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BOTD 4/16/13 "Harry's Half Birthday" A Squarecutter Prod.

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David M. Katz

A Squarecutter Production

This is Harry. Today he is 6 and a half exactly. This fact, to Harry's annoyance, has passed the rest of the family by completely and brought about an almighty strop at breakfast time.
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Well today is the day your baby daughter got christened. Harry looks happy enough now that he is stuffed with sandwiches and icecream cake and enough soda to sink a battle fleet but earlier, oh my!

Both the family cars had to be taken today, one with your spouse, her aging mother and the baby. The other came later, quite a lot later with just you and Harry. At the point when he was supposed to be being dressed for his sister's big day he disappeared to the local playground down the road. You warned him after the last time he'd be spanked if he did that again. You found an unhappy boy sitting on a swing when you got there.

So what happened before this happy picture was taken?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


It depends on how long ago the "last time" was. 6 1/2 year olds do not have long memories.

It sounds like Harry is having his own issues with being an older sibling. Unless the directions about going to the local playground were both very recent and very clear, I'm not going to spank him. In little kid think, that would be yet another reason for him to "hate" his new sibling.

Pushover me would more likely have a talk about the wonders and responsibilities of being a big brother.

John Boy

He gets spanked plain and simple.


I'm in Doc's camp for this one.

It's amazing (or at least it was for me) how short an attention span Jeff had and he was 8 when we met. That being said, unless we were quite recent on the warning about the playground he gets a pass on this. As to the other matter (the almighty stroppines at breakfast)...he may be a bit fidgety in his pew from the series of stingoors I gave him; just hard enough to remind him not to be bratty.

After the Christening celebration I'll make sure he can open a 1/2 year birthday present and let him have some attention too.

Stone Man

How comfortably Harry will be sitting at the christening depends a lot on what and when Harry was told.

If he was told to get dressed/be dressed at/by a certain time, and he skulked off because he wasn't the center of attention on this important day for his sister (even though she will have no recollection of it) then Harry will be on the receiving end of enough sharp swats to at least feel he was spanked before I get him dressed.

We can walk hand in hand back to the house and talk as we go, but Harry has been told/warned/punished enough times to know that wandering off is not allowed.

I understand the importance of being six and a half, which is almost seven for Pete's sake, and his feelings of being sidelined with all the attention his little sister receives and needs to receive.

I will try to enlist his help with his sister more often, and stress how important it is to have a good big brother in his sister's life.

I also need to make some special time for Harry so that he remembers that he is my number one son.


I'll pick up Doc's prescription today.


I'm not sure how Harry figured out it was his six and a halfth birthday, since I couldn't even remember mine at that age, but I am sure that he's jealous of all the attention the baby is getting, which is a mistake many parents seem to make.

I have no idea what's involved in christening an infant (hopefully we use a light bottle of champagne, but I'd still be nervous about breaking it over her head), but, since we're already having to take separate cars, I'm going to take as much time as I can with Harry.

I'm sure that 'don't go to the playground by yourself' is something he's regularly reminded of, as it would be part of his regular boundary reminders, so he is going to get spanked. However, I'm also going to spend plenty of time reminding him that he is my first born and my son, and he has a special place in my heart and always will. I'll then give him a birthday spanking, and remind him that's how it goes for good boys, before baring his bottom and reminding him what happens to good boys who break the rules.


Never mind his sisters christening. Even if he is NEARLY 7 he is not to disappear up the park without telling anyone and if Harry is getting spanked it is for that and he knows it. It will be a short hand spanking to remind him of the family rule and then I will tell him I know he feels a bit forgotten. New babies do that at times. I want him to be a good BIG brother for his sister and thank his lucky stars he's not getting all the kisses from bearded great aunts and the like. I expect there are some left over presents and I will hint but not promise that if he behaves for the rest of the day there might be a nice surprise for him. I think some Daddy/son time when things are more settled down won't go amiss.

Its funny Jack. I think at 6 I was aware of these things and its the age when you include that addition of halves and quarters when you get asked your age but as most of you have judged it is very much a 'what about me' reaction from the little princeling

A poem from my childhood

when I was one, I'd hardly begun
When I was two I was nearly new
When I was three I was hardly me
When I was four I wasn't much more
When I was five I was barely alive
But now I'm six I'm as clever as clever and
I think I'll stay six for ever and ever
(A A Milne)


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier.

I think that for a child that age to know it's his 6-1/2 birthday, someone would have had to tell him; and for a child, telling is equivalent to promising he will have a celebration. Perhaps someone thought it would be clever to tell him his half-birthday coincides with the baby's christening.



Kat wrote:I'm with Kier.

I think that for a child that age to know it's his 6-1/2 birthday, someone would have had to tell him; and for a child, telling is equivalent to promising he will have a celebration. Perhaps someone thought it would be clever to tell him his half-birthday coincides with the baby's christening.


Possibly so


I don't know, my kids were pretty smart at six. They might have covered it in school or something. Either way, at six he knows better. He's going to get a mild spanking, I won't even bare him just a few swats so he remembers. Then a long cuddle and a reminder that no matter how many babies there are, he is always going to be my first born, and holds a special place in my heart that NO ONE can fill but him.

Afterwards, we're going to the Christening and at the after party we'll have a special cake just for him that I'll pick up at the store on the way back.


He will be getting a light spanking, and some ice cream! We have to celebrate his 1/2 B-Day after all!

Emlyn Morgan

I was six-and-a-half once. It must have been 1952. Around the time Princess Elizabeth became Queen.

I remember being given commemorative things for the coronation the following year: an autograph book, a china mug and a medal.

I remember when Bransom was all fields.

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