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Easter Parade 3/29/13 "Out Of The Pool And In To The Fire"

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David M. Katz

FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2013

By: John Boy

Yawn. I wake up and stretch. It is Easter! I wonder if the Easter Bunny left us any eggs to find! “Jason, wake up! It is Easter!”
He wakes up and gets out of bed. “Did the Easter Bunny come, Kevin?”
“I don’t know,” I tell him. “Let’s wake the others and see.”
“Okay, I will get Andy, Jake, Uncle Ryan, and Aunt Kathy.” Jason says.
“Okay!” I go to Sean and Sam’s room. I open the door and see Sam asleep on the floor, since he let Cousin Ryan sleep in his bed. “Wake up! It is Easter! Come on we--” Ooff! I get hit by three pillows that the big kids threw at me. “Hey! I’m telling Dad you threw pillows at me.”
“Just what do you think he will say about you coming into our room uninvited?” Sean responds. I stick out my tongue, because now they are up.
I go to Mommy and Daddy’s room and hop onto their bed. “Wake up! It’s Easter!”
“So does that mean you’re ready to get all dressed up for church?” Daddy asks as he tickles me.
“Daddy, that is later,” I giggle.
“Oh, so you want me to make breakfast?”
“No, Daddy, there is something else.”
“Alright, let’s go check on your brothers,” he replies. We hear noise downstairs. “Everyone is up already?”
“Well when Jason and Kevin go and wake everyone up like Paul Revere...” Cousin Ryan gripes. Aunt Kathy rubs my head, and Uncle Ryan laughs.
“Okay boys, the Easter Bunny left instructions for the eggs he hid,” Daddy says. “Each of you has five eggs to find. Jason, you are looking for eggs that are both red and blue. Kevin, you are looking for yellow and green. Jake, yours are all green. Andy, yours are all yellow. Sean, yours are all red, and Sam, yours are all blue. Ryan, yours are blue and green. He also mentioned that there is to be no running in the house.”
Mommy goes, “Ready, Set, GO!”
We start searching for our eggs. We decide to work together to find all of them. Jason found most of them, because he can crawl under stuff to find them. Ryan isn’t good at finding eggs, I have to find all of them for him. We open the eggs after we find them. Inside some are jellybeans or marshmallow bunnies. We each got a quarter in one of them. Ryan is lucky; since he is older, he got a whole dollar.
We eat scrambled eggs with cheese and French toast for breakfast. I sit down next to Ryan. “Did you know this is the best Easter ever?” He looks at me. “We got to hunt for eggs at the Talbots yesterday and look for more this morning, and then get to go swimming and look for even more after church.”
“Okay boys, it is time to get ready,” Daddy says. We put our dishes in the sink, and hurry upstairs to change. Mommy has to help me a little, but I do most of it myself.
After church, we have brunch with the Talbots and Golds, at the Talbot’s restaurant. While we are eating, Sam asks why Jay is still in his nice clothes.
“We brought our swimsuits, and have play clothes to change into after we get done swimming,” Jay tells him.
We drive to the rec center, change, and go and listen to a lifeguard tell us the rules for the egg hunt.
“You will be divided into different age categories. Every child will be given a mesh bag for the eggs they find. Each age group will be given ten minutes to collect as many eggs as you can. Some of the eggs float and some will be at the bottom of the pool. Inside the eggs is a number. The numbers match the prize tables, and you trade that egg for a prize. You need to follow the pool rules: no running around the pool, and no rough play in the water. There a plenty of eggs for everyone, so no fighting over them.”
We watch the really little kids, with help from their parents, go first. After they are done, it is the grade school group's turn. I like swimming, but I don’t like going under the water much, so Sam gets some of the ones on the bottom and shares them with me.
After our time is up, we open our eggs. There are cool little toys and candy in mine. I also get to pick out a new stuffed panda. Sam and Jay win gift cards to Toys R Us, but promise to share. Artie and Ian win Wal-Mart cards. Jake, Andy, Greggie, and Jason get lots of candy and small toys also. Greggie also gets to choose a stuffed animal, but since he has two special ones, he lets Ricky choose instead. Now he has Pumpkin and a stuffed bunny. Sean wins candy and a stuffy, but I talk him into letting Ian pick out a panda like mine.
Ryan’s eyes get really big when he sees that an iTunes card is one of the prizes. Trevor’s eyes get big also. They start talking to each other, probably planning on how to find the right eggs. We put on t-shirts and cheer at the edge of the pool. Ryan, Tommy, and Trevor search for eggs in the next group. Tommy is finding a lot, but Trevor and Ryan seem to looking for specific eggs. I watch as a boy, about Ryan’s age, reaches for a bright blue one…
“Hey!” he shouts. “They pulled my trunks down!” The lifeguard blow his whistle, and Ryan, Trevor, and the kid swim to the edge by him.
