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BOTD 04-13-13 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? A DMK Production - Ivor Pic

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A DMK Production
Picture Provided by ivor

Your thirteen year old son, Ethan, has his first girlfriend. Today he left to go visit her at her house. You reminded Ethan to be home at 4:00 PM as the family had plans for the evening. Ethan assures you he will be home by 4:00.

Ethan is not home by 4:00. At 4:15, you call his cell and there is no answer. By 4:30 you call his girlfriend's house and there is no answer. Finally at 5:00 you are frantic and decide to go looking for your son. There is no one at his girlfriend's house. You drive around in some of the areas Ethan normally hangs out in and luckily you see him sitting on a curb. It is now 5:30.

Ethan - 13
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You are relieved and you stop the car next to Ethan. He sees you and gets up and gets in the car. Ethan looks as though he has been crying.

He explains that he got to his girlfriend's house and she informed him that she was breaking up with him because she met a new boyfriend. He said he just needed time to think so he has just been walking around. He says he had no idea that it was so late. (No, he doesn't have a watch.) You ask about his phone and he says he left his now former girlfriend's house quickly and forgot it there. He said he went back to get it but they were not home.

What happens to Ethan?

Can you dig it?

John Boy

Nothing he gets lots of hugs. Break ups can be hard, he gets a pass this time.


Ditto JB


Same, JB/AF


AWWW......ditto JB for sure

hugs kal


Editor Extraordinaire
Count me in, also.



I'll join the club.


Room for one more?


Poor lad. Still If your going to start at 13 this will happen. Not sure what the plans were but I need to get him home and changed. It is good we have something to take his mind off this setback. Moping won't help. We are here if he wants to talk


Wow, my little guy is probably having the proverbial worst day ever!

Men-we've all been there so I certainly remember how this feels.

No punishment I could dole out would make an impression just now so it's hugs, lots of support and I'll retrieve his phone for him should he not want to face the new ex.

Life's lessons can be tougher than dear ol' dad.

David M. Katz

I too shall join in with this crowd of softies. Razz

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


When we get home, Ethan is going to endure a quick pat down. If he actually doesn't have his phone, he's getting a pass. After assuring myself of that, he's going to have to endure a lecture, both about the importance of keeping track of time and of keeping track of his possessions.

That can wait for now, though.

For now, I'm going to ask him if he wants to talk about it, if he wants to listen to me talk about my teenage years, if he wants to be alone, or if he'd just like to hang with the old man for a while.

First love is hard all the way around, and he just needs some time and understanding.

Stone Man

I hope the family's evening plans are easily put off to another day, but having no info on the rest of the family I can imagine that I may be running interference for Ethan if they lack understanding.

It's now time to be there for him, hugs, no lecture until he's recovered some or wishes to go off again.

My apologies, but this rolled into my head and as we aren't discussing a real person (I hope) I felt it OK to be frivolous.

Twisted Evil As a spanking could have been given for his being late and AWOLUKWHI, a song popped into my head: "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair!"

I changed the words "wash to spank"; "man to girl"; "my to his"; and "hair to butt" and quickly discovered that it didn't transfer well. What a Face


Now that was good!! Razz

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