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BOTD 3/9/13 "Mr. Wilson's Garden" A 'good' boy

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David M. Katz

A DMK Good Boy Production
Picture Supplied by ivor

Your fourteen year old son, Jacob, has befriended an elderly neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Jacob is a fine young man and rarely gives you any trouble. Mr. Wilson maintains a rather large vegetable garden. The garden is mostly a hobby for the gentleman as he grows way more than he needs for his own use. Mr. Wilson gives vegetables away to all of the neighbors. Mr. Wilson has been ill and has not been able to tend his garden like he would like and it has grown up with some weeds. Jacob is over visiting his elderly friend and the subject of the garden comes up. Mr. Wilson is feeling much better but is not sure he can get his garden back in shape and is contemplating letting it go for this year. Jacob says he can help.

Jacob comes home and takes your roto-tiller out of the garage and uses it to clear the overgrowth from Mr. Wilson's garden. He does a great job and the garden looks better than ever. Jacob cleans the roto-tiller and puts it away. Mr. Wilson is very appreciative of Jacob.

Jacob - 14

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The issue is that Jacob is forbidden from using this piece of equipment. You feel you have not properly trained him how to use the equipment and it is therefore not safe for him to operate it. The last time Jacob used the machine (with your supervision) he almost caught his foot in the tines. You told Jacob then that he was not to touch the roto-tiller.

Mr. Wilson comes over this afternoon after you get home from work. He wants you to know what a fine young man you are raising and he tells you about how Jacob used the roto-tiller and got his garden back in shape. He asks you to again pass on his appreciation to Jacob.

Is your good boy in trouble?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
Whether or not Jacob is in trouble depends partly on when I told him not to use the tiller. If a substantial length of time has passed, then I'll probably let this go on the basis I should have re-evaluated the situation. If it was recently, then Jacob and I need to have a talk. Was I over-reacting or were my concerns valid? Could I have addressed valid concerns with measures short of forbidding him to use the tiller? Perhaps all that was needed at the time was a caution. Right now I lean towards no punishment.



Really? Maybe it's the farm boy in me peeking out, but I honestly can't see a 14 year old being unable to safely use a roto-tiller! Am I being hyper-protective or is Jake a 'slow' kid?

If anything, I may have a 'level one communication' about obedience ("You should have asked first!") but on the whole I think I'll keep my 'pats on the back' high this time.

It's a good and kind thing my boy has done and I'd prefer to reinforce that part of his personality whenever possible.


He should have asked first. That's an issue we have to address, but with a 'man-to-man' talk, since he's obviously more matured than I knew. Embarassed


Jacob is a sturdy looking 14yo, clearly physically able to handle the tiller. OK, he had a near accident some time ago but he is maturing fast. (he even cleaned it before putting it away)

Judging from the scenario he is responsible enough to have learned from the experience and I can't think why I forbade him to use it, probably a knee jerk reaction at the time.

At this rate I probably won't trust him even when he's 40.

Smile Jacob, I'm proud of you son. Smile


I want to see what the Captain's reaction is to him taking the tiller Laughing

John Boy

I think I will let him take a pass, with some none to soft swats as a final warning. Next time he will feel the brush.


In this case, Jacob was directly disobedient, but I think it matters how long ago the last time was.

I'm going to start by passing on Mr. Wilson's compliments and then add my own to them.

I will then come to the however. I'll remind him that he's been forbidden to use that equipment as well as why. At his age and size, if he'd asked me, I would have been happy to let him use it (probably under mine or Mr. Wilson's supervision at first), after I'd carefully gone over everything with him. As it is, if it's been more than six months since his last session, he faces about a week without video games. If it's been less than six months, I'll give him his choice of an otk spanking with his old paddle, or half his age, bare, with the medium Lexan.

Once I've explained this to Jake, and once he's admitted that he did screw up, I'll announce that I'm commuting his sentence to community service - as in getting those veggies of Mr. Wilson's into the community.


1strappedboy wrote:Really? Maybe it's the farm boy in me peeking out, but I honestly can't see a 14 year old being unable to safely use a roto-tiller!

As a city boy, I have to wonder how often Jake would have a chance to use a roto-tiller. It might simply be that he was small for his age, or that he didn't really have enough respect for the equipment, if it's something we only use once a year.

Stone Man

ivor wrote:I want to see what the Captain's reaction is to him taking the tiller Laughing

Drop 'em and kiss the gunner's daughter, Son. pirat What other outcome could there be? Razz

Stone Man

My son is no Dennis that's for sure. Mr. Responsibility is more like it.

As others have stated, much depends on when Jake was told to not use the tiller. Recently and he could be in for a whippin' after hugging and praising his, a long time and he'll get stingoors while I hug him.


scratch No good deed goes unpunished eh. Like others It depends how long ago he wwas banned. He certainly seems pretty competent with this roto thingy to me!. Did he clean it up hoping I wouldn't notice he used it?

We are going to have a chat and a warning about unilateral changes to the rules but after some safety advice I am going to declare him competent to use this equipment.

Ps cappy I hope you arent planning to use one of these cat with the multiple tails, or was that just the Royal Navy

Pi Beta

His near-miss with the tines will have been the best possible teacher. Unless the ban on using it was very recent, a man to man chat will suffice.

Stone Man

squarecutter wrote:Ps cappy I hope you arent planning to use one of these cat with the multiple tails, or was that just the Royal Navy

From what I've re(a)d, they used a Pussy on the boys, which has only five strands and was without knots in them. It was to be applied to their "posteriors". Shocked


Agree with Memoryman. Let's balance the facts on this. His heart seems to be in the right place, and that counts for plenty.

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