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BOTD 03-17-13 Clint Goes on a Trip? An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Clint Goes on a Trip

An Ivor Production

Last week your 14 year old son Clint went on a school trip. Part of the day was taken up by a ride on an old steam train. When he got home that night Clint told you that he had had a great day.

Today you have received from his School Principal a picture taken by one of the teachers in charge of the group that day. Clint is furthest from the camera and his best friend Ronny,nearest.

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In his accompanying letter the Principal states that both boys received four licks of the paddle on the day after the excursion for their stupid stunt.

You know that Ronny's father believes in the principle of 'punished at school = punished also at home' and for a stunt like this he is going to end up in the woodshed feeling the strop. You have never operated on that basis, but as both boys did the same thing you are now very seriously considering giving Clint a good whipping with the belt you use on him when need arises as it seems unfair that Ronny should be punished twice while Clint gets away with just the school paddling.

Should you - or shouldn't you?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
You certainly should!

Can you dig it?


I think if I haven't invoked double jeopardy previously, I'm not going to unilaterally start now.

I'm going to show Clint the photo, let him know that I know he's already been paddled at school, and also that I know that his best friend is in for a stropping for being his partner in crime. If Clint agrees that isn't fair, then he can get the same thing with the belt that is befalling his best friend.


Editor Extraordinaire
I can't really let the disciplinary practices of Ronny's father dictate my own. My idea of fairness is that in most cases, one punishment for one act of misbehavior is sufficient. Four licks in the office with a school paddle is no joke -- at least it wasn't when I was a kid. On the other hand, if Clint could tell me right after the incident that he had a great day, I wonder if the admiration of his classmates and the thrill of the stunt more than outweighed the sting of the paddle. I'll make a decision about that belt after I've heard his answer. I don't want a repeat of similar stunts.



Well said, Kat.

David M. Katz

It is agree with Kat night!


Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Sadly, I must agree with Kat. If I hadn't done this before, I shall not start now. On the other hand, had this been my home the boy in question would already be in the den and having oiled the strop, been in waiting for me.

John Boy

We shall talk first. I want to know WHAT IN THE Embarassed he was thinking. After discussing that and what will happen to his poor friend, I will let him decide if a trip of his own is needed.


I like Kats answer but I think Im more inline with JB ....That is after I have recovered from my HEART failure.....

hugs kal


I don't want to set a precedent but because this was exceedingly dangerous and I I am sure Clint enjoyed the kudos from his classmates even if not the paddling I will show him the picture and tell him what befell Ronnie (as if he didn't already know) and see if he bites. I will tell him if he does anything so dangerous or stupid ever again then he will, exceptionally face a second whipping when he gets home.


Clint would have told me he'd had a great day - since the paddling didn't come until the day after.

What happens between Ronny and his father is ............ what happens between Ronny and his father.

Double jeopardy, setting precedents or fairness don't come into this equation. The real issue is do I consider four licks with paddle across the seat of his jeans sufficient penalty for such a stupid and dangerous stunt?

I don't. Therefore Clint and the razor strop are about to renew their acquaintance and this time Clint wont be wearing his jeans. Mad


While I hate to echo my mother, 'if Ronny's father beat him with a two-by-four, would I feel the need to do the same?'

I have no problem with enhancing a school punishment at home, but only under certain very limited conditions. I don't know enough about steam trains (mostly how fast they travel) to know exactly how dangerous this is, but I feel like a discussion about why it wasn't a good idea would be a lot more effective than additional punishment.

The only exception I can see to that decision is if it turns out the boys were specifically told not to do such a thing.

Now I shall go rant and rave about Jackass and James Bond movies getting kids into trouble.


I agree with Kat too! I don't think I'm going to change my methods because of how someone else handles the same situation. We will see what he has to say about the photo and make a decision from there.

Stone Man

I'm going to talk with Clint and include asking him if he really feels that the four licks at school were an adequate punishment for a boy doing something so dangerous.

I shall listen to his answer before stripping him, bending him over the back of a chair and stropping the heck out of him. This has nothing to do with what Ronny faces. Four licks is not enough for what Clint did. I'm glad he had a good time.

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