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BOTD 4/30/13 "Peter The Painter" A Leti and DMK Prod.

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David M. Katz

A Leti and DMK Collaborative Production

Your ten year old son, Peter, is a great kid but he tends to be very playful and gets dirty easily. That is typically OK but today you are hosting a birthday party for your mother. The entire house has been thoroughly cleaned and decorated for the party. You waited until the last possible moment to get Peter and his little brother cleaned and dressed.

Peter then announces to you, "I'm gonna make Grandma a present!" The statement only half resonates with you as you have your mind on last minute details for the party. Your mother and guests are due to arrive within the half hour. You tell Peter, "That's nice, Honey, she will love it." Peter goes on off to his room. In short order you hear your younger son, Peter's little three year old brother, laughing and cackling from Peter's room. You go to check and find Peter like this:

PETER - 10
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In addition to Peter's condition, you see your three year old son is also covered in paint. Both boys are beaming and show you poster boards with "pictures" on them. Peter announces, "We painted pictures for Grandma's birthday! Phillip made one too and so did Bouncer!"

In announcing the name of your new puppy, Peter holds up another poster covered in colorful dog footprints. "I just painted his feet and let him walk around on it." Your eyes then meet a trail of colorful paw prints on the floor as Bouncer has scampered on off to the rest of the house.

Your mother and guests are due any minute. You have a painted puppy running free in the house. You have two sons who are no longer resembling anything clean and Peter's floor is a painted mess along with anything that Peter or Phillip have touched. However, your mother now has three very cute pieces of art as a birthday gift.

A few things to note: Your mother adores her grandsons and is not a stuck-up snooty type. She is fun loving herself and will cherish the art work. The paint will wash off of kids (and puppies) but often leaves stains on fabrics and soft surfaces. Peter is very proud of his, Phillip's and Bouncer's accomplishments. You and your spouse have worked all morning to get and keep the house and the boys (and the dog) clean. You want this to be a perfect and memorable day for your mother.

The door bell rings!

What is going to happen now?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


At 10, Peter is a little old for this sort of behavior. But given the scenario, particularly with respect to the description of grandmother's demeanor and how much she will cherish the artwork, I'm reminded of an argument I once had with my ex-spouse. She complained about yellow spots on the grass, and scuff marks around the swing set. My response: "Do you want to raise dogs and kids, or do you want to raise grass?" One of the very rare arguments in which I prevailed.

So long as no real damage is done, I'm going to answer the door, tell my mother that Peter et al have just finished a last minute impromptu art project for her gift, and ask her to make herself at home while I get the troops cleaned up.

While I'm cleaning him up, we'll talk about how he's too old to be this inconsiderate, perhaps punctuated with a stingoor or two, but his heart was in the right place, no real harm was done, and I suspect grandma will find this far more memorable than a formal birthday party. I know I would. I don't have the heart to ruin her special day for either of them with a real spanking.


Both kids are going under the shower as fast as possible.Stingers may be necessary to accomplish all this quickly enough. I am sure the guests will understand a few paint splotches The puppy has a date with the hose and probably first. Peter can find clean clothes while one of us dresses the little one. Of course if Granny is at the door the other can play gracious host. the boys can greet her first then get washed but may be not the puppy! If there is any time we can apply some carpet shampoo before Grannys friends arrive

Did I tell the boys not to get dirty? I cannot really punish them as I'm not exactly sure they did anything wrong and their hearts were certainly in the right place and we did nothing to stop them doing what they did. Glad Granny has a sense of humour. Hopefully we will be able to laugh about this later


This is the reason I only buy old thrift store clothes for kids!

So I will catch the dog and have the kids clean up the paw prints!



1.- Take a picture for future blackmail.
2- Add a bow and ask grandma to take them home with her, as her present...

No really. Catch the puppy and place him where he can be cleaned later.
Attend the door. Get the boys cleaned.

It's something to remember and laugh later.




Shocked after the shock wears off Im going to have the boys go to the bathroom and get into a bath, while I hurry up and get the dog,answer the door and explain....

I dont think I could punish as this is one of those truely priceless moments and it was really done with a good thought for grandma ...along with why would I even let my kids have paint in their private rooms... thats more my fault as a parent than thiers no punishment

hugs kal

David M. Katz

I will let Bouncer out in the back yard until I can clean him.

I will send Peter to take a quick shower and get another change of clothes and I will ask my Mom to help me with getting Phillip clean while I tidy up what I can.

This will definitely be a memorable birthday for my mother - I bet probably one of her best. We will look back on this and laugh later and my mother will most like keep her homemade presents forever.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Another one of those antics that one day I'll look back and laugh. Unfortunately today isn't that day!

Sigh, kids Shocked !

Thankfully mom isn't going to be bothered, so I'll let her in and let her see her little grand-darlings in this state. While they are exchanging hello's and the paintings I'll trap the dog which is really the only thing I do have an issue with. The kids can get cleaned up and they can clean the dog/the mess he made and then we'll enjoy our visit.

John Boy

At ten Peter should know better. Sadly the last thing I want is a teary eyed boy rubbing a sore rear. Hmmm.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Leti.



I too am with the ladies

Stone Man

"You want this to be a perfect and memorable day for your mother."

And it will be. I hope she shares a story with the boys about something done by their mother, as a kid.

If the paint is dry, leave the boys as they are and clean 'em off later. Put the puppy in the yard. Relax and try to think like a doting grandparent.

I wish I had been more able to do this as a parent, but alas I rarely was.

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