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David M. Katz


A DMK Recurring Character Production

Your thirteen year old grandson, Brooks, lives close enough to you that he can visit you often as he is only a short bike ride away. You enjoy his visits. Brooks likes to visit often during the summer because you have a pool. You basically only have one rule and that is the pool is not to be used unless an adult is present.

Today, your spouse is out of town and you are at work. You aren't feeling very well so you leave work early. You come home and Brooks and his best friend, Marcus, are playing in your pool. There are no adults present

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Brooks sees you and walks over to you and says with a shaky voice, "Hey, Grandpa, uh, why are you home? We thought you were at work."

You ask Brooks about the rule and he responds, "Well, we figured we were old enough now."

For the record, you have spanking permission for Brooks and you have found it necessary to spank him before. You know Marcus and his parents well but do not expressly have permission to spank him.

Does Brooks have a valid point. How do you proceed?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


It's obvious Brooks knew what he was doing and that it was against the rules. Changing of rules may be discussed but only in advance. So if I were his father...

However, with the big ol' softie I am, it probably will be only a lecture and maybe some stingers since I am happy that nothing happened. I just love the little brat too much... Embarassed


Tough one. A spanking is deserved, but spoiling the child is the grandparents' job.

I guess it would depend on my relationship with Brooks. If I look after him often and act as disciplinarian then he will get spanked. The text says that I have spanked him before, so that looks more likely, unless that was a long time ago. If not... I might just lecture him, and if I feel strongly enough about the safety issue I will tell his parents.

I won't spank Marcus without permission, but if Brooks is going to get spanked fairness requires that I tell his parents.


There may not have been an adult present, but neither boy was swimming alone. The main purpose of the rule is that the boys not swim alone. Since there are 2 of them, both teenagers, I will give them a pass for that reason, but in consideration, I will demand that both boys pass Red Cross lifesaving courses!



Grandpa has a right and obligation to spoil the grandkids but this is contingent upon them being alive to spoil.

Much as I'd like to let this go with a couple of stingoors, this is a safety issue, and he knows it. It's unclear whether I have spanking rights with his friend, so he will have to go home for now. We can discuss whether or not he may return to swim in the future.

As to grandson....while the dangerous deliberate and dishonest disobedience is deserving of a deluxe session I'm just going to warm him up a bit to make him think in the future.

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Brooks knew he was doing wrong. As he and Marcus are best friends it is not unresonable to presume tht both have swum in your pool before and thu Marcus is equally aware of the rule.

As someone else said permission should be obtained first,so Brooks is going to get spanked. Marcus can decide if he wants to tell his parents (while I am listening) what has happened and what is about to happen to Brooks, or if he is going to leave it to me to tell them later. Hopefully his parents will give me spanking rights on this occasion so both boys are treated identically.

David M. Katz

Since Kier hasn't chimed in yet, I shall steal his line. "Better he cry than I cry." Also, Brooks obviously knows they are NOT supposed to be in the pool.

I am not naive enough to think this is the first time Brooks and Marcus have sneaked in some pool time while the wifey and I were away. I am just glad no one was drowned or hurt. The time to negotiate a rule variance is NOT after you have broken the rule. I know they are now teens but I still don't think I would bend on this one UNLESS like Icono suggested they both had life saver training.

Brooks is going to get a spanking. No, nothing super deluxe but enough to let him know I am serious about safety. Marcus has the choice of going home and I will call his parents after I spank Brooks OR he may call his parents now and tell them what happened and hopefully I can get permission to just go ahead and get Marcus' spanking out of the way too.

After the spankings are done (I think Marcus will work out) I will rest by the pool and let the boys enjoy the afternoon.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I agree that the time to negotiate a rules change is before you break the rule.

But, in this case, other than the rules violation, I agree with the boys. They're using the buddy system (i.e. not swimming alone) and both are strong swimmers per the scenario.

I grew up with a backyard pool. By 12, having an adult "present" meant my mother was watching soap operas in the house with no view of the pool which is to say there was no adult supervision.

I remember bringing friends home after school when no one else was home and swimming, with permission as a 7th grader (age 12). I think 13 year olds, at least in pairs, are old enough.

Unless the rules have changed, Icono, you have to be 16 for "senior lifesaving" through Red Cross.

Having rambled on, both boys will have to get out of the pool and will lose their swimming privileges for today. We'll talk about why, and about changing the rules now. I don't think I'm giving any spankings today, though maybe a stingoor or two will happen.

While I certainly believe in safety, it appears I'm being overprotective.


This really just depends on the boy. Do I feel he's mature enough to react calmly in an emergency? If so, I'm going to tell him good point. Tonight, we'll have a long talk about getting permission first, and he'll be getting at least a mildly sore bottom (and maybe a real spanking, if he gives me too much attitude).

If there's a specific reason that I haven't changed the rule yet, he's going to get worn out. I'm going to mention that I'll have to send Marcus home and call his parents - I'll see how he reacts to that, but I'd sure love a chance to spank the two of them together.


Sad As much as I would like to be a softie grandpa Im affraid this grandson of mine is in for it....pool safty is not anything to relax.... I will have to send his friend home and call parents. after we have addressed this issue and I feel he is able to handle the pool with out supervision then I'll grant that and we will make new rules to go with that.

I grew up with the pool also Kier and our supervision was almost the same as your but I did have older bro/nephews that new life saving skills that sometimes around. I as a parent am outside at all times but then again I do have very small children still in and out. I have a screened area I sit in.

good BOTD extra Katz
thanks for sharring

hugs kal


I think Brooks is counting on me being the big softie. I am going to, perhaps naively, give Marcus the benefit of the doubt that my rules have not been explained to him so I will send him home and ask his parents to call me so I can explain why. If they think I do him too much credit they can deal with it. I am going to put Brooks over my knee and slipper his bottom. Not severely but enough to ensure I am not taken for granted. Later I will discuss his remarks with him and his parents and we will reach an agreement on what the rules should be. But Brooks we make the rules for good reasons and it is not for you to re-write them

John Boy

Um Brooks, you don't get to choose when you are old enough. That is something we need to talk about together. Marcus you need to head home. Brooks get the brush. EmbarassedEmbarassed


Sure, he disobeyed and broke the rules. But since I left work because of an indisposition will I want and be able to deal with my grandson in the suggested manner?


I'm Grandpa? Looks like he's just getting a few playful swats to his swimsuit. I think we might change the rule, he's old enough to be responsible. If he proves me wrong then he might find out how good Grandpa is at spanking! Twisted Evil

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