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BOTD Extra - 17 May 2013: Blake's Asking For It

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Blake has been a regular fixture at your house for almost a year now. You've actually known him for more than four and a half years, since your high school sophomore son, Noah, moved in with you. Recently, Blake even lived with you for a while, when he was having trouble with his mother. You have explicit permission to use corporal punishment with his little brothers, and more general permission to deal with Blake, 'like you would your own boys' (which doesn't include the fact that you still have paperwork making you his temporary guardian, from when he lived with you).

While you've used CP with Blake a couple of times, he tries hard to behave, so you don't have to use it too often.

Blake (15) risking his life by reclining on Noah's (16) car.
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Blake is not only best friend with Noah and a small group of other football players, but he's also close with Johnny, who's the same age as Blake.

With finals coming up in less than two weeks, and with it coming down to the wire on time limits for major projects to be turned in in several classes, your upstairs has been a mess of high school boys recently. Mostly they're all doing pretty good about staying focused and getting the work done without too much noise and disruption, but you do have to get them back in line from time to time.

Last night seemed to be a hard night for Blake. You had to talk to him several times, even though most of the boys settled down after the first warning. After calling Blake down for several things (all of which you're sure he knew not to do), you took him aside and talked to him. He assured you there were no problems at home or school, and that there wasn't anything wrong with him. You suggested that maybe he was tired and offered to take him home a bit early. When he turned you down for that, you let him know that he was out of warnings. One more straw, you informed him, was going to bust the camel's butt.

He promised you he'd settle down and behave.

Fifteen minutes later, you were dragging him into your office.

Blake was begging for another chance that you didn't intend to give. You did try to talk to him again, but he still insisted he wasn't tired or sick, nor was he having troubles with anyone.

If it had just been Blake, especially if he was still living with you, you would probably have sent him to bed a bit early, after a hot bath and a back rub. As it is, with him refusing to talk, and with the other boys knowing what had been happening, you felt required to make your point.

You fetched the medium Lexan, trying to decide if you should give two swats or three. You were definitely intending to let him keep his undershorts on. The thing is, when you told him to drop his basketball shorts, he didn't do it. It's not that he refused, he just continued to whine, begging and pleading for one more chance.

When he continued to not mind you, you put the paddle down, and pulled the straight backed, wooden chair from your desk, turning it. You pulled him over to the chair, sat, and had Blake lift his shirt. He lifted it about an inch, but when you moved it to his pecs, he kept it there.

Blake didn't resist as you removed his basketball shorts, then the compression shorts he was wearing as underpants. When you patted his leg, he lifted his foot for you to remove them. He did not go over your lap when you told him, though he did allow you to guide him across with no resistance.

Blake is very fair skinned, almost closer to vanilla than peaches and cream (though there is enough peach fuzz there to make you look twice). He's also very active, and competes in football and track. You worked his bottom and upper legs until they were rosy. By then, your right hand was sore enough you switched to the left to give it a rest, before you went back to the right to finish up. Before you finished, he was squirming just a bit, and you heard the occasional, quiet yelp, and what might have been a sob or two.

When you let Blake up, his face was nearly as red as his bottom. His eyes were watery, though he wasn't really crying. His chin was quivering. He was also suddenly feeling shy, and had his t-shirt pulled down to hide Mr. Happy. He was holding the hem of the shirt with his hands, and they were wringing it.

Blake started apologizing to you, and he seemed very sincere. After a moment, you realized he wasn't looking at you, but over your shoulder, where you'd laid the paddle.

Finally he asked if he still had to get the paddle swats.

What do you tell him?

David M. Katz

I think the point is made and the punishment was sufficient. We will skip the paddle this time. Blake's attitude and level of acceptance will ultimately determine what happens next but I am willing to wager he is contrite and has had all the punishment he needed.

As a side note, my oldest son says the most memorable spanking I ever gave him was when he was 15 and I used only my hand on him.

Sometimes when "big boys" act like "little boys" the most effective way to deal with it is to treat them like "little boys."

