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BOTD 2/20/13 "DAMMED IF YOU DO" DMK Production

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David M. Katz


A DMK Production

You, your spouse and two sons, twelve year old Taylor and ten year old Trent, are on a weekend get-a-way at a local state park. You allow the boys to go exploring the area and set a time for them to be back. You expressly tell them to stay away from the base of an old dam on the park property as not only is it not safe it is illegal to go near the dam.

The boys are fifteen minutes late so you call Taylor's phone but realize there is no service in the park. After a half hour, you go searching. It has been nearly an hour since the boys were supposed to be back and you have not found them and you consider contacting the ranger's station but decide to check at the dam even though you expressly forbid the boys from going there.

You arrive at the dam and see:

Taylor - 12 and Trent - 10
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What happens next?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Well, what use is a fishing pole without water?

O.k., they're late and out of bound. Right now I'm glad I found them unharmed. At home however...

John Boy

I will calmly wait until they are out of danger. Then they will be in hot water or at least have a hot bottom from me.


Let's see...

I expressly told them not to go there. It is ILLEGAL as well as dangerous. Defiant, deliberate, dangerous disobedience, and to make matters worse, their "perch" looks precarious. I don't think they can even make a case that I'm being overly protective--they aren't standing on shore.

Once they're safely off the pipe and on terra firma, they're toast. They've ruined their (and our) weekend. They'll get an earful as we pack up to go home. They can worry about what will happen til we get there. Both boys will sleep on their tummies with wet faces, and will spend the rest of the weekend in their rooms with no friends and no electronics.

David M. Katz

scratch hmmm . . .
They are an hour late. They are in DIRECT DISOBEDIENCE. They are breaking the law. They have put themselves in danger.

I say this one is a no brainer. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

I am sure there are plenty of trees in the park. I will get them safely to shore and then read them the riot act. They can then pick and prepare a switch each and they can carry their switches back to our cabin. I am sure they will be crying and pleading and begging all the way. Their pleas will fall on deaf ears much like my instructions to them fell on their deaf ears. Twisted Evil

When we arrive at the cabin, they will loose their pants and undies and be spanked soundly with their switches. We can finish our little vacation if they want but they have lost the privilege of going out unsupervised.

As Kier often says, "Better they cry, than I cry."

Sad true story: As a kid, I lived near a dam. One of our class mates in Junior High waded out off shore a bit at the base of the dam to fish. Fishing was really good as the catfishes came there to feed on the fish that were chopped up in the turbines. When a turbine was activated a horn would sound and you had three minutes to clear the water. Being in the water at the base of the dam was technically illegal but not enforced. This kid did not heed the horns and was drowned in the heavy current from the turbine. He was only 13. Sad Sad

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
It's hard to imagine how they won't be spanked under the circs.


David M. Katz

Kat wrote:It's hard to imagine how they won't be spanked under the circs.


scratch Why would we even want to imagine that? tongue

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


"OFF with their pants king !" the little Huck Finnsters!


I am going to call them to me calmly. I don.t want to startle them because if they fall in they may not get out again.

When we get back to our hotel room I will be wanting explanations.

Illegal which they knew, not sure if they could be prosecuted for it at their age but not to be condoned by a parent.

Highly dangerous. Ties in with with this spot being legally out of bounds, Frankly I feel lucky to still have two sons

Directly disobedient as you were told weren't you boys. Which bit didn't you understand

Over an hour late and forcing me to go search them. Lefty to their own devices I'm not sure they were planning on coming and finding

us anytime soon either. I understand losing track of time but not by this much.

So when they are showered The do not disturbsign will go on the door. I hope the walls are thick as the boys are in a lot of trouble

and their backsides are about to pay. I'm sure we packed a hairbrush and for once I do not think it overdoing it especially for the

older one.

Two young men may be twitching on their chairs during dinner tonight

Pi Beta

Water has a great fascination for children so perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised at this - indeed, I have a sneaking sympathy with them for wanting to see why it's a prohibited place.

However, defiance of me has its penalty as they must be aware. If I had brought my punishment gymshoe with me in anticipation of something like this, then each will get his age in whacks with it - and I won't be holding back when applying it to their backsides. Otherwise, I'll be looking for a wooden spoon or hairbrush.

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This one is easy! Both boys will be getting a memorable spanking.


They appear to be wearing footwear that could ideally also serve another purpose.

Once I get them back to the cabin it will betime to test this out


Embarassed Not even "BIG OL SOFTIE" me would try to find a loophole in this one....Nope these two boy's are gonna be toast when I get them back on land. Im liking Katz Idea about these two little darlings picking switches for themselves. They did break the law but they also GAVE ME HEART FAILURE seeing them out on the pipe....I dont think I would let this ruin the rest of our vaction but like katz they will have lost thier freedom to explore to far from me...

hugs kal

P.S. Thats a Sad story katz an one that hits home for my family. My mom's brother and a friend lost thier lives for the same thing at the age of 14 at the elwa dam in port angeles. They just tore down that dam last year and while I was thier I was sad to see it gone. As kids we do crazzy and stupid things without thinking....our big "right of passage" in my small home town was to go and jump off what we all call "devils punch bowl". It is an opening to an old railroad tunnel that was flooded by the lake cresent and when the tide is high you can be swept down and into the tunnel. there is a walking bridge that we jump off of.


Boys being boys, their curiosity overcame their common sense and my warnings.

Dad's being dads, they'll be escorted back to our rooms, bared, and thoroughly spanked - probably the brush for both of them, since they were very late as well as disobedient.


Agree with the others. My first reaction was "Holy ______!" That's scary for anyone, let alone their dad. But, they did disobey, and it is against the law, and it was a horrible risk with bad footing and all that swirling water. Talk them gently off that place and then take them back to your digs for a warming.

Let them know they did scare you, and this is going to be all the stronger for that, not in anger but concern over their lives. Shocked

Stone Man

Jack wrote:Boys being boys, their curiosity overcame their common sense and my warnings.

Dad's being dads, they'll be escorted back to our rooms, bared, and thoroughly spanked - probably the brush for both of them, since they were very late as well as disobedient.


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