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BOTD 05-26-13 Dakota's Day Off - A JTT Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Dakota's Day Off
A JTT Production

Dakota - 14
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This is Dakota and he is rather surprised to see you! It's a beautiful warm day in the middle of May so you decided to take off work a little early and go home and do a little bit of yard work. When you go out to the backyard it looks like Dakota had a similar idea and skipped out on his last couple classes of the day, took the short walk home and has been enjoying the nice cool swimming pool.

It would be rather pointless to take him back to class, its already 2:30 and he is out at 3:00. His school is pretty lax about things, if he gets in trouble he will end up with a 20 minute detention, two of them tops. Are you going to help dry him off? If so what's he in for?

Can you dig it?


It depends. Is this a first occurrence, or a reoccurring problem?

If it's the first time, I'm going to attribute it to spring fever. The scenario also says that I took the day off early as well. In that case, I may ask him to give me a hand before letting him return to the pool. I'm going to read him the riot act, though--truancy is illegal, and it better not happen again no matter how nice the day. And by today's standards, swimming alone is also a "safety issue"--though I swam alone from age 12,and still usually do if I swim at all because there isn't anyone else around.

If it's a reoccurring problem, I'm going to dry him off and even him out.

John Boy

He will have to face what the school deems as an appropriate punishment. First time, I think he can dry himself off and lose the pool for the rest of the day. Hmmm and maybe do the yard work I had planned to do. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

David M. Katz

My issue is that Dakota should have asked me for permission. I do allow an occasional "skip day" with permission.

I like the idea that Dakota can help me with the yard work and then we can BOTH get to enjoying the pool sooner. He will get an ear full of how he should have handled this but that is all from me.

Now as far as school, I am sure he will be found out. I won't cover or lie for him with the school so he is going to have to face whatever sanction the school imposes. In my part of the world that means a meeting with the principal's paddle but it appears Dakota is in for a couple of detentions.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Will I get an honest answer if I ask him if he has doe this before? Would seem there is no point asking the school as they appear to keep no check on where there pupils are.

My difficulty lies in the fact that I too have left work early, but at least I have come home to do some work rather than laze in the pool.

I think I'm going to be real mean and give you a choice Dakota. You can either do the jobs I was going to do and watch me swim while you do them or I'll dry you off and even you out before we both go back in the pool and the jobs ca wait for another day.


Well now, whatever the school policy happens to be, he has to know what dad's policy is on skipping school....

Actually, given the time of year here, I'm more crazy about him swimming alone so Cody can dry off and report himself to the den where he will likely face a good spanking followed by 4 with the strop unless he can convince me to go easier which I rather doubt. Then he and I will do that yard work I had planned as a team.


Int never occurred to do this as a lad. Mind, I was driven to school till 11 and then went to Boarding school(how pampered is that!)so it wasn't really an option. Assuming a first time Dakota gets the school consequences (such as they are) a chewing out and he can help with the yardwork for an hour before he has earned himself another swim. Next time it will be a warm backside.


If this were my actual household, there's little doubt he'd be skinning out of the shorts and picking a switch.

If I didn't have such a firm rule already established (say if he were my only child), then I'd still feel the need to make a firm impression on him, not only including the reasons he needs to stay at school, but that he's violating my trust by sneaking home early, and then I'd firm that up by skinning him out of those shorts and sending him for the brush.

On the other hand, it's such a beautiful day, he might get away with just a hand spanking and a promise to never do it again (without asking).


1strappedboy wrote:I'm more crazy about him swimming alone

Good catch, Dmitri - definitely the brush once you factor that in.

Pi Beta

"Dakota, we both know you shouldn't be here at this time. You would probably like a letter for school explaining why you weren't there this afternoon. Well, you can draft it for me. Get on the computer now and compose a letter from me telling the school exactly why you were not there - no lies. Also write that I expect you to accept whatever punishment the school considers appropriate, then bring it to show me for signature if I approve what you've written."


Editor Extraordinaire
In view of the school's lenient treatment of truancy, Dakota is, for sure, getting dried off and evened out. I don't like the idea of 12 year olds leaving school and wandering around at will, with no one knowing where they are. I intend to communicate my feelings very clearly to Dakota.



I do not really care if Dakota escapes his politically correct prison! However I will go over Dakota's histroy work and have him bring me recordings of him exposing politicly correct lies, in class!



I'm spanking him for being in the pool without supervision, and for skipping. He can go get the brush.

Stone Man

I'm more concerned about his swimming alone than the skipping, as I too am skipping my job on this beautiful day.

I'll not cover his absence with his school and will have a lively discussion with him about not skipping again.

Then I'll dry him off and even him out before we both do the chores together and quickly get back into the water.

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