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I agree with DMK.

The presence of Mr. Happy doesn't mean Blake enjoyed the spanking, and the question about the paddle can't be interpreted as "Please, sir, I want some more."

It appears the punishment was sufficient, and I don't really see a reason to use the paddle too.

John Boy

I seem to agree, unless he still thinks he deserves some swats. Twisted Evil


What do you tell him?:




AFinch wrote:The presence of Mr. Happy doesn't mean Blake enjoyed the spanking...

Just for clarification, that statement wasn't meant to suggest that Blake might have enjoyed the spanking, or even that he was tumescent. Rather, it was simply to point out that he was feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable.


Short answer: not this time.

As for Mr. Happy, he would stand at attention on any occasion at this boy's age. You could have read the telephone book aloud and Mr. Happy would be upstanding. No big deal.


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with the others. There is no need to add swats to the spanking. In a weird sort of way and absent any emotional turmoil, a spanking can be very relaxing.



ThoughI will ask if he deserves them I think I will hold back om swats whichever way he answers. It would give me somewhere to go to should Blake repeat this behaviour


Stevie is surprised that Blake apparently owns a Lada (Soviet made automobile) since he thought that they were never sold in the United States to his knowledge and all...

(They were sold in Canada for a while but only the owners who were very brave in heart actually tried to drive them into the U.S.) Shocked

Stevie Smile

Stone Man

No swats for Blake. I too have found that a bare backside, OTK hand spanking can be very effective on an older teenaged boy. A boy that age doesn't need to be made to cry for the punishment to work.

I'll save a more severe punishment (longer time not driving, and a real stropping or the like) for a next time should it come.


It looks like everyone will be glad to know that Blake did NOT receive any paddle swats after. On the other hand, he kind of thought he had them coming.

Like Squarecutter, I did ask Blake if he thought he had swats coming, and he did (think so). In this case, it was interesting because both of us were thinking the same thing - that I'd spanked him because he hadn't gotten ready for the paddle when I'd told him to.

The difference is that I thought I was spanking him as an alternate to the paddle, he thought I was spanking him for disobeying me about the paddle.

It's interesting, because Blake's closest friends (at least the ones I know - Noah, Johnny, Eli, and Denny) would have taken a paddling with some chagrin at their behavior, and a bit of trepidation at the result to their backside, but that would have been about it. Blake was obviously somewhere between embarrassed and humiliated after the spanking, though he probably took it a bit better than he would have taken the paddle swats (even though the spanking was more drawn out).

We talked about this a bit Friday night. He admitted to me that he'd lied about what happened when the other boys asked him and refused to let them 'inspect the damage (which was fun to know, because I wasn't aware they did that, though they might have just been teasing Blake with the idea). He wasn't embarrassed about them seeing his red rear (at least that was his claim), but was afraid they'd be able to tell it had been hand instead of paddle. When Denny pushed, Blake admits he told them he got three paddle swats on his boxers - three instead of two, which is more normal for that type of behavior, because he'd had several warnings.

He was actually letting me know about it, both because he was afraid I'd find out and he'd be in trouble for lying ('none of your business' wouldn't work in that situation, though it's the truth, so I consider that kind of answer similar to a white lie). He was also afraid I might let something slip, though I assured him that, while it's hard to keep the fact that CP occurred private around here, and sometimes sounds or after effects give away details, I only talk about them in very rare circumstances - and I still try to avoid too many details then.

After we got that straight, the rest of the weekend has gone great for us. I still think there was something bothering him, but it might simply be that he was too tense, overworked, and overtired. If so, hopefully jerking him up short will at least help him recognize the symptoms in the future.


Sorry to hear Blake earned himself this session. Like the others, I wouldn't have paddled him either and am glad that you didn't. I does sound like something's not quite right in his world though. Hope he can eventually open up and discuss it with you.

Or perhaps it is 'just' tension and overwork. As someone else pointed out; in the right circumstance this could be just what was needed for him to unwind and lock in.

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