“We didn’t mean too…”
“I was swimming by and was reaching for the egg… They both pulled at the same time!”
“Alright you two, out of the water, both of you are disqualified.”
“Make them give me my trunks first!” Trevor hands them to him.
“All right, we need to talk to your parents,” the lifeguard says. Uh oh, Daddy, Uncle Ryan, and Mr. T are coming over. They look mad!
“What seems to be the problem?” Mr. T asks.
“Are these boys with you?”
“Yes,” all three grownups respond.
“They have been disqualified for pantsing another participant. All their eggs will be put back, and they are done swimming for the day.”
“It was an accident!”
“We swear!”
“Well, it is possible we could let you try again with the older kids…”
“Thank you, but we’ll see about that,” Mr. Talbot says. He lifts Trevor out of the water and starts walking towards the exit.
“May we join you?” Uncle Ryan asks. Mr. T nods his head.
“This isn’t fair, Dad!” Trevor says. “We didn’t mean to pants him. We only wanted to slow him---”
“Please tell me you forgot the brush?” Cousin Ryan asks.
“I may have left it at your uncle’s,” Uncle Ryan replies, “but I am sure I can get your attention some other way.”
They leave and I go stand closer to Sam. “You don’t think he will get the belt do you?” Sam asks.
“Daddy wouldn’t use a belt on Trevor,” Jay says.
“Yes, but Cousin Ryan is older, and Uncle Ryan looked really mad,” Sam worries.
“Well, there is only one way to be sure,” Jay responds. “Come on. We have to be very quiet though.”
We all promise to keep quiet. We sneak out the door, hide behind some cars, and then run and hide behind some bushes. We hurry behind some more cars. Mr. T always parks his big van at the back of the parking lot.
Smack! “Owie!” We are still three cars away and can hear Trevor getting his spanking.
"See? Daddy is just using his hand," Jay whispers.
As we get closer, we hear SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! “OW!!” I feel sorry that Cousin Ryan is getting spanked, but I am glad he isn’t getting the belt.
Smack, Smack! “Ow, I’m sorry Daddy!” SMACK! “OUCH!” It sounds like Mr. T is finishing Trevor.
SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! “OW!” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, “Ow, I’m Sorry!” Cousin Ryan got an extra-long spanking from his Dad. SMACK! “Ouch! Dad, I’m Sorry!” Then, it is quiet.
Jay pulls us to the back of the van, and we peer around and watch as Ryan, Trevor and their daddies go back towards the pools. Ryan and Trevor are rubbing their butts very fast. After they go back inside, we carefully follow as well.
The lifeguard is nice; he lets Ryan and Trevor hunt with the older kids' group. This time, no one is pantsed. They don't get an iTunes card though. They win some nice stuff, and a gift card to a local sports store.
After everyone is done, we go into the locker room to change. Trevor’s butt is pink, but Ryan’s is still very red. He gets dressed quickly and waits for us outside. Greggie and I are the last to change, but Ricky and Jason wait for us.
We are walking outside and see a cage. “Easter Bunny!” We all get close and look at it.
“He is, for this week,” a worker says.
“That looks like the Easter Bunny we saw earlier,” Greggie says.
“You boys saw a bunny like this?” the worker asks. Greggie, Ricky, Jason and me nod our heads yes.
“We saw him several times. He looked just like this,” I say.
“So there was a bunny...” Sean looks at us. I stick my tongue out at him.
“Boys, I think you saw this bunny. We keep him here at the rec center, so kids can see and pet him. He somehow got out, and we were worried we lost him forever, but he was here this morning.”
“We saw him a couple of times…”
“We are glad he made it home safe…”
“And that we didn’t trap him…” The worker gives us a funny look.
“No one believed us, so we wanted to catch him and show them.”
“We are sorry we didn’t believe you guys,” Jay tells us. The other kids nod their heads in agreement.
“Come on guys,” Brady orders us. “Say bye to the bunny, and let’s go home.”
“Bye, Easter Bunny,” Ricky, Greggie, Jason, and I say. The bunny winks at us.
“Did you see that?”
“See what?”
“The Easter Bunny…”
“He winked at us!”
“Don’t be silly…”
Sigh, here we go again.

I saw him winking too!

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

Enjoy everyone. cheers


As, this was nice. Kids just doing kid stuff. Pure innocence.


I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the Easter stories. Great work everyone.

Stone Man

And I did enjoy it.


Great story, JB!

I really enjoyed writing for the Easter Parade again.

Many thanks to Katz for taking this on.


Very Happy AWSOME story JB and still very cute!!!

Thanks to all who have done the easter parade, It's been so much fun reading them.......BIG HUGS to Y'all

hugs kal


I just hope, Jay and the other kids will be able to keep his sweet innocence for a wile. Good work. Thanks.


Aw. Hugs JB, this is a great story!

The bunny was real! albino



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