I think he might just be curious. I will not spank him for this but I will promise him that when he does find himself in legitimate trouble that the strap will come out of the cupboard and he will not like the results. I imagine it will not take long before I have a legitimate reason to spank Angelo. Twisted Evil

He will get a deluxe session and, in the 50's, that means he will have something to show in the showers. After that, we will determine if spanking is a viable punishment for Angelo or not.

If I am real progressive, I will suggest that Angelo find a mutually minded friend to help him with his photography sessions. Twisted Evil Of course, I would want to do quality control on the photos. Shocked

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

I think a strapping hard enough to get the point across might help. You never know I may have found a way to keep him on the good path in the future.


Editor Extraordinaire
First of all, no spouse or partner is going to give me marching orders. We have a son together, which means we can discuss how to raise him -- not that she makes unilateral decisions and expects me to enforce them. I have serious doubts as to whether she just happened to find the pictures as she put his clothes away. I suspect she was snooping, and that is intolerable. I intend to make known my feelings about respecting Angelo's privacy. For her own peace of mind, she will do well not to snoop through the personal space of an adolescent boy, as she may find out things a prude would rather not know. I will help Angelo find or make a good hiding place so she will have less temptation.

I can't imagine that Angelo is not a spanko when he has been preoccupied with spanking to the extent he has experimented with self-spanking and photographed himself. The arousal he experiences when he thinks about corporal punishment probably confuses him. I think most of us spankos (bottoms at least) go through a stage when we don't quite understand the connection between our romantic fantasies of punishment and our sexuality.

I'm not going to punish Angelo, and I'm not going to participate in an act that has sexual connotations for him. If he wants to explore whipping with a friend, that's fine, but I'll caution him to be very discreet. The world is full of sexual prudes, starting with his mum. I'll be as gentle as I can in reassuring him that there is nothing wrong with his interest in corporal punishment, but also explaining that I think whipping him is inappropriate.



I agree with Kat.

Stone Man

Spousal misgivings aside as they are a different matter I will only deal with Angelo's dilemma.

My first thought was to give my boy a couple of test whacks at punishment force to see how he reacted. But, like Katz, I'll wait until Angelo earns a real one before subjecting him to the strap.

I'm not that concerned with his "woody" when thinking about a strapping. If he suddenly gets into a lot of trouble I'll change things, but if an occasional strapping otherwise works for the boy that is what he shall get.


On the whole, I find myself in alignment with Cap, but I find Kat correct as well.

I'm not sure that the lovely and gracious Mrs isn't snooping in areas that are besteft alone but now that the subject has been brought to the fore I must deal with it.

I think a strapping hard/severe enough to leve some marks may be sufficient to quell his curiosity. Let him tend to a good set of stripes for 5-7 days and I'll revisit the matter.


Perhaps I can move him to a shool that canes on the backside rather than the hand?

Other than that I like Katz's approach. If he really wants to find out he'll soon give me cause and then we'll see how both of us react.


If I am 1950s Dad this may be stretching my broadmindedness too far as indeed as it has done my spouse. The self spanking I think I get, the photographs I don't. Mothers do tend to get everywhere, not to snoop but to be thorough in their cleaning.

I think I will satisfy Angelo's curiosity if only for the somewhat sordid photos while not wishing to suppress him entirely. From memory 6 with that strap should accomplish that and satisfy the wife as well. I think after that Angelo will not be looking for any further such experience. At least he seems not to be a wimp. Caning on the hands is no trifling punishment


I don't know. Though my Granddads were open to discuss everything and to try new ways they were quite conservative regarding moral and discipline. I don't think our little photographer would have to ask for the whipping of his live.


Ditto Kat!

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