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BOTD 05-12-13 The Adv or Brooks & Marcus: Business is Booming - DMK Recurring Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Recurring Character Production

Your son, Marcus, is fourteen. His best friend, Brooks, is thirteen. The boys have been friends for years. Brooks is staying with you and your family for two weeks as his parents had an emergency out of town. Brooks parents have punishment permission, including spanking, for Marcus and you have the same for Brooks.

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Marcus had a check-up at the doctor Monday morning - all is well. Marcus asked for a "doctor's note" since he would be late arriving at school. The nurse took out a large pad of pre-printed school notes and filled in the name and dates and times and signed the form and gave it to Marcus. She got called away quickly and left the entire pad of notes sitting on the counter. Marcus saw an opportunity and placed the pad in his pocket and left.

He showed his pad of notes to Brooks and the boys were in business. Brooks and Marcus put the word on the grapevine. They were offering "real excuse notes" for five dollars a piece to any student who had skipped school, come in tardy or wanted to leave early. They made twenty dollars the first day. The student would skip and come see Brooks or Marcus. Brooks or Marcus would fill in the appropriate blanks with the needed dates and times and names and then forge the signature. In two days the business was booming and school attendance was being affected. The attendance officer at the school started studying the notes and realized they were all from the same doctor. The attendance officer called the doctor in question. The officer was told that most of the names they were given were not even patients in the office. Students were questioned and Brooks and Marcus were quickly implicated. Students giving the false notes were all given the choice of two licks or two days suspension. Some took licks and some took suspension but all had to deal with unhappy parents.

Brooks and Marcus are called in and they come clean on the scheme. They made almost $200 by selling excuses. The principal requires them to return the money. Brooks and Marcus are each given 4 licks (The school's max) and are suspended five days pending a review by the Board of Education. The Board could opt to expel both boys. The boys could also face theft and forgery charges if the doctor decides to push the matter.

Brooks and Marcus are in deep and they are very scared.

You are called to the school to collect your son and his friend. (Brooks' parents did file proper authorizations with the school for you to be responsible for Brooks.)

What happens now?

Can you dig it?


What a wonderful world we live in. One where little kids doing little kid things are held accountable as adults.

What should happen is that both boys get spanked after a discussion. Sufficiently that they don't want a repeat.

What is LIKELY to happen in our insane "modern enlightened society" is the boys will be charged with theft, forgery, "practicing medicine without a license" and whatever letter of the law idiocy the persecuting (sic--intentionally) attorney's office can come up with. The boys get expelled, Brooks dad and I go bankrupt from paying legal fees, and both boys end up with records and some sort of plea bargain, since the system that wants to "hold them accountable" doesn't want to PAY FOR keeping them while holding them (thank God).

Even a whipping (as opposed to a whuppin) would be WAY preferable to that, but that's just "so uncivilized". Hitting them would be SO medieval. Far better to destroy their entire lives. Bah.


So very true Doc!

Hopefully, this is a private school that hasn't completely lost its mind, and I won't have to deal with the aforementioned non-sense. BTW, this is why I send the kids to a private school in R/L; I honestly believe the modern public schools are child abuse!! I wouldn't send a dog to ours.

As to our young free marketers, this kind of trouble at school will definitely earn trouble at home. Those 4 licks they got was just the appetizer; the main course is going to be very filling! affraid

David M. Katz

I will apprise Brooks' parents of the situation and then both boys will get the whipping of their lives.

Hopefully I can speak with the principal and the clinic involved and put the matter to rest. While suspended the boys will have lots of nasty chores to work on.

However, because Kier speaks the truth, a call to my attorney would be a good idea.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

It was theft of the pad so Marcus could be cutting a switch,Brooks I think would determine if he feels that he should take licks from me as well. scratch Or maybe they are on lockdown during the suspension.


JB has highlighted an important point. While the pair may have gone into business together it was Marcus who made that possible by stealing the pad and I suspect suggesting the scam.

