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BONUS BOTD!! 2/23/13 "Lyle's Late Again" DMK Bonus

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David M. Katz



A DMK Bonus Production

You allow your nine year old son, Lyle to walk home from school every afternoon, weather permitting. The school is close, you live in a very safe neighborhood and Lyle enjoys the independence. The problem is Lyle must walk past a nice park with a playground and it has proved too much for Lyle to resist. Lyle was late coming home several times due to stopping off at the park. Finally you agreed that Lyle could stop at the park and play for an hour each day if he wanted. You gave Lyle a watch and made sure he knew how to tell what time he should head home. This has not worked as well as you would have liked as Lyle has been past his hour coming home on a few occasions. You give Lyle a final warning and tell he he will be spanked if he comes home late again.

Today when Lyle was a half hour past his time, you went to the park. You found Lyle frantically searching for something and obviously upset.

LYLE - 9
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Lyle explains that he is looking for his shoes and socks and backpack. He says he took his shoes and socks off and put them by a bench with his backpack while he played. He said he stopped playing in time to make it home but when he went to get his shoes and socks and backpack they were gone. He says he saw some big kids hanging around the bench and he thinks they took his shoes and socks and backpack and hid them and he has been trying to find them. He says he is sorry he is late but he has a good reason as he knows those are his good school shoes and his homework is in the backpack and he has to find them.

What happens with Lyle?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I must be crazy to tell my son to pass by the park and come home or even to only stay one hour and then come home! To do what, watch the boob tube or play Grand Theft Auto?? Lyle should stay as long as he likes or maybe dark. I will relax the restriction and give him a cell phone so I can contact him at the park!



I think you're missing the point, Icono.

I agree that Lyle has a good reason for being late. I'm going to help him look for his things. Getting Lyle a limited use cellphone (one that dials home and 9-1-1 only) would not likely have helped in this situation either, as he'd probably have left it in his taken backpack.

The only real salvage for a similar future situation would be for Lyle to come home and change and go BACK to the park and to play with his shoes on.

Lyle gets a pass.


There are reasonable excuses that should be taken into consideration. This isn't really one, since the shoes, socks, and back pack shouldn't have been left alone, but I think he's young enough to be forgiven the mistake once. I'm going to help him search or try to find the big kids. After we've found them or given up, we'll have a talk about taking care of his belongings.


no spanking this time


No lickin' this time!!

This is a good reason to be late (to me anyway) and I'll help him look for his shoes and pack. I like the idea of the limited use phone with a non negotiable command (under pain of a serious spanking for non follow through) to keep it on his person at all times, thus short circuiting the "I left it in my pack" excuse.

Next time however...... Twisted Evil

John Boy

We shall look for the shoes, socks, and backpack. If they are just hid, it shouldn't be to hard as a Dad to find them. We shall also look for these big kids. Lyle better hope for his sake, that he isn't lying to me. Not sure what to do if we can't find his stuff.


Agree with AFinch. This is one of the muddles a boy his age might get into. He deserves some fatherly grumbling, nothing more. This time, at least.


Think I'm going to have to take Lyles word for it that he stopped playing in time though it might depend on whether Lyles things are hidden so cleverly as to fool Lyle for half an hour. It would be stretching it for a 9 year old to concoct such a story about losing his shoes and backpack either. Why woul Lyle need to even take his shoes off though. Without getting Lyle to drop any one in it which would probably mean no more playing the park after school I might ask some of the other kids around whether they'd seen Lyles things around as the foolish child seems to have mislaid them.

Emlyn Morgan

Tricky one, this. scratch


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Kier's response. Count me in on the K Club.


Pi Beta

Watches are normally worn on the left wrist - his is bare. If he's just lost/mislaid his shoes etc., he's safe. If he's also lost his new watch, that may be another matter!


No, I'm not going to spank him. Those older boys, however...

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