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BONUS!! BOTD 3/5/13 "Down On The Farm" DMK Bonus

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You operate a small dairy farm and it is your family's primary source of income. All of the family including your three sons are needed and expected to pitch in and help with the daily chores associated with operating a farm. You do not overburden your children with chores but they are expected to help out and they still have plenty of time for free time and personal activities.

Your middle son, Bobby Wayne, is fourteen. Bobby Wayne is expected to keep the stalls clean and make sure the cows have water on a daily basis. Bobby Wayne has been slacking in this area. For two days, Bobby Wayne has left the stalls dirty and the cows did not have fresh water. Bobby Wayne has been running off to meet up with friends and play rather than do his chores.

Last night you talked with Bobby Wayne and warned him that you were tired of doing his chores for him and that he was needed to do his part. Bobby Wayne apologized and promised to do better. Today, you go to the barn and the stalls are not properly cleaned and only half of the cows have fresh water. Bobby Wayne is long gone to catch up with his friends.

Bobby Wayne - 14

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What happens when Bobby Wayne comes back home?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


In the first place, however old the calendar says he is, Bobby Wayne obviously can't act like a responsible young man, so he won't be treated that way. From now on, Bobby reports to me (after school? first thing in the morning? whenever he's supposed to do the chores), then he reports to me again when he's ready to have me inspect his job. He's not allowed to go anywhere until that's completed and I've okayed it.

As for today, he had his warning, and now he'll have his warming. I'm just going to have to decide if I should use the strop or if one of those trees is good for switches.

John Boy

Well since I am not getting through to him though his ears, I think it is time to get through to him through his backside.


I agree with Jack!



Dave, were you a fly on the wall of the Clarke Dairy observing a 14 year old Dimitri do this crap?

You know what my stepfather's answer was/would be for this!

I hated stall mucking duties with a passion and would often do a less than stellar job to the detriment of my rear.

I'm honestly kind of torn on this one; I can so identify with Bob and understand. That being said, I'd more likely than not remind him that the jobs on the farm have to get done, like them or not. Perhaps we can find a job that you'll do well and consistently and promote family harmony.

It's either that or I send him to the first stall, have him drop trou, grab the strop and await my arrival to tear his butt up with said!

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I actually have two younger friends, early 20's now, who lived exactly this life.

I agree with Jack. So, apparently, did my friends' dad, who'd have used a strop in the shed for this even at 18. My "warming" would be like Jack's, I'm sure. According to my young friends, theirs was much more like Alex's.


I agree with Jack on this......

Dimitri wrote:
I hated stall mucking duties with a passion

You and me both but I guess that was the price I had to pay to havemy horse......

hugs kal



The horse barn was bad enough but we had 200+ head of cattle on the farm and at any given time either one of my brothers or I would be responsible for 60 bays-that was our part of the dairy.

I can't tell you the number of times I had my rear skinned for not doing the job well enough. You'd think I'd learn but I was a stubborn little cuss when I was a boy!


AFinch wrote:I actually have two younger friends, early 20's now, who lived exactly this life.

I agree with Jack. So, apparently, did my friends' dad, who'd have used a strop in the shed for this even at 18. My "warming" would be like Jack's, I'm sure. According to my young friends, theirs was much more like Alex's.

That doesn't surprise me much. All of our 'dads' would 'deluxe it' whenever it came to chores not getting done. While not many would show up in the locker room with cuts on their butts, some of the more spectacular bruising was for not doing what was expected on farm chores. It was simply accepted as part of 'the life' by us. In fairness to him, this was one area where Alex was pretty comparable to other dads in our community.


Shocked 60 wow thats allot.....I thought the ten or so I had to do was bad!!!
I know all about that stuborn streak, me and best friend had our fare share of hurt when we slacked off on the stalls...nothing as bad as brother and my best frinds dad were BOTH ex marines...... affraid picky...picky....picky....who would have thought a barn could so dang clean.....

hugs kal

Stone Man

I agree that Bobby Wayne needs to be treated as a boy rather than the young man you wish him to be. He's had his chances and now will get a whippin' for failing to perform the work required of him.

Sounds like a time to make up a chore chart and follow his daily progress closely.


I defer to all the farming boys here . Whether Bobbuy likes it or not everyone pitches in or both animals and the family economysuffer so yes Bobby will be feeling leather tonight and will be under closer supervision for a while. I think he can stay around the homestead for a week as well

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