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BOTD 1/31/13 "Grandsons Galore" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz


A DMK Production

You have three adult children and your children all have boys.

Your oldest son has twin boys, William and Walter. Your oldest son punishes William and Walter like you punished him - with a "good ole' fashioned bare bottom whuppin'".

Your daughter has a son, Benji. Benji is not spanked. The only time Benji was ever spanked was by you when he was eight. It isn't that your daughter or son-in-law have any issues with spanking; they just feel other punishments work better.

Your youngest son has a son named Derek. Derek is spanked but it is just hand over clothing.

All of your grandsons are thirteen. The cousins are very close.

Benji, William and Walter, and Derek - All 13
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*Thanks to Ivor for providing the picture in its pre-edited form!

All of your grandsons are on a school break and you have been able to make arrangements for them to spend the week with you. Your spouse passed away two years ago. You were able to clear your work schedule for the time the boys are visiting except for today and you had to go in to your office to meet a client. The boys said that was fine and that they would just go fishing while you were away.

The boys did not go fishing. Instead they decided to have a little fun and play some "pranks." You get a call at the office from a friend of yours who is a deputy sheriff. He says he has your four grandsons in custody and will release them to you with no charges filed. He says the boys were caught spray painting on a highway over pass and throwing eggs at cars.

You go to the station and collect your grandsons. They admit to doing what they were accused of. They say there was already other painting on the over pass and theirs looked better. They also said they didn't mean anything by egging cars; they were just having fun.

How do you punish each boy, or, do you punish them? Are they handled differently or in the same way?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

They all get spanked, it will be on underwear to keep it fair. My hand with a few pops with the brush, and the promise of the switch if I ever have to collect them from jail again.


A long talk about the whys first. Once we reach the understanding that a spanking has been earned, the guys can go over the desk for a dose of my hand on their bare little rears.

In order to deal with any shyness/awkwardness, I'll take each one alone in the den to torch his tail. Once all are through crying, we can share a group hug and a reminder that the strop can make its presence known if I have to deal with the police on their behalf again.

Actually, if these were my kids, this would be a stropping offense. Being that Ben has 'virgin buns', it would be cruel to make that his intro to spanking. The other guys can thank him for this break.


I'm sure that the police have explained how serious that interfering with traffic is, and how lucky they are not to be charged.

Follwing on that: "OFF with their pants king ! I spank bare so I can see what's happening to the little devils. Whatever they're used to, they can ask how much that they want to get used to getting it from Granddad!

Supper standing is better than sitting in Juvie.


They're very close, so they know how you dealt with this sort of thing back in the day. So, all that's left is to tell them about how serious this is (an overpass, no less! the dangers that would pose, and the fact that the deputy was forbearing enough not to put this on their records).

Then you let William and Walter tell them that they could stand up to what's coming, and they can too. Then you get out the leather, tell 'em to get their pants off, and ask "who's brave enough to go first?" It's a rite of passage, and as long as you're careful how to lay it on, it should be something that would be memorable but not traumatic. They did have it coming.

Stone Man

What the boys did was not malicious, but it was criminal and the boys are lucky that the officers know me well and have allowed me to take care of things. And although not direct disobedience, the boys did not do what they said they would be doing.

I'm sure the officer/s reamed they out, but I will follow up on that and reinforce the danger that egging of cars can create and that graffiti is graffiti even if only covering up other graffiti.

They're all getting spanked on the bare and together. At thirteen and boys and close cousins I'm sure there has been enough anatomy investigation that none will be shocked seeing each other naked. One at a time and over my knee they shall go then back to facing the wall.

When the last one has been spanked, they can go over the back of my couch and side by side for a taste of my strop and the promise of worse if they ever pull a boneheaded stunt like this again.

I think this could be a good night for skinny dipping at the pond and a cookout. The boys are already bare after all.

Side note: Dang wouldn't they be fun to have around. I hope I've been doing this for years past as well.


I thought about imposing some community service but in the chatroom I was convinced that sore bottoms are in order. So they will get it and will wash MY car... Twisted Evil (or maybe not)



I want to see the whites of their rears before I apply some graffiti of my own to all of them.

Being the same age they shouldn't be worried about seeing each other naked but a spanking is going to bbe much tougher for Benji who has never had one before. For that reason I'll do it in private but William or Walter will go first so Benji will have some idea of what he is in for as .they can all wait in one of the bedrooms.

(I just knew those boys were intent on doing some mischief while they were here together Smile )


Let's assume that I have punishment authority from all the parents. In that case, all the kids are going to know how Grandpa handles trouble.

Unless there's a significant size variation between the boys, I'm breaking them into two groups for the spankings, but all the boys are getting the same lecture.

I can kind of understand their thoughts about the painting, and they might even get a pass on it, since no charges were filed. However, I can't believe how lucky they are getting on the cars. Egging cars is really a felony offense - if an egg hit a car, someone didn't realize what the noise was (or had their radio too loud), and didn't notice the egg when it got home, that could require repainting, which runs to hundreds of dollars. Even if they do notice it, it takes quite a while to clean up a stain from even one egg.

That's not a joke.

The only reason all four boys aren't being introduced to the switch is that there were no charges filed (well, and they're my grandkids and don't live here).

All four boys are stripping to their boxers, then Benj and Derek are coming with me for a very long hand spanking on their bare bottoms, followed by their first taste of the hairbrush. When I'm through with them, the twins are getting an entire brush spanking (I'm telling the twins about this ahead of time, but if they get it like their dad did, then they'll know this is coming, and they should understand that they're getting worse, because they're tougher).

After they've had time to recover, we'll get back to our regular plans, but it seems pretty apparent I'm not going to leave them unchaperoned again anytime soon.


Grandsons Galore ...... Strappings Galore Mad

David M. Katz

ivor wrote:

(I just knew those boys were intent on doing some mischief while they were here together Smile )

Yes they seemed very content in doing it as well. Razz

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think spankings for all are in order, though if any of the boys refuses, we can call his parents to make new arrangements for his school break. I doubt it will come to that, but I don't want any drama or wrestling matches. All the boys are getting the same spanking. I know this is tough on Benjy, but only because he has no expectations based on experience. He can go first, so he doesn't build up too much anxiety.

I'll let the boys decide among themselves whether they want to be spanked together or separately. The punishment is the pain -- not humiliation. (The issue is not likely to be modesty, as the boys are close, but embarrassment over how they react. On the other hand, being together may lend moral support.) The boys are each getting fifteen moderate licks with the belt on bare bottoms. If they want to be spanked together, then they can bend over side-by-side and take one lick at a time.


Emlyn Morgan

I'm going to whack them, bare bottom.


I need to know whatt "Grandad" regards as an old fashioned whuppin as I think that's what the boys deserve. I think I will exlpain what they are getting if their punishment is left to me. If any of them would prefer for their parents to know what they got up to and deal with it when they get home that will be their choice. I suspect they will choose to get their whuppin together so its over with and their parents don't get to hear about even if it is a bit more than some of them are used to.


Since they are all staying at my house, they all know my rules. That means all of them have earned themselves a spanking. It will be over their undies with the hairbrush.

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