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BOTD 02-09-2013 The Stuff Dreams are Made of - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster

A DMK Production

You have a fascination with spanking, in short, you are a spank-o. You also teach History and coach soccer at the nearby middle school. You have made a great effort to keep your personal interests and your professional duties separate. Although you can and do use paddling as one of your punishment options you have never let your interests influence your decision to administer corporal punishment.

Randy White is a twelve year old seventh grader in your history class. Randy also plays on your soccer team. Randy seems to have really befriended you. His father passed away when he was young and his single mother works two jobs. You understand Randy needs a male influence and he is also in need of an adult's time and attention. You pride yourself on treating all students equally but you must admit Randy has sort of gained a special place in your heart. Randy is a good student and a good athlete. He is prone to be a bit of a clown and you have needed to paddle Randy twice this year. Despite the paddlings, Randy is still loving to you.

Randy approaches you after soccer practice and he looks very concerned and serious. He asks to speak to you in private. Randy starts by telling you that his mother recently got a new job that pays her enough where she only has to work one job. He says she has been less tired but the problem is that she does not get home until 7:00 each evening. Randy said he promised his Mom he could handle being alone and that she should take the job. Randy tells you he and his mom sat down and made a list of rules for Randy to follow for his safety. Randy says his best friend came over after school yesterday and the friend had stolen some cigarettes from his mother. Randy said they went out behind his house and they each smoked a cigarette. Randy assures you he hated the cigarette and will never smoke again. Randy's problem is that he feels real guilty about what he did but he says he just cannot tell his mom or she will not trust him and will quit her job and go back to the two jobs.


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Randy begs you to paddle him. He says he needs to be punished for what he did but he just cannot let his mom know. Randy says the guilt is killing him and he really needs to be paddled to feel better. Randy says you could just tell the witness he was disobedient during practice or something.

What do you do?

Can you dig it?


I don't know, maybe it's time to start dating his mother... affraid

Seriously, I'm honoured by his approach. Though I do agree he needs to be punished it has nothing to do with school so it's difficult. I need more time to think...


I don't know here, sounds to me like he may be a budding spanko himself. At 12 we weren't about to be asking for one and my own kids, while willing to own up if caught, certainly wouldn't ask this directly.

I think that if I know the kid well enough and that he trusts that much in me I'll deliver a spanking. Stingoors really but enough to let him have a good cry and 'clear the slate'.

I'll offer him a bit of one on one time in the office to chat about things and hope this will help.

I will have a 'side chat' with his mother. Though I won't betray any confidences I will let her know that he's asked for and is welcome to my involvement in his life.


I'm going to tell him I'm honored, but I can't do it.

His misbehavior has nothing to do with school, and I could lose my job if word got out--and I'm subjecting myself to blackmail if I go along with his request.

I will offer to talk to Randy's mom with him. If she agrees, I'll be happy to watch Randy after school. And if part of his after school babysitting involves her blessing for discipline, it's a win-win.

John Boy

Sorry buddy, I see a whole lot of ways this could go wrong. Sadly you must accept what your mom gives you as punishment.

David M. Katz

I will offer to go with Randy to talk with his mom. As much as I would love to paddle him (just look at him) it would just open up too many possible bad scenarios. I will offer to watch him for his mom and like Kier said, if spanking permission just happens to come with that then all the better. Very Happy

Anyway, if he is all the clown we are told he is, I am sure I will get one or two more legitimate chances to paddle the boy. Twisted Evil

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


As things stand right now I won't be paddling Randy, and I do since that he might be a little spank-o himself. I will however go with him to speak with his mom and I agree with Kier, I will offer to babysit him after school. If spanking permission is given then we might just have to revisit that smoking incident. Twisted Evil

David M. Katz

I was going to keep this quiet but I can't. I have several stories for MMSA in my mind and hopefully they will all become reality. However, after I wrote this BOTD, it kept screaming at me to be expanded to a MMSA story. I set everything else aside and started it tonight. With permission of the group, I hope to incorporate some of your answers in my story. I still have to finish writing it and then test it to a couple of people and then send it to Kat so don't look for it real soon but it is in progress.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'll tell Randy that I can't paddle him for this as it has nothing to do with school, and that my only authority relates to offences he commits at school such as forgetting to bring in his homework.

When I see the smile appear on his face I'll know that he and my paddle will have a coming together tomorrow.

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David M. Katz

ivor wrote:I'll tell Randy that I can't paddle him for this as it has nothing to do with school, and that my only authority relates to offences he commits at school such as forgetting to bring in his homework.

When I see the smile appear on his face I'll know that he an dy paddle will have a coming together tomorrow.

Oooh sneaky. I love it. Twisted Evil Razz Twisted Evil Razz Suspect

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm going to tell Randy that he can be proud that he recognises that he has done wrong and wishes to atone for it but tell him I cannot punish him for an out of school offence. (although in my day there was the catch all "sullying the good name of the school") I will also tell him I am proud he has chosen to come to me with his problem and that I would like to have a talk with his mother about his arrangements without mentioning his offence.

That night I will call round after his mother gets home and I will tell her (in his presence) that I believe Randy appears to be missing a man's influence in his life and that recently he has been drawn to come to me with some boy confidences that go beyond the normal pupil teacher relationship. I will go on to say that I have grown quite fond of her son, that although he can be a mischievous little tyke needing a firm hand at times I think that he is basically a great kid and that with her (and his) permission I would be perfectly happy to mentor him and even, perhaps, from time to time to take him out on some boy activities.

If all goes well he'll soon be experiencing a firm hand


How well do know Randy's mom. I think Randys she should know and I will tell Randy that for all the reasons mentioned I cannot just paddle him unofficially. I will explain that I am happy to look out for Randy and be a point of contact for him while she's at work. I hope she will feel reinforced by Randy's clear honesty and contrition over this. If she wishes me to discipine Randy for this I will do so. Sorry Randy you have to bite this bullet. Btw what about the other boy ?


I kind of think that a lot depends on when this is happening. If it had happened even as recently as when I was a kid, I'd just ask him, "I'm sorry Randy, I could only do something about it if this happened at school. Where did you say you were when it happened?" Today, because tobacco is illegal, and handled more seriously by the schools, I don't think that would be possible.

I'm also a bit worried about how my own interests might be influencing my decision.

I think I'm going to ask Randy about me talking to his mom, and him helping out a bit after s..... Yeah, and that might not be the right answer either.

"Randy, I'm not going to lie about it. For me to paddle you, I'd have to catch you breaking the rules." I might then suggest a couple of things he could do 'as examples'. If he's serious, we'll carry through like he'd really done them.

I really feel like this is just a stop gap measure, and it might be best to talk to him about some coping mechanisms - both for peer pressure and guilt.

Emlyn Morgan

I'm going to whack him.

Stone Man

I will urge Randy to tell his Mom what is bothering him, and will volunteer to go with him if he wishes, but paddling him for something non school related for the purpose of evading his mother's possible disappointment in him isn't going to happen.

Now as to the future.... I would be more than happy to increase my involvement with Randy, out of school, as long as I have his mother's blessing.

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