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BOTD 5/21/13 "Pajama Day" JB and DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A John Boy and DMK Collaborative Production

You bought your eight year old son, Harrison (Harry) some new pajamas. He fell in love with his new dinosaur jammies. He wears them all of the time. Today, Harry's school had pajama day and all of the kids were allowed to wear pajamas to school. Of course Harry was beside himself with joy to be able to wear his favorite pajamas to school.

Harrison - 8
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You have plans with the family to go out to eat tonight. The restaurant is a nicer family restaurant - not fine dining but definitely not McDonald's either.

Harry is home from school and is all excited about his day. You tell him he needs to change out of his pajamas so you all can go to dinner. Harry refuses. He says he wants to wear his pajamas. He says it is pajama day. He says he could wear pajamas to school and so he says he can wear them while you all go out.

Harry is starting to get upset and refuses to change.

Does Harry wear his dinosaur jammies to the restaurant or do you MAKE him change?

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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


He's EIGHT. It's pajama day at school.

I'm going to let him wear them, also letting him know it's a special occasion, and he can't ALWAYS wear them.

John Boy


I agree with Kier, but I will try to counter offer with his favorite dinosaur t-shirt instead. Also maybe a few stingeroos for starting to make a big deal about it.


He is eight; old enough to be reasoned with if done right.

I can appreciate that these are great PJ's and all, but he's had his fun at school in them all day.

I would have told Jeffy when he was 8 "Now, you can be a big boy and get dressed up all nice for dinner and when we get home, you can have a nice bath and get back into them and jump in bed!" and that would have worked with him. Hopefully this tactic will work here. If not, my direction really depends upon how "nice" the eatery is.

If the eatery is not so snotty, I'll let him wear them. If that truly is an impossibility, I like JB's idea of compromising with a dino shirt; I believe I could 'sell' that and we'll have a pleasant evening all around. If all else fails and we go into 'meltdown mode', then I'm afraid it's going to be a few swats to establish who's in charge here and we get changed and off to eat. If I have to do this, I really hope Harry will get over it enough to be good through the meal as it would be a shame to have to warm his rear again before bed! If Harry's my boy, he'll know what the score is, so I'm thinking he'll be good in order to preserve his rear!


Im with the this age I'm sure we could head it off and try to compromise if it is truly a place he can not wear them. If not then like Dimitri and Jb a couple stingers if he has a melt down and just wont see reason.

personly unless it was a Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven or up then I don't see it as a problem and he can wear them.... Very Happy

hugs kal


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll call the restaurant and ask if it is okay for Harry to wear his pajamas there. If the restaurant is cool with it, he can wear them. If not, then we can make an alteration in our plans and eat elsewhere. I see little prospect of a pleasant evening otherwise. I could insist he change, but an 8 year old does see the world differently from adults. I can see how he would find it confusing that the loosening of the dress code for school doesn't carry over into restaurants. I don't want to be the one to ruin what has been a special and pleasurable day for the little guy.


David M. Katz

I like the idea of offering a compromise. I will offer to let him keep the PJ top and change into his favorite jeans or shorts. Hopefully ,that will work.

If not, he is only eight and think he can get away with wearing his pj's to the restaurant. But, Kat has a good idea to call ahead and make sure.

Someone once said to choose your battles wisely. I don't choose to die on this hill.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Kat - you saved me a lot of typing! Smile


I am lacking in inspiration here but I think I strapped has it for me. 8 year olds can usually be jollied out of such a mood with the prospect of good food and also persuaded of how awful the alternative might be. A dino shirt sounds a great idea if he has one.


I'm either going to very calmly explain to Harry that because he gets to do something at school doesn't mean he gets to do it elsewhere, then why pajamas aren't appropriate for this restaurant, or I'm going to go talk to my spouse and accept the fact that 8-year old boys aren't especially concerned with other peoples opinions on style and fashion (how many of my boys have thought cowboy boots and shorts were a good combination?).


Jack wrote:
(how many of my boys have thought cowboy boots and shorts were a good combination?).

Razz thats too funny....your boy's are not the only ones. Hannah (my 7 year old) thinks that perfectly okay and just about wants to live in her' fact when they had PJ day at school she was wear her fav along with the cowboy boots.

hugs kal

Stone Man

Did I just spring this dinner on Harry, or has he known for a time that we wanted him in casual dress clothes? (Collared shirt, khaki shorts or pants, no jacket or tie, shoes not dirty sneakers, Etc.)

Is this a typical response from Harry or more of a "one-off"?

Does this family restaurant have any sort of dress code beyond no shirt, no shoes, no service?

If we sprung it on Harry, I'll check with the restaurant and see if PJ's for a nine year old are acceptable, and then decide how far I'm willing to push it.

If Harry has known of our casual dress code for some time, then he can change and be pleasant about it or change and get a sore bottom in the middle of changing.

I can even make a point for him needing to change out of the PJ's so they can be washed in time for him to wear them to bed tonight.

I'd rather reason then spank Twisted Evil but not always Twisted Evil and hope I can come up with suggestions that will keep his Mom and me happy and Harry with a normal bottom temperature.

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