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BOTD 5-27-13: Leap Before You Look

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1 BOTD 5-27-13: Leap Before You Look on Mon 27 May - 5:26


It's Memorial Day weekend, and you're making a quick trip to visit your in-laws. To keep the schedule the way everyone wanted it, you left after work Friday, stayed in a motel with your three boys about halfway through the trip, so you could arrive late Saturday morning, for plans that your in-laws have made for everyone (that were agreed on by everyone ahead of time, and you find you're actually looking forward to most of them, and your kids are as well).

The trouble is, when you wake Saturday morning, you need to get on the road. You and your spouse are up and going, but the boys are not wanting to be productive. They're used to watching some cartoons on Sat. morning, like you did as a boy. You promised them they could use the laptop to watch in the car, and that you would let them have an extra hour of Cartoon Network when you got back home to make up for it.

They weren't happy, but they started to get ready... Until you turned your back. Then they sat down, less than half-dressed, and turned on the TV.

Trying to be patient, you turned it off and got them moving again. You and your spouse are ready to go. While your better half goes to the office to settle the bill, you start loading the car, making sure everything is packed, except the clothes in which the kids are dressing. Before carrying the luggage out, you inform the boys that everyone is ready to go, and you're waiting on them so you can go get breakfast.

When you step back into the motel room, you find

Andy (7), Garrett (10), and Royce ( 8 )
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What happens now?

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I really don't have a major malfunction with little guys not having shirts on and jumping on a motel bed!
I'll likely just round them up and get them to the car with a warning that they need tO calm down.

Further rowdyness can always be dealt with at the rest stops along the way.

If they do give me any grief, we're still in the hotel room; we can leave here with 3 sore rears if necessary; it's in their court!

Upon further review, I agree with Ivor: This is a job for stingoors!. Just a few to get their attention and focus. That way I'll have "good boys" in the car for the trip as well.

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Looks like they're full of get up and go, but only to do what they want, not what I want.

I have ways of changing that ranging from stingoors upwards so either they stop messing or...........


Editor Extraordinaire
I also agree with Ivor. This isn't a huge deal, but the boys need some firm handling before things escalate to the point at which I'll have to give them a serious punishment -- and that is no way to start off our holiday. A couple of stingoors apiece ought to put them back on track.


Pi Beta

"Last one fully dressed gets a spanking, boys. Now get moving!"

How much of a spanking will depend on them but whoever it is certainly won't be getting undressed again for it!


I agree with Ivor and Kat. Just need to get their attention and get them redirected.

David M. Katz

AFinch wrote:I agree with Ivor and Kat. Just need to get their attention and get them redirected.

I concur as well. Frankly, unless the in-laws are some kind of prudes, there is nothing wrong with how the boys are dressed. I will just stuff therm in the car as is and they can put the rest of their clothes on (if needed) when we arrive. We should make it on time.

That is if we don't need to make an ER stop. It just looks to me like Andy is going to belly flop on the edge of the night table. OUCH!

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I will march the boys out to the car, dressed or not, and throw in the cloths after. The boys can dress in the car after we get moving, no problem!



Er - seat belts Icono?


Actually, since you're on your way to breakfast before the in-laws, the lack of shirts is a bit of a problem, but it can be solved on the way to the restaurant.

I think a couple of swats each would probably be the best way to get them moving. That, and I should remember not to trust them to get moving on their own for a while.

John Boy

Normally I let them settle the jumping on the bed when we first arrive, and then no more. But I think SWATS with the promise of the real thing if they don't listen again should help.


Im in agreement with Dimitri and Ivor

hugs kal


I think stingooers will provide the necessary "encouragement." Its not that they are actually doing anything terrible but this dressing thing isn't going to happen on its own with the boys at this age in the novel setting of a hotel.


A pair of shirts and some shoes are missing, no big deal. The palm of my hand will set them on their way quickly.

Stone Man

Stingoors and tickles will chase them to the car. If we're stopping on route to eat, we can go thru drive through and avoid the need for shirts.

On my family outings as a boy with the Grands, Aunts and Uncles and cousins the boys pictured would be considered over dressed.

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