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BOTD 1/23/13 "A Good Deed Begets Another?" A Squarecutter Prod. Stoneman Birthday Challenge

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David M. Katz


A Squarecutter Production

A Stoneman Birthday Challenge

Your son Andrew, aged 13, is a kindly boy but a bit of a daredevil. He does a paper round and his last call this Sunday was a kind old lady up the road known to more than one generation of kids as Old Aunt Jenny. Today you had a call from her praising Andrew for helping her by clearing up a load of rubbish that just got dumped in her backyard last night. When you asked whether she needed any help she said, "Oh no," and he'd just about finished apart from this weird piece of concrete but her neighbour was going to deal with that and she was fixing him some home made lemonade.

She rang to warn you he'd be a little late back. She did say though that she was very worried about the boy on that board of his. He might hurt himself if he comes off it.

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After you got off the phone you realize Andrew's skateboard is out but that Andrew's helmet isn't. You warned him he'd be spanked the last time he did this.

Does Andy's good deed get him out of trouble?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Sigh! No, I am afraid Andy is in trouble. His helping out and skating without a helmet are unrelated. He was warned and promised a spanking. So, I will spank him. I don't think it needs to be especially hard or severe, just enough sting to send a reminder. As Kier would say, "Better he cry, than I cry."

After he is punished for the lack of helmet and recovers, we will then go for ice cream as his reward for helping the neighbor.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ditto. The good deed has nothing to do with the deliberate and dangerous disobedience.

John Boy

Sorry Safety is a big one for me. No Helmet= no ability to sit. EmbarassedEmbarassed


Editor Extraordinaire
My problem is that Aunt Jenny inadvertently drew my attention to Andrew's skateboarding without his helmet when she only meant to praise him. It really does seem to show that no good deed goes unpunished. A couple of school style swats is all I have the heart to do in the circs -- short, fast, intensely but briefly painful.


Stone Man

"Off with his shorts, etc... I'm gonna whack him.... no good red-head should go unpunished...."

OH Andrew my boy, Red headed and thirteen. Thoughtful to a fault but not thinking about the rules for his safety. I shall hug him and praise him for his noble deeds and then remind him that his safety is paramount to me.

I shall bare him and spank him until his butt is a more intense red than his hair. Once he recovers we shall see what safe mischief the two of us can share.

Twisted Evil Thank you Squarecutter. Spanking cute red headed boys is a rule. Twisted Evil


The implication here must be that he did his paper deliveries from his skateboard. Therefore despite his good deed he is in trouble.

Please form a line behind Stoney Very Happy


Hmm! I think a bit of selective deafness is called for here. I'll tell him of the phone call and congratulate him.

However should I happen to spot him coming in with his board................. Mad

"Oh! to be in England" - where (apart from in skateboard parks) totally unprotected skateboarders greatly outnumber the others.


Ginger haired, on a board, no helmet. Not a difficult one this

Think I will confront him at the gate. No need to mention Aunt Jennys conversation with me.

Were you riding that without a helmet again? What did I say last time? You'll land on your head one day. Maybe you already did since

you seem to forget so easily.

Because of his good works I agree with the idea of a short sharp school style paddling and will give him lots of praise and hugs for

helping Aunt Jenny afterwards when he will just be grateful he didn't get more licks

Emlyn Morgan

I'm going to whack him.


Doesn't the duality of being a good teen boy drive you nuts sometimes? I want to hug him and praise him to death for the kindness and good job but now I have to whack him for being a disobedient and thoughtless young man.

I will do the 'sandwich approach' in this instance; Praise the good (highly), a so-so spanking for this unless it's a repeat issue, and reaffirmation of his good and perhaps a bit of a reward. I want him to know that I do see the good he's doing and that it is important to me. I just can't let a safety issue slip by unaddressed.


I'm honestly a bit confused by this one.

Did I see him like he is in the picture, or did I just see his board missing, but not his helmet? Did I actually see his helmet or see him without it? Because Aunt Jenny just said she was worried about him on the board, which I'd take as her just being a worry wart - I specifically looked to make sure she hadn't said more.

So, if I saw him without the helmet, I'll ask him what I said would happen next time, and what he's expecting. Then I'll give him that. If he's not sure what to expect, probably a couple of swats on the boxers with the medium Lexan will do.

If I did not see him without the helmet, I'm going to remind him about it, but I won't do anything except remind him to be careful about it, unless he confesses.

Whatever happens with the helmet, I'm going to let him know that I'm very proud of him for helping out.

Stone Man

1strappedboy wrote:Doesn't the duality of being a good teen boy drive you nuts sometimes? I want to hug him and praise him to death for the kindness and good job but now I have to whack him for being a disobedient and thoughtless young man.

That's what makes them so endearing and so dang much fun. Cool

Pi Beta

Unless I see him doing dangerous tricks, I'll assume he's using it only as a trolly for the papers.

I couldn't bring myself to give him more than a couple of hand spanks across his clothed seat in these circumstances - just making a point.


Because I did not see him skateboarding without his helmet, he gets a pass this time!



I'm proud that he is being helpful, but he did break one of my safety rules. Since his not wearing a helmet has nothing to do with his good deed, he won't be able to sit! Then Ice Cream for my boy!

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