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BOTD 5/28/13 "Keeping Commitments" A DMK Production

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From your lips to God's ear Kat; I pray it is despite all that happened that I am who I am. I know I do tend towards a more authoritarian mindset and that IS because of them. How I deal with the kids is despite, I think (hope).


I am going to follow Kats line which is excellent with two provisos. We both have an understanding. No coomitment to do jobs for the purpose of earning money will be allowed during the period of the grounding. If needs be I will call and rearrange the time for undertaking the work for outside the grounding period. Breaches of grounding without an extremely good reason will bring a very hard spanking indeed.


1strappedboy wrote:Lord knows you're right on that score!!

It must have been so therapeutic to have had a winning tussle with your tormentor!

First, I never saw my father as really a tormentor. He was too harsh and too strict, but nothing like what you've described.

I think there are three reasons that it came about. First, because I didn't meet my father until I was almost 10. Second, because I split time between Mom's husband and Patrick, so neither of them had absolute authority. Finally, I should admit that the fight came, not because of how he was treating me, but because of how he was dealing with my little brothers, who were only 7, 8, and 9 at the time.

Stone Man

Answered from a personal point this would not have happened as standing obligations to others take presidents over short term groundings, so going to school, work, church, team sports, etc. are acceptable reasons for a boy to leave the house/yard.

Now if I had caught him sitting at the house relaxing after doing his job, or going out for a meal with the guys after a team event, his ass would be grass and my strop the mower.

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