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BOTD 2/21/13 "A LATTER DAY HUCK FINN" Squarecutter Production

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David M. Katz


A Squarecutter Production

Donny, your 12 year old, is a bit of a latter day Huck Finn. Although quite capable, he is not the keenest student in the world. Twice this term he has skipped school and gone to fish at the creek only turning up at supper time. He is perfectly happy with his own company. On each occasion you signed him up for Saturday detentions at the school and drove him there to make sure he showed! You warned him after the last time that he would be spanked severely if he didn't have a very good reason. Well, its happened again. You left work early after your spouse rang to tell you the school had been on again and found Donny here.

DONNY - 12

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Donny tells you in his own disarming way that it was just too nice a day to be stuck in a classroom.

Is that any excuse or do you make good on your threat and how?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


It is a perfect reason no to be in a classroom. Alas, good reasons don't count at times. He has to learn that skipping duties isn't working in real life.

Drop that bib, son...

John Boy

It is a perfect excuse to bend over for a little session with his paddle.


Editor Extraordinaire
It seems clear-cut to me. I made the threat and now must follow through. Donny may be a latter day Huck Finn, but I'm not the same sort of father as Huck Finn's father.



You should agree, yes it was too good a day to be in school. Then let him have it, and afterward suggest he re-read Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. They were free spirits but got their share of hard knocks in return.

Stone Man

Donny can finish his day with a red rump and red eyes.


I agree with everyone else. I've previously alluded to repairmen in a certain mid-Atlantic state who scheduled appointments, made me take the day off work to wait for them, and then didn't show, finally giving the very same excuse: "It was too nice a day to work. I went fishing."

It made me crazy then and I won't tolerate it from my son.


A father has to keep his promises.

You aren't Too Young, Donny and you certainly know Why the spanking is coming.

Emlyn Morgan

I'm going to whack him.


Donny may be a latter day Huck Finn, but I'm not the same sort of father as Huck Finn's father.

You mean you aren't going to beat him senseless and lock him in the cabin with nothing to eat or drink...


Editor Extraordinaire
StevieWeeks wrote:You mean you aren't going to beat him senseless and lock him in the cabin with nothing to eat or drink...

That is part of what I mean, certainly. I also mean that I have different values than Finn, Sr.



Well it may be a lovely day but I agree with the rest of. Wc ant always do exactly as we please all the time. The world would fall

apart. I will remind Donny that I am under a legal obligation to ensure he goes to school and that he really has brought his paddling

on himself. I will tell the school how I have dealt with the matter and will not stand in their way if they wish to do any more. So

Donny , time to drop those dungarees. After his bottom has been hit he can hit his books.


First, I'm going to remind Donny about the warning I gave him last time, and he IS going to be getting switched. I will specifically make sure that he understands the law requires him to be in school, and it's there to protect him from parents using and abusing their children.

All things considered, and as many lectures as I'm sure he's had on this issue, I'm tempted to take those overalls off and warm him up now, before we head home, and for the switch tree. I'll probably pass on that impulse though, since I don't want to act out of anger.

Afterwards, my spouse and I have a real decision to make. Are we jailers, who will deliver Donnleberry to the school office everyday (with or without chains), or would be be better served by homeschooling (if we can manage it).

Whatever the answer is, Donny needs to take a serious look at where he's going with his life before he ends up getting us in trouble and himself declared delinquent.


Addition and second thoughts:

I remember when I was in eighth grade. I'd been saving a little money, and I stopped at Jack in the Box on my way to school. This would have been 1979, and JitB had just started serving breakfast.

It was a beautiful day, and I loved the walk. While placing my order, I was in line with two kids from my old baseball team. Carl also attended the same church I did, and his grandfather was a kindly man who'd been one of my Sunday School teachers. The other was Tommy. Tommy was a very nice looking young boy by that point, and he has a Jan bday, so he would have just turned 13.

While we were waiting for his order, the three of us were talking, and Tommy casually mentioned that it was such a beautiful day that his dad was taking him fishing, rather than to school.

Maybe I should consider a parentally approved trip for him on some beautiful day IF he stops taking them on his own initiative, and if he keeps his work done up to his best standards. I wonder if a trip with Dad would be better or worse for him.


Yeah, I think this is pretty cut and dried.

It sucks to be stuck in school on a nice day, though, but as is life. *sigh*



I'll be following through with my threat. Take those overalls down!


He's absolutely right and also absolutely wrong... "OFF with his pants... um, overally thing king !"

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