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BONUS BOTD 1/26/13 "The Kidnapped Kid" A DMK 'In The News' Prod

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David M. Katz

For those who did not see the link, this BOTD is based on a story in the news:

We all seemed to want to say how we would handle him.



An 'In The News' Production

You have an eleven year old son, Pedro. Pedro has not been doing well in school as far as effort, grades, participation or behavior and so his teacher has requested a conference. You and your spouse are scheduled to meet with Pedro's teacher this afternoon.

Pedro does not want you to find out about his issues so he concocts a scheme to keep the conference from happening. You have an apartment that you use as rental income but it is currently unoccupied. Pedro takes the keys to the apartment and goes there and hides out and then sends you a text message. Pedro texts that he has been kidnapped. You immediately call him and he says all he knows is he was grabbed and stuffed in the back of a car and he has no idea where he is being taken. Chaos quickly ensues as the authorities expend resources and put out an area wide manhunt trying to locate Pedro.

You happen to notice the keys to the rental apartment are missing. You go there and find Pedro safe and sound. The authorities choose not to press charges simply saying that it was a prank gone bad.


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Is Pedro truly "safe and sound?"

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I reckon one of those flip flops Pedro has on his feet will very shortly be making an acquaintance with his butt


safe yes, and soundly spanked too...


At 11 years old, Pedro should definitely understand that faking something like this is a serious matter.

For myself, I think I'm going to have to find out why there's such a problem at school, as well as why he was so scared of this conference occurring. However, I can't really imagine anything that's going to keep his little bottom from being roasted.

Considering the circumstances, I think it's about time Pedro learns what a full session with the brush is like.

David M. Katz

I just see myself as too angry to safely deal with Pedro right now. He can go to his room and be secluded while I calm down. When I am able to safely deal with Pedro he is going to learn that my belt can be used for something other than holding up my pants. He can then continue to be secluded to his room with no toys and electronics and he will only come out for school, meals and the restroom. I plan on secluding Pedro for a week but that will depend on his attitude.

Pedro is going to wish he had been taken to jail.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


What Dave said!!

John Boy

Nope I "vote" for Padro to have a sore rear, for a long time.


Would Pedros school problems have got him a paddling. If not he is seriously going to regret this. I will endeavour to work out why Pedro felt he had to do this but both as a police officer(as per the reports) and as a father I am disappointed and angry at the time and resourcs Pedro cost us. He surely knows we will go to the ends of the earth for him. Pedro will get a very sore bottom and then have to deal with whatever the school tell us.


I need to supervise his homework and talk with his teachers more often. His having problems at school should not have been a surprise for me. Next, I need to wonder whether he is too terrified of my punishments and why. Spankings should be scary, but not terrifying. If this is not the result of too harsh spankings, but of lack of common sense and trying to get out of a reasonable and deserved punishment, I'll try to explain to him why he doesn't need to be that scared, and that doing something like this will only make things worse. Then I'll spank him.


He needs to find out just how serious this could have been. The police could have pressed charges against him -- and maybe his dad as well, but that's another matter -- and these days that kind of record sticks to a kid, stunts his future and gives him a "profile" with the police. Chances are the police are aware of him now and will be watching him from now on, and he needs to appreciate that.

Then there's the matter of whatever is going on in school. "Well, Pedro, how was school today" might have been his way to give you an early indication of things slipping, and maybe his dad could've helped him, instead of just blowing off a well-meant question.

Agree with the others, there should be consequences now, but he needs to realize that some of the damage will be longer duration and won't be something simple punishment would fix.


Looks like there may be a real problem here and first I'm going to have that conference with his teacher.

Then I will have a second conference with Pedro, the outcome of which will depend in part on what I have learned. What is pretty certain is that for at least part of that conference his bottom will be bare. Mad


Ditto Dave! Couldn't of said it better!

Stone Man

ivor wrote:I reckon one of those flip flops Pedro has on his feet will very shortly be making an acquaintance with his butt

After several deep relaxing breaths while I squeeze the air out of my missing boy through hugs I'm going to wear him out with at least one of his flip-flops.

The school conference will likely have to be rescheduled at this point.

Pedro has no idea how lucky he is to not have been taken into custody, but he may wish he had been after being secluded at home.

A time for talk will come, but not until I am in better control of my emotions.


Editor Extraordinaire
Ditto Daniel (db105)



"OFF with his pants king !" The little hoaxster!

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