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BOTD 05-19-13 - Randy's Reluctant Confession - A Kat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Randy’s Reluctant Confession
A Kat Production

Your 14-year-old nephew Randy is staying with you for a couple of weeks while his parents take a second honeymoon cruise. You enjoy Randy’s company and are happy to look after him. His parents have given you permission to discipline him in any way you see fit while he is with you. Though you know his dad still occasionally uses a Jokari paddle on Randy’s backside, you have never spanked him yourself.

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This evening Randy has seemed edgy as the two of you watch a movie. Finally he says he has to tell you something. You pause the movie and give him your attention. With a great deal of hesitation, he finally tells you that he stole ten dollars from your wallet. You are careless about money, so you didn’t notice it was gone. You are surprised, disappointed, somewhat shocked, a little hurt and a little confused. You ask him why he didn’t just ask if he needed money. He reluctantly tells you that you wouldn’t have approved of how he intended to spend it. The money went to buy a couple of bottles of beer from a friend, whose father is as careless of his beer as you are of your money. (He has already drunk the beer, which he says sucked.) As you sit there trying to decide what to do, Randy asks you pointblank if you are going to paddle him. Still thinking, you try to buy some time by telling him that despite everything, you’re proud of him for telling you the truth. He hangs his head before saying,

“I had to. Father Carlos said I had to.” (Randy’s family is Catholic and he goes to Sacred Heart Parochial School. The entire school went to confession today, which is why Randy is now confessing to you.)

What are you going to do? Does Randy get any credit for his confession?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
Bend over Randy!

Can you dig it?

John Boy

Yes bend over. I should make him cut a switch, but I will paddle him.


He gets credit for coming clean, even if he only did so after being threatened with Eternal Hellfire and Damnation by Father Carlos.

I'll paddle him, rather than switching him--which is what he ought to get as both stealing and underage drinking are illegal. I don't think he'll find much difference--he's going to cry himself to sleep.


It's not as if Randy confessed of his own accord, so I don't think he can realistically expect any concessions for that.

I am thus falling into line with Keir and maybe bud you'll be a little weiser in future.......


I'm joining the paddlers. It will be more effective than 3 hail marys but after creating a pool of tears I think Randy will feel better for it

David M. Katz

Even if the "confession" came under the terms that it did, it was still hard on Randy to do and, yes, I am pleased that he came clean.

Here is where the penalty and/or deterrent question comes to play. I feel Randy has learned his lesson and I do not feel he will repeat the behavior. However the theft and the underage drinking (outside of my presence and permission) must be addressed - there must be a penalty. However, Randy has shown the maturity to give input into that penalty. I think a mature discussion that might include the phrases "what would your parents do about this?" and /or "Randy, how do we address this?" is in order. Ultimately I am the adult in charge but, at his age and at his level of maturity, Randy can give input into the punishment. As long as Randy suggests something reasonable that "fits the crime" and considers the confession I am willing to go along with it. I am rather certain what Randy's input will be and I imagine the mid-level paddling I have in mind will seem easy to what he is expecting and will suggest.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Stone Man

I'm thanking Randy for his confession before I bare his butt and give him a long hard hand-spanking with a follow-up twelve (not swinging for the cheap seats) whacks with my strop.

I'm not about to hide my wallet, but will be keeping better track of how much is in it. Randy can do some extra chores (ones I hate doing) to work off the money he stole.

Wonder where he got the beer?

Pi Beta

Off with his footwear - it's needed to roast his backside.


I don't know anything about the Catholic angle, so I'm going to consider that a wash. I wish he'd came to me on his own, but he's still done something very hard.

The honest truth is that, unless I felt his parents were really against it, I would probably have been willing to buy a couple of beers so Randy could sample it.

With those things in mind, I think I'm going to ask Randy what he thinks should happen. I'm thinking that this is serious enough (the theft and the drinking) that a good, otk session with the hairbrush would be called for, or maybe even a mild switching.

What I am sure of is that he and I are going to figure this out now. It's serious enough I'll need to let his parents know, but I want them to know it's dealt with, and that I'm satisfied. If I think they'll still punish, I'll have to rethink some or all of the above.


Editor Extraordinaire
I do give Randy a little credit for his confession to me. After all, if he hadn't felt he'd done wrong, he wouldn't have confessed to Father Carlos. But credit doesn't mean he gets a free ride. I will use the Jokari paddle, as that is the punishment to which he is accustomed and that he seems to expect. I need to discuss with him how many swats he is due and how his dad used the paddle. The Jokari paddle may look innocent but it is fairly heavy and very solid. It needs to be used with some care. I think ten moderate swats on a bare backside will make a memorable punishment. If I can't get the Jokari paddle easily, I'll use my belt and he'll probably end up with 12-14 licks from it. I have mixed feelings about telling his parents. If he were my kid, I'd probably want to know; but I also feel that if I punish him, it is only fair to consider the matter closed.



And they say confession is good for the soul Razz ........

If that was the penance he received from Fr Carlos, so be it!! Now that his soul is out of danger we must deal with the danger he's placed his rear in!

We are going to have to talk first.

I'm letting him know that I'm disappointed that it took the Sacrements to make him be honest with me. He stole to do something he knew was wrong and thought that he'd get away with it. That's a lot of bad here! Hopefully he expresses his realization of this. I'll let him know that I'm glad the beers he bought "sucked" because I hope they are worth what this has bought him.

He's going to be sentenced to "the full dozen" as I call it. In our house that means 12 well laid on with the strop. My boys will tell you this is not for the faint of heart! As with all my kids though, if I think they've 'gotten the message' before all 12 have been laid I will suspend his sentence.

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