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BOTD 2/6/13 "THE WRITING ON THE WALL" A John Boy Production

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David M. Katz


A John Boy Production

You have two sons, Tony is fourteen and Bam is nine. You are going on a family vacation. The boys do some research on your destination city on the internet. Tony and Bam read about a skate park there where tagging (a form of graffiti) is allowed and even encouraged. The site and the source are not that credible but Tony and Bam believe it because it is on the internet. The boys discover the skate park is in walking distance from the hotel and are excited to try their hand at tagging. They each secretly pack a couple of cans of spray paint in their bags. (You are driving and not flying and so the paint will not be discovered.)

When you arrive, you and your spouse settle down in the hotel room for a quick nap. While you all are resting, Tony and Bam leave the hotel room with their paint and go to the skate park. The boys are painting on a rock wall at the park and enjoying themselves when they are apprehended by the local police. (For the record, there were other tags and graffiti on the wall.) The boys protest saying that they thought it was legal to tag the wall.

The officer returns your sons to your hotel room and says since you all are from out of town no charges will be filed.

Tony - 14 and Bam - 9

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What lies in store for your two artists?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Assuming someone has brought a laptop, I'm going to want to see the URL.

If the information is as the boys have said, we will have a talk about how everything, maybe even most things, on the internet aren't necessarily accurate. We'll talk about premeditation (they brought spray cans along) and being brought home by the police and about how lucky they are that charges aren't being filed.

And then they'll get a fairly mild spanking to make sure they got the message loud and clear.

If there is no such URL and the entire thing is a fabrication, they're TOAST.


When I travel, I use the rule that if I wouldn't do it on my neighbourhood street, I wouldn't do it on a foreign one. I do love trying new things, and I tend to find a local guide to clue me in on the etiquette and protocols, even if it's just asking at the front desk.

I think that's the policy from now on.

Stone Man

The boys are some lucky to not be in trouble with the law. I'm pleased the local constabulary were that understanding.

I hope the boys can find the site again so I can point out the problems with it and others like it. I don't feel a spanking is warranted, but they do need to keep us apprised of what the think they want to do before doing it.

Emlyn Morgan

I'm going to whack them.


I'll do as Kier said but without the spanking (assuming the boys are telling the truth). This seems to be an honest mistake. They need to learn that not all web pages are reliable sources and they have been very lucky not to be charged, but this time I don't think it necessary to reinforce the lesson with a spanking. I'll make it very clear that next time something like this happens I expect to be consulted, instead of having them pack the paint in secret.


Those boys were lucky not to find themselves in the can. Smile


My hometown council decided a couple of years ago allowing graffiti on a specific wall (a quite large area). It was published in a relatively small article in the local papers. So right after midnight at the specified date the first sprayers set up their work only to be arrested by police 10 minutes later. The council simply forgot to inform the police.

Anyway, the police in this case is probably right and there is some misunderstanding. We will check the website. If it's stated as the boys told then there will be no punishment for the painting itself. But I will make it clear that I expect them to check such actions with me in advance.


I also need to see the website. Did something get lost in translation. It could be some kids put it up as being a popular place to tag if not a legal one. I dislike graffiti anyway. I don't like seeing it in my neighborhood, it makes the area look trashy. So no spanking if there is an innocent mistake but tagging is banned altogether from now on. They can keep their ... artwork (?) on paper.


.............They each secretly pack a couple of cans of spray paint in their bags..............

The boys know my views on tagging. As soon as the cops leave I will be doing some tagging of my own on their bare rears. No paint can - but my belt can create some very artistic effects Mad

Stone Man

MemoryMan wrote:The boys know my views on tagging. As soon as the cops leave I will be doing some tagging of my own on their bare rears. No paint can - but my belt can create some very artistic effects Mad

The Botticelli of Belts? I must admit to the liking of the canvases.


I'm largely in agreement with Doc here. This is a 'teachable moment' with regard to what's on the net and being careful about relying on the accuracy thereof.

I'm a little annoyed that they snuck the paint, so we'll probably have a little dadhide to boyhide chat about that. Other than that, they can thank their lucky stars that I'm chalking this up to their gullibility.

Emlyn Morgan

Well, of course, it was King Belshazzar in the Book of Daniel who saw "the writing on the wall". I think writing on the wall may be a common hypnopompic hallucination. I've experienced it myself a few times.

Don't worry! Sane people have hypnopompic hallucinations and know that what they can see is not real. People whose hallucinations are a symptom of psychosis are convinced that their hallucinations are real happenings.


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Daniel. I'll make sure to take the boys for a camping trip to the Palo Duro Canyon, and while we are there, visit the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo. Graffiti is encouraged there, so I'll bring my own can of spray paint.



I think we're going to have a discussion about how reliable the internet really is, and about trusting that Dad's long years do mean something.

I'm tempted to wear Tony out for sneaking the spray paint. The simple fact that they snuck it pretty much means they knew they were in the wrong, but I'm probably willing to let that slide this time.


Ditto Memory Man!

They apparently knew what they were doing was wrong if they had to sneak the spray paint into their bags. Once the police officers are gone I will make sure they know how lucky they are that charges aren't being pressed and how everything that is on the internet is not true!

I'll end the discussion with them both getting a good hand spanking. Nothing severe, just enough to drive the point home.

John Boy

Spoiler to come at a later time. Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch lol! lol! geek

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