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BOTD 03-03-13 The Choir Boys - A Kat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
The Choir Boys
A Kat Production

Your son Mark and his best friend Luke are thirteen-year-old eighth graders. They had to complete a certain number of community service hours as part of their preparation for Confirmation, so they joined the church choir. Unknown to you, once they fulfilled the service hours requirement, they became disruptive and disrespectful at choir practices. The choir director, Mr. Lipinski, finally had enough and kicked them out of the choir; unfortunately, he never addressed their behavior with you or Luke’s parents. For several weeks, the boys have pretended to go to choir practice – the church is within walking distance of both homes – but instead have been hanging out in a park or at a shopping mall. To explain why they are not singing with the choir during the 10am service both families normally attend, they tell you Mr. Lipinski asked them to sing at 5pm service on Saturday, when they again hang out. You’ve been thinking what a good boy Mark is, as he insisted he didn’t mind going to two services when you suggested changing to the Saturday service.

Mark and Luke
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Now the whole story has come out after you spot Mark and Luke at the mall during a time when they should be at choir practice. When confronted, Mark tells you Mr. Lipinski kicked him and Luke out of the choir for no reason. That story crumbles when you say you intend to talk to Mr. Lipinski and insist Mark go with you. You catch Mr. Lipinski at the end of practice. Mr. Lipinski describes a number of incidents that Mark minimizes as no big deal. For example, both boys made fun of Mr. Lipinski by mimicking his mannerisms and speech in an exaggeratedly effeminate way.

How are you going to deal with Mark? Will you call Luke’s parents? If you are Luke’s parents, what will your reaction be?

Can you dig it?


Mark is about to receive confirmation from me that his butt is going to be marked with my belt!

Continuous deceit over a lengthy period can have no other outcome.

I'm confident that when they hear what has been going on Luke's parents will respond in similar fashion.


Misbehavior, disrespect and deception.Whether there is danger involved in these boys hanging out without the knowledge of their folks is another matter. Time to belt it out of them! I can confirm after discussing the matter between us that both boys will be singing from the same hymn sheet at an unusually high octave and will be unusually penitent afterwards while they are read another sermon. They can apologize to the choir master after the next service which they will probably wish to spend on their knees rather than their seats


I'm applying to join the "I" club. Evil or Very Mad


Bransom Postmaster
I think two switchings are in order.. feel free to use my switch!

Can you dig it?


"Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive"

Sir Walter Scott

I agree with everyone else. These choirboys aren't--they were only in the choir in the first place to fulfill a community service obligation. Their behavior is deliberate, disrespectful, deceitful disobedience, and potentially dangerous as well. 5 D's? Go cut a switch.

And heck yeah, I'm calling Luke's parents. I'll refer him to Proverbs 13:24


First I want to continue my talk with Mr. Lipinski to find out why he would kick a minor out of the choir without discussing the issue with their parents. I also want to discuss things privately with the boys to find out why they'd be behaving like this.

Assuming everything is as it seems to be, I'm going to tell Mark and Luke that I intend to call Luke's parents, and I'll set a time if he wants to come clean on his own, or I'll offer meeting between the families if that would be easier for him.

I see this as extremely serious misbehavior, because they've not only been misleading me, but Mark has flat out lied to me (about the other service). That's not to mention the disrespect towards an adult in a position of authority (they should have either showed him respect, quit, or come to me if there was a problem).

I'm willing to discuss things with Luke and his family, but I'm pretty sure Mark will be getting a good, old-fashioned, over the knee hand spanking tonight, both to let him know how childish and irresponsible I feel he's been acting and to give him a little help thinking about Saturday morning. He's spending Saturday in seclusion, and he's starting out with a deluxe session - probably his age, bare, with the medium Lexan - maybe even a spanking with the small Lexan. That's probably enough, but I'm willing to imply more might be there if needed.

John Boy

They will be getting punished. Most likely a spanking, for my son. I will let his friends parents deal with him.

David M. Katz

I agree with the consensus of us all but I like Jack's added detail.

DITTO to Jack.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Very Happy Ditto Katz who ditto Jack.......spanking for sure!!!

hugs kal


AFinch wrote:"Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive"

Sir Walter Scott

...heck yeah, I'm calling Luke's parents. I'll refer him to Proverbs 13:24

Mark will be marked without a shadow of a doubt. After a LONG warm up with my hand he will singing accompaniment to a dozen of the very best with the strop. He can apologize to Mr L at church when next we meet.

Luke's folks can punish him as they see fit though I think both should get the same treatment. BTW, if these guys are up for Confirmation there are issues that need to be addressed regarding honesty and other Christian values. After all, Confirmation is a Sacrement and this should not be approached in such a cavalier fashion. Mark and I need to have a serious talk on that point.


well said


Editor Extraordinaire
This scenario is based on a real experience, though I changed some details. My best friend, Miguel, and I got kicked out of the church choir pretty much as described in the scenario. We were egging each other on, getting worse and worse, until finally the choir director/organist had enough of us ridiculing him. In reality, there was no ongoing deceit. I told my parents I had quit the choir, and it was only a matter of days before my mother had the true story. No spanking or whipping in real life, though that may have been less painful than the chewing out I got.



I have a feeling both boys will soon have red bottoms!


Naughty young Kat!


Stone Man

All the points I've thought of to this point have been expressed well by others. Mark will be roasted and toasted, and Luke the same if I were his Dad. Both did things very wrong after they were ousted from the choir even if their expulsions were not for legitimate reasons.

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