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Easter Parade 3/27/13 "Spring Break Follies"

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1 Easter Parade 3/27/13 "Spring Break Follies" on Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:35 pm

David M. Katz


By: Dimitri-1strappedboy

"I can't believe we're here, Ken," I whisper. "Me neither. My dad's gonna ground me until I'm married" said Ken. "If grounding was all I had to worry about, I'd take it in a New York minute!"

It wasn't supposed to end like this, you know. Here I am, at 20, a college sophomore and a grown man. Instead, I'm trembling at the knees and ready to about pee myself while I wait for the cop to call my house. I really didn't want to call and give this news, so I asked the officer to do it for me!

Ken and I went to Ft Lauderdale for spring break like so many of my classmates. We were amped and looking forward to warm water and pretty girls and a good time. Dad, as usual, made sure that the package offered was a good value and even made sure that when we got down here there was a rental car waiting with all the appropriate waivers for 'under-aged drivers' signed so we didn't have to rely on a taxi or public transport to get around. He made sure I had plenty of money on a debit card and, get this, gave me a company AMEX to use "in case we got in trouble" or just needed more money. "I don't want to worry about you not having enough money to do what you want on this trip, Dave. Spring break is supposed to be fun! Just don't do anything too stupid and get hurt or in trouble, ok?" Dad said to me. I told him Ken and I would be just fine, thanked him and gave mom and him a hug as we left to board the plane.

The last time I flew to Florida was right after he and mom married and we went down to Disney World for the family honeymoon. How much has changed in my life in the intervening 5 years! How odd it is that these would be the thoughts running through my head now! I wish I'd have thought about stuff like this before we found ourselves in this spot!

The first few days were everything I could have asked for and more. We had a great time sight seeing, touring, spending beach time watching the spring break scenery and of course, schmoozing with the girls. I'm not exactly naive about what these girls are after, and let's be honest; I'm after the same thing!! Of course I had gotten the standard parental/fatherly advice about 'being careful' and all but I think it's understood that a bit of the sowing of wild oats was expected to happen and it did. Oh the stories I could tell, but that isn't why I'm at Ft Lauderdale PD......

No, see what happened was that I got into showoff mode here with my new found wealth. Have you ever noticed how many friends you have when it's you buying? Same thing here! I was busy flashing plastic around and being everyone's best friend and on Thursday night drinks were 1/2 price and no one was carding and well, let's just say Ken and I had a few too many. OK, WAY too many!

As we stagger out of the bar and are zig zagging along the beach toward our car, Ken ducks behind a tree in order to liberate a bit of beer. I turn around to allow him some privacy and bump straight into the nice officer who had followed us out of the bar. Long story short, we are placed under arrest for public intoxication, under age drinking, and for Ken, public urination/indecency.

Now, I'm ready to either throw up or pee myself as I await the conversation that is about to ensue. The cop has the thing on speakerphone as....

"This is Sgt Harris from Ft Lauderdale PD. May I speak with Mr Szymancik please?"

"Only if you hold a seance. This is Mit Racikov, Dave's dad. Is he OK, sir?" Well at least dad seems to be keeping a sense of humor!

"He's here with a friend and under arrest for underage drinking and public intoxication. His friend has a few more charges pending but he or I will be speaking to his folks shortly."

"I see" he said. "Are they being held for arraignment or being released?"

Oh my God!! In my drunken stupidity, it never occurred to me that we might spend the night or more locked up in jail; I am gonna hurl! "Officer, I don't feel well!!" "Restroom's over there" he pointed. I ran!

The cop was still talking to dad when I game out of the restroom, so he asked me if I wanted to talk to dad. I took his offer. "Just come up to the glass, the phone will pick your voice up" he told me.

"Dad!! I'm so sorry about this! It's been awful. We've been printed, had mugs taken and everything." I don't know if it's because I was drunk or what, but I started getting all tearful; "Daddy, I'm scared; I don't want to be in jail, we were just out having some fun!"

"David, while you were out being sick there, Sgt Harris and I talked about this. I explained what WILL happen when you get home. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Dad." I shuddered as I knew beyond a doubt that a dozen of dad's VERY finest would ensue when I got home. That sobered me up right then and there!

