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BOTD 03-10-13 Max Loses - An Ivor Production

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1 BOTD 03-10-13 Max Loses - An Ivor Production on Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:40 pm


Bransom Postmaster
Max Loses
An Ivor Production

Money in the family has been very tight since you lost your job earlier in the year. However, you were determined that you,your wife and 12 yer old son Max should at least get away for a week in the summer - even if it is only to a camping site.

It is the first full day of the holiday and Max has gone out in the morning wearing a new Rangers Jersey that you bought for him. You look out of your tent a couple of hours later to see him returning looking very worried and without a shirt. On questioning Max confesses that he has managed to lose it but is very vague as to the circumstances.

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Max is afraid he is going to get a spanking. He does get spankings for doing wrong, but tells you he is concerned about the fact that other people on the camp site will hear it happening. He asks if you can postpone it until you get back home. Will you - or do you have another idea on how to solve his blushes - or will you just go ahead and let his face match the color of his butt?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
No delay.. it's time for a red butt!

Can you dig it?


He's very vague as to the circumstances? Was he bullied into giving it up by an older kid, perhaps? Or was he out of bounds? or ?

I think I want to get to the bottom of what's happened before considering actually getting TO his bottom. If it's decided a spanking is warranted, I'm willing to wait til we return home, though I will point out to Max that the wait may be a lot worse than just getting it over.

David M. Katz

Max got to playing, the day got warmer, he got warmer, he took his shirt off to play and has forgotten where he laid it - typically boy behavior.

I will help Max retrace his steps. We can also check with the campground lost and found.

I am not entirely certain I would spank him for this. If I do decide that a spanking is deserved then, yes, Max is old enough to delay the consequences. But, is there no place private where we can go ahead and get it over with? I doubt Max wants it hanging over his head and neither do I.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

Max and I will be retracing his steps as best we can to find the missing Jersey. Max knows he needs to be careful with his belongings, even when times aren't tough.

At Twelve he knows he's in for a spanking, as that is the punishment most used with him at this time, possibly even if we find the missing item (more likely a warning shot in that case).

I'm willing to let him try and wait, but in the meantime will be looking for places we can go for the spanking to be more private... or just wait until the other kids around us suffer the indignity of their own "public" spankings and go ahead and spank Max too.

John Boy

I will give him a choice, option 1, we wait until we are home, but I increase the amount of spanks.

Option number 2 he and I can find a more secluded area to conduct business.


I'm going to tell Max that I don't want to humiliate him, but that I need to know what happened. I will also tell Max that, while I don't want to humiliate him, if I find out he's being dishonest with me, I may feel I have to.

My real worry here is finding out how a kid could lose a shirt (I lost shirts when I was a kid, but never while I was wearing them). Did it get torn, and he took it off to hide it? Did he lose a bet with someone? Or do I need to worry about roving packs of shirt eating zombies at this site?

Once I get Max to open up and be honest with me, we'll figure out a way to deal with it that doesn't treat the entire camp to his vocal stylings.


The first thing to establish is the circumstances of the loss. This might be a time for a hug as opposed to a swat.

Presuming the loss is spankworthy, I'll respect his wish for privacy. He will have to deal with it 'hanging over his head' until we get home.

If he's anything like my guys, put that way, he'll decide to get it over with. Even if he didn't, I won't increase the level as the wait really is a punishment unto itself.

(This is Mit the marshmallow talking this morning)


I don't think a postponed spanking will have the disered effekt then.


Editor Extraordinaire
Like everyone else, I can't even say I'd punish him until I know how he lost the jersey. I wouldn't punish him unless the circs involved some sort of misbehavior. Besides, he is the one who suffers from the loss. With me being out of work, it may be a long time before I can replace it.

If I do decide a spanking is warranted, then I will agree to postpone it if Max wishes. However, I really think I can find us some privacy. I certainly would not chastise him without privacy. If I want Max to respect me, I have to respect him.


11 Re: BOTD 03-10-13 Max Loses - An Ivor Production on Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:20 am


How I deal with Max will depend first on whteher he is prepared to be completely honest about where he went and how he came to lose his shirt. Boys lose things and I'm not sure that it need necessarily be a spanking matter. The fact that Max won't tell me why or how is more likely to mean trouble for him. First we will retrace his steps and he can tell me the full story, with the help of some stingers if he isn't more forthcoming. If I have to spank Max it will probably be hand only and as discrete as possible but I won't leave it to the end of the holiday. The truth now Max or I won't care who hears it.


If it is lost and not stolon it can be found again, so I will send Max back out to look.



I'd like to hear more about the roving packs of shirt-eating zombies.


Boy Smack wrote:I'd like to hear more about the roving packs of shirt-eating zombies.

They usually come in six packs Smile


ivor wrote:They usually come in six packs Smile

I'm just surprised to find them in Texas. I would think they would spend most of their time in Jersey.


Agree with the others in that I would want to know more about how/why it disappeared. If it's just misplaced, then mounting a time-consuming search would teach him plenty about consequences. If there's some untoward reason for him losing it, I'd want to know.


Being vague doesn't cut it. I'm going back out with him, he can show me where he's been and what he's been doing and an inadequate explanation can, if necessary, provoke an interrogation.

If the overwhelmingly likely reason of carelessness (and his reluctance to admit it) explains the loss then natural consequences can apply - the shirt won't be replaced.

If something else another judgement may be needed.

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