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BOTD 3/12/13 "Carter's Private Show" A JTT Production

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David M. Katz


Carter's Private Show
A JTT Production
Carter - 11
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Carter is your eleven year old son and lately has started to show a heavy interest into girls. This afternoon your thirteen year old daughter, Jamie has a few friends over and they are getting changed to go swimming in the backyard pool. They even told Carter to come get in the pool with them. Suddenly you hear screaming coming from upstairs, Carter is sitting on his bed covering his eye.

It doesn't take long for you to put the story together, Carter was peeking through a small hole he put in the wall while the girls were changing and Jamie sprayed hairspray into the hole. Carter is in tears and the girls are all laughing. After you rinse Carter's eye out with water for a few minutes he is back to his normal self, although a little upset that he “Almost was blind and didn't get to see anything cool.”

What happens next? Has Carter gotten himself in trouble? If so keep in mind he normally gets punished with the spoon across his bare behind, and you have tried other punishments such as grounding in the past but they haven't worked very well. He manages to make everyone else in the house more miserable than himself.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Carter has bought and paid for the voyeurism. However I don't like Carter putting holes in the wall so I'm afraid the spoon is coming out and his behind will no doubt match his face Embarassed Then he can cool himself in the pool if he still wishes

John Boy

I think a LOOOONG talk with him about peeping, and I need to consider another talk if he hasn't had it already Embarassed Knowing Carter, he will understand I am disappointed and bring me the spoon. After the spanking, I will tell him next time, he tries peeping, I will let who he peeped at watch. He can then swim when he feels ready.


We will have a talk. It probably might end with a sore bottom - in both rooms.

Drilling a hole (what kind of wall do I have?) an peeking isn't a good thing. Spraying hairspray in someones eyes isn't better.

David M. Katz

I agree with JB that this may be time for a certain talk if I have not yet done so. Embarassed

My bigger concern with Carter is the hole in the wall. He paid for his peeping with the sore eye and he will now pay for the hole with a sore rear. Twisted Evil

However, I am not done. This BOTD is now also a GOTD. Jamie should not have reacted on her own and her actions could have been potentially dangerous to Carter's sight. She should have come and got me. Carter will not be the only one of my children nursing a sore bottom.

g Twisted Evil

Now, everyone make nice and go cool off in the pool.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I think Carter has suffered enough, as for Jamie, she's getting her little bare behind blistered with the hairbrush and her friends are going home.

To spray your brother's eye with hairspray? WTH?


I'm with DMK. Peeping was bought and paid for already, and "the talk" is overdue, if we haven't already had it.

Making holes in walls is a spankable offense. While I kind of sympathize with Jamie, had she sprayed something different, she could have caused permanent damage. Her friend is going home, and she is getting spanked as well.

I was probably 12 or 13 when I had a somewhat similar thing happen. I'd finished swimming, and removed my suit, hung it up, and was wrapped in a towel to go inside and get new clothes. My sister, 18 months younger, had a friend over. The two of them sneaked over, and detoweled me. I was, of course, mortified, and ran in the house. Told my mom (after getting some clothes), but nothing happened to the girls. NOT FAIR!

Stone Man

Jaimie's friends can wait by the pool while I blister both my children's backsides. Carter should not have been peeping or making holes in walls and Jamie should have found her mother or me to take care of her brother.

After the friends leave, we all need to talk... some together and some one on one. Carter needs to satisfy his curiosity in an acceptable way.


Editor Extraordinaire
Carter's curiosity is normal, as is Jamie's outrage over the violation of her privacy and that of her friends. While I'm not happy about the hole in the wall, I really think Carter has been punished enough -- both pain and humiliation. I'm going to have a talk with Carter about respecting privacy. I don't want him to be ashamed of his curiosity, but he needs to satisfy it in ways that do not violate other people. If he pulls another shenanigan like this, he will get a very painful dose of the wooden spoon.

I'm going to tell Jamie in no uncertain terms that she is never to take matters into her own hands again. She is fortunate that she did no permanent damage to Carter's eye. I won't punish her this time, but like Carter, she can expect a dose of wooden spoon if there is a repeat.



It was the same story in my home doc: the girls (comparatively) got away with murder! Misha, Ivan and I would have been beaten into next Tuesday for this and Nettie and Helen might have been sent to their room to "think about what you have done"-life just isn't fair, I tell you!

In the instance here....

If I haven't had 'the talk' yet it's obviously long overdue. Carter has paid for his curiosity but a spanking for damaging the wall isn't out of the question.

Katz is right re GoTD: his sister(s) are in for it. Hairspray in the eye is way OTT!


Hopefully we have two wooden spoons so Mom can get to work on Jamie while I deal with Carter.

If we have a couch then they can both lay over opposite ends while we deal with them so both can get an eyeful Evil or Very Mad


While the scenario doesn't ask, I'm going to start by sending all the guests home, and both kids are getting sent to the rooms. Carter is going to get thoroughly lectured, and his bottom will be bared, and then he'll be left to think about what's coming. At that point, I'm going to go have a talk with my dear daughter. I know hairspray in the eyes does sometimes happen, but her doing that to her little brother has left me wanting to mace her. Instead, at 13, I'll probably inform her that her mom will be applying the hairbrush as soon as she gets home.

At that point, I'm going back to Carter's room. He's already dreading the spoon, and I'm sure he'll switch to panic mode when I pick up the brush, but there is no excuse for him actually drilling a hole (destroying our property) to do his peaking - and that proves a lot more premeditation than I want an 11-year old having.


Nice picture. I say Carter needs a long, slow session over my lap.

OK, I'm going to go read the scenario now.


Is this Bransoms first official GOTD?

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