Marcus' licking will thus be much worse than Brooks' - once they've recovered from their paddling at school


The school had its say and I cannot disagree with their actions. This probably is a step or two short of expulsion. I think I will ring Brooks's parents as it is sufficiently serious for them to need to know and for us to agree on the punishment. I think that if we are sure that no further action will be taken and if Brooks is to be dealt with by me he will receive 9 with a switch delivered like a school caning over the back of the chair pants down. Marcus will receive 12, the same way, to take account of the theft from the hospital as well. Marcus will write a proper letter of apology to the Doctor for the theft of the pad and the way it was used. The suspension will not be a holiday. They will finish up any schoolwork they have and do yard work. Use of electronics other than for school work and tv will only be allowed in the evenings and they can forget about their social lives during the period.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think any question of theft and forgery charges would be a question for the doctor rather than the school. I doubt they would press for a prosecution, considering it was the carelessness of the nurse that made the theft possible. I hope they are less careless with the prescription pad. Shocked I'm not sure what the forgery laws are, but I think forgery requires proof of an intent to defraud; if that is true, even the most ambitious and soulless of prosecutors will have trouble making a case against a bunch of 14 year olds.

What concerns me is the possibility of expulsion, and I can understand why the school would consider it. The school is legally responsible for its students, which is to ensure their safety as well as protect the public from truant delinquents. A scheme such as this one, innocent on the surface, has encouraged truancy and made the school's task much more difficult for a time. It's good that someone was alert enough to notice and investigate the sudden influx of excuses from the same doctor's office. I imagine the suspension will end the matter, though. Expelling kids is not as easy as one might think. The boys are lucky there seems to be no question of an alternative campus, which they certainly would not like.

The school has already administered corporal punishment for selling the notes. Aside from making the suspension a time of extra hard work, I won't add to that. For the theft of the notes, my young criminal is going to get a good dose of the belt.



First, see what happens before the Board of Education. If you can contact the Board members privately as a constituent (they are elected officials), do so and try to assure them that (1) you are not defending their actions, (2) you think this was a stupid lark and not criminal intent, and (3) you are willing to make certain they don't pull this again. Say this anyway, if it comes to a formal proceeding. You want to avoid a permanent (and I do mean permanent) stain on their record and maybe criminal proceedings.

There is such a thing as "restorative justice" as an alternative to expulsion and you may want to research that, offer to help set it up for the district if it's not heard of in those parts.

And tell the boys that if they appear before the Board, or the district superintendent, humble pie is on the menu and they're going to eat it, every crumb.

If your efforts can limit the official damage to suspension time served and maybe some form of school parole, then you can consider taking them on an epic trip to the woodshed (check with Brooks' parents first). You may find, after this scare and your efforts, they'd be more receptive. This'll be their last chance. pale


Both boys are in for a long and hard session with the brush. Hopefully the school uses some common sense and the matter gets closed quickly.


Okay, I'm sure I'm giving a knee jerk reaction, because these are 'my' boys, but I have trouble with the idea of the boys who are abetting a crime being punished more harshly than the boys who committed the crime.

As far as I'm concerned, the school has no right whatsoever to deal with the theft or forgery issue, so the principal is going to have to work hard to convince me not to go nuclear on him.

Having said that, I think Marcus and Brooks are 'home free' for at least a bit. They've both had a good paddling, and they're both scared as hell. Actually, since Marcus started this, he's probably getting what we'd consider a fairly standard spanking for getting the ball rolling. After that, I'm going to take a break to let things (including my emotions) stabilize before deciding on anything else.

The first step is to contact the doctor and let the two idiots plead for forgiveness.


Kat wrote:Expelling kids is not as easy as one might think. The boys are lucky there seems to be no question of an alternative campus, which they certainly would not like.

My understanding (for Bransom ISD, at least) is that any child who is under consideration of expulsion, but who is not suspended, is automatically sent to the Alternate Education Campus. And I'm sure you're right about them not liking it.

If this was actually happening to two of my boys, I'd probably have them withdrawn and enrolled at BCA so fast their heads would be spinning (and then they would be getting the aforementioned switch).

Stone Man

I'm going to apprise Brook's parents of what is going on with the boys and ask for their input.

Both boys would be in for a sound stropping if I have my way, with Marcus getting slightly more than Brooks as his taking the pad started this all off.

Hopefully the doctor will be understanding. If he can come up with chores that the boys can do for him I'd be receptive.

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