"This is going to be thankfully chalked up to spring break stupidity as they see rather a lot of it there. Frankly, I would have thought you beyond this but I see I was wrong. The worst of your matter will be a fine as a summary offense. They are keeping you overnight because of your condition and you will be free in the morning. We'll talk then. Take care and tell Sgt Harris thank you as well. He's been more than good about this!"

Harris thanked Dad, saying, "There's a need for more parents like you. I'm glad you care enough to keep your son on the straight and narrow. Even the good ones stray off the path every now and again!"

Overnight in jail was the absolute pits!! I didn't sleep at all and was sick a couple more times. This was something I never, ever want to experience again! I told Dad that the next morning when we got back to our hotel.

Ken's folks were livid of course! The additional charges were dropped, so he ended up with a glorified ticket just like me. Neither one of us was looking forward to our return.

They (our parents) talked about making us return straight away but decided against that as the cost of changing tickets and the non-refund policy on the room made this cost prohibitive (YAY!!!). This meant I could postpone execution for a couple more days!
When I did get home however.....

Dad and I had a serious talk about what had happened and how much worse it could have been. I got the impression that he wasn't really all that angry with me as we had a very civil conversation. That is, until we got to the point where he asked, "You said you were headed to the car to go to your room, is that right?"

"Yeah dad." The penny dropped! "Oh God, Dad; I could have been busted for drunk driving!" I'd have been ruined. My sports scholarship specifically forbids any conviction of that sort. While 'affording' my education isn't an issue my continued PLAY sure would have been!!

"I'm happy to see your brain finally engaged on this, son. I hope this is the last time I have to strop you. For God's sake man, you're an adult; act it!!"

I was already in tears, and not about the physical pain. For me, that pain is cleansing; I'm in tears because I've disappointed the man in front of me; this man who has done so much for me and my family. I'll welcome the physical pain to cover this!"

12 absolute burners later, I'm in his arms. Funny, even at 20, his bear hug envelops me and dwarfs me almost as much as it did when I was 14 and being hugged like this. The more things change, the more they stay the same!


Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

Interesting story.


"Money, you've got lots of friends
Hangin' round your door.
When it's gone and spending ends
They don't come around no more..."

Great story. Sounds like Dave was a VERY lucky boy, strop notwithstanding.

Stone Man

Life goes round and round in circles... Fathers to sons, Fathers to Sons....

A good feeling story, sweet memories.


I'm curious if this is based on real life? Great story!


Super story, Dimitri! I love the real feel that all your stories have!


Kittykat wrote:I'm curious if this is based on real life? Great story!

Yes Ms Kitty, it was. That was the last time David and the strop had a 'conversation'. This happened last year; Kenny and he went on a package plan Spring Break trip just as the scenario was. I fielded the phone call from Sgt Harris at about 2:45 AM. This meant that the 2 of them darn near 'closed the bar'. I was being coy about him 'flashing plastc'. He killed the 800 on the debit card and when I got the Corporate Amex bill there was about the same amount charged to it!!

Needless to say, to have killed that much money in 10 days, they had one helluva good time. This was fine by me as I expected a certain amount of idiocy: it was spring break after all, but still!

The whole intake process really rattled him and of course when he got home, our chat was driven by 'what could you have done better?' I needed him to recognize that this behavior could have had long reaching consequences besides the sore rear of a little boy. Had he gotten to the car, the charge of 'underage drunk driving' would have voided his scholarship. The implications of that scared him far more than anything.

As you know, Dave's a great kid fine young man; he did, after all, call 911 and let everyone know what happened to me when he discovered me in November!


Great story - good lesson learned.


Not sure I can say 'good story' as it is fact rather than fiction, but I'll say it anyway. Smile

10 Re: Easter Parade 3/27/13 "Spring Break Follies" on Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:47 am


Ditto Ivor....

it was a good story but..... Sad at the same time knowing that it was Dave......

Thanks for sharring Dimitri
hugs kal


Editor Extraordinaire
I don't have much problem with the underage drinking, as I think our laws are absurd; but his intention of driving in that condition... affraid It's unfortunate that binge drinking is so much a part of college culture, especially during spring break. The boys were lucky, indeed, that things weren't worse. Very well told, Dimitri.



thx for sharing

13 Re: Easter Parade 3/27/13 "Spring Break Follies" on Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:31 am


Aw. Poor David!
He was having such a good time!
I am glad that they were prevented from a more dangerous mischief and that he had the loving support of his father. I love you

Thanks for sharing Dimitri



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