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David M. Katz

Just Like A Real Hockey Game

A JTT Pproduction


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Your 14 year old son Jackson plays on the local hockey team and is pretty good, he has been playing since he was nine years old. Tonight his team was taking on a team from another town and they were dominating them. Jackson was racking up the goals, along with several other boys, in reality it really wasn't much of a game.

Around the middle of the game Jackson decided he was going to make it more interesting, he started a fight with a few of the boys on the other team. It didn't take very long before most of the boys on both teams were out on the ice fighting with each other. The fighting didn't last very long, most of the adults present jumped in and split the boys up.

The game resumed and Jacksons team won, only Jackson was sitting on the bench for the second part of the game. After the game Jackson runs up to you, “Wasn't that cool Dad? It was just like a real hockey game!”

It has been several months since Jackson last took a trip across your knees, but spanking is still an option and has worked well for him in the past. What happens when you two get home?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Wow, who raised my boy that he would do this?!?

We will have a long talk about sportsmanship and starting a fight without justification. We may discuss whether or not I am willing to continue with the sport if this is what he sees as cool about the real thing.

Following our talk Jackson is going to be wishing for protective gear for his rear! Twisted Evil


Hockey isn't my sport, so I'm kind of spitballing.

I think, though, that fighting in both youth and Olympic hockey is considered beyond the pale, and I remember as a kid when people admired the OLD Montreal Canadiens as the only team in professional hockey good enough to win WITHOUT fighting.

Jackson and I are going to talk. I'd like to know how starting a fight, an activity he's been forbidden from doing since infancy, could possibly be "cool". He's been instructed since infancy that if someone else started a fight, he ought to finish it, but he'd damned well not be the one who started it.

I've sat rink side a couple of times and met players back when the demon spawn was a cub scout--I was impressed that none of them seemed to have all their teeth, and most of them were pretty banged up. In view of that, if Jackson thinks that's "cool", I may be rethinking allowing him to play.

If he is sufficiently and convincingly remorseful, he may get by with just a telling off. If not, he's toast.


Um... Up here, it's kind of how the game is played.

He's a bantam, and if it's a senior league, we sort of accept it. It's a no-no for pickup games and recreational leagues, but in a skills development league... It is how we play. If he's that good, he's probably in at a contact level.

There is a penalty for the third man in, but that's not his fault.


One can't really blame a kid for trying out what he sees on tv every day. I will however make clear that I don't want to see this again.

Stone Man

A lot depends on the rules at ones' location. Here, from Mites through college, fighting will get you a game misconduct and you'll likely have to sit out another game of two as well. A bench clearing fight such as described would have been bad news for for all the boys and their coaches.

So assuming I'm in a location where fighting is an accepted part of the sport, at the Bantam level in this case, the only objection I have is Jackson being the one starting it with no apparent provocation.

We will talk about how uncool this was and how hot he will be if he ever starts one again.

John Boy

Well, I think we will talk, and based off of the Coaches decision is based off of how I see the issue.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll let the coach handle the discipline on his watch unless he asks for back up. I will, however, tell him that provoking a fight just for the sake of livening up a game is not cool.



Cool? Think Jackson will discover the fight was just a warm up for the main event. Before we go home Jackson. will apologize to his coach, their coach and to the referee.

He will then get a paddling to remember and just hope that the ref doesn't put in a report that sees him banned for a length of time. You can win the wrong way as well as lose the wrong way Jackson and your actions just proved it


I'm concerned that he should be so happy about the anarchy he created seemingly without reason other than the game was so easy. If he had just joined in that would be a dfferent matter.

I think we need a talk. If he is good enough to play college hockey in due course then perhaps such actions are part of the learning curve.


Answer ...... NOTHING

Ice hockey isn't big over here and although I've never been to a live game from what I've seen on TV fighting is an integral part of the game.

Sadly cheating "gamesmanship" is a feature of most sports these days so perhaps since it was so easy Jackson was just taking an opportunity to hone his skills at disrupting the run of the play - - you know - rather like a famous tennis player with his tantrums.

Discipline is up to his coach. I don't know whether HE encourages gamesmanship or not. Crying or Very sad


Does one really need an excuse to spank those gorgeous bare buns of steel and all?

Emlyn Morgan

I'm going to whack him.

David M. Katz


Bottom line, I don't know enough about hockey to know if this was acceptable. I am going to defer to the coach on this and will support any sanction the coach or the league may impose.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Before I decide on handling anything, I want to talk to his coach, and I want to talk to Jackson. While I understand that fighting does happen in hockey, Jackson needs to understand that this isn't professional hockey, and that that type of behavior isn't and will not be tolerated.

(This is actually kind of like when I went to the boxing matches and a hockey game broke out.)

If Jackson understands the difference, and is contrite, I'm not going to take further action this time. If Jackson's coach shares my opinion, and is planning to deal with it, I'm not taking further action.

If Jackson isn't contrite, and his coach would prefer not to deal with it, then those powder blue Hanes will be coming down for a taste of the medium Lexan.


I don't know much about ice hockey or why fighting is so readily accepted there. I understand that it's tolerated because it's considered as "part of the show". I don't like it, and I consider it very unsportsmanlike. On the other hand, if all the other players accept it and it's considered standard behavior, maybe it would not be fair to expect my son to act differently. Should I forbid him to play that sport, if this is what he is going to learn? On the other hand, I wouldn't want to keep him from playing the sport he loves. I don't know, I'd need to understand this sport better to have an opinion.

But dad, even the referees fight!:


I chatted with a friend of mine who happened to play for a while in Canada (no idea what league). He told me that a provoked fight (e.g. after foulplay) is indeed accepted widely but fighting without reason is frowned upon. So Jackson's actions were wrong. However, I do think it's the coach who should act not me. I will just tell him that I don't like what I saw and he should use his abilities better.

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