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BOTD 5/30/13 "UP A TREE" A 1Strappedboy Production

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David M. Katz

Up A Tree
A Dimitri-1strappedboy Production
You live on a farm with your new family. You've been married about a year and have 1 son of your own in addition to the 2 stepsons and 2 step daughters you've acquired in the bargain.

You are learning how to farm yourself having not come from that background, your father-in-law is teaching/training you.

Your younger stepson Mik has a bit of an adventurous streak and you've told him time and again not to go too far off and to be careful about using good judgement when in the woods. It is well past supper time, and you note that not only are his assigned chores not completed yet but that he doesn't seem to be around anywhere. You and the boys go looking for him.

After a good hour search you find him:

Mik - 12
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Since he's up a tree, and barefoot in addition to everything else, how are you handling this?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


It depends. From the photo, it appears he's up the tree and barefoot because he wants to be, rather than he climbed up and got stuck.

In that case, he's late, he's disobedient, and he's irresponsible. Being barefoot in the woods is dangerous and he's getting spanked. Given the known back story, he'll go to my study and get his age with the strop. Without that back story, I'd be inclined to let his bottom join his bare feet for his age in whacks with a switch, conveniently provided by the tree.

If he climbed up and got stuck, and he's terrified about it, he's getting helped down, along with some stingoors and a telling off involving "this is why you were told not to do this".

David M. Katz

Does he have a time limit for his chores? Assuming he does then we have a problem. If not, he can do them after supper.

Not being home on time and causing the family to miss/delay supper is an issue. It looks like it may be time for Mik to know my belt is used for more than holding up my pants.

The fact he is up a tree without shoes is of no concern to me. Considering the venue and the time of year I imagine he has forgotten what shoes are.

My issues are definitely with his time management and most likely with skipping out on chores.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'd be so happy to find the missing kid unharmed that I doubt I do much to him.


John Boy

I'd say hugs first, talk later, consequence depending on how the talk goes.


I'll share later how Alex dealt with Misha, but Kat's response just had me rolling in the floor!

Let's just say, "if only!" Razz


Very Happy Im with Kat, I would be so happy that we found him safe and sound and unharmed.

I guess this would be his free pass with the undone chores but will explain what will happen if the chores go undone again.

hugs kal

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Stone Man

I'm sending the searchers home so they can tell their Mom that Mik is safe... and with his Dad. Being the woods I'll be taking advantage of a near by log, quickly make Mik's bottom as bare as his feet and in short term make it as red as his shirt.


Kat wrote:I'd be so happy to find the missing kid unharmed that I doubt I do much to him.


Truthfully, me too!



As far as I understood the setting Mik had been grown up there and it's me who is new to the woods. He probably knew exactly where he was unlike me. But he is 12, young enough to forget everything while playing, with no watch (and being a farm kid probably no cellphone too) with him.

So, after a hug and a sigh, I will escort him home while giving him a (fruitless) lecture to do his chores and come home in time, underlining it with some stingeroos.


However, since it's a 1Strappedboy Production, I doubt the boy was so lucky.


I'm sure Stoney is much nearer to the true 'what happened next' than Kat.


He obviously doesn't have a watch. The instructions I've given him are vague to the point of uselessness. It doesn't seem to me that he's doing anything especially dangerous. Unless he's violating some specific instruction I've given him before, or unless there's some way I should expect him to really know how late he is (like it's getting dark), I think it's time to sit down and set some very specific rules with him.


One would have thought young Misha would 'catch a clue' regarding things but he always went his own way.

As always, I take BoTD's from reality, either my own or 1 of the kids'. In this instance, one would indeed think my little brother would catch a clue from seeing Van and me both getting our butts busted for various stuff; not so.

I took this from my childhood. When Katz put forth the pics and I saw the kid "up a tree" it was a thorough reminder of things past so I used the scenario put forth.

12 year old Mikhail was MIA, and had not done chores; Alex, Ivan and I went looking; though in reality he was not barefoot, he WAS in a tree when we found him.

Being 12 years old, he was in Alex's eye, eligible for the crop as well as the strop. This incident introduced my poor brother to that particular implement. He got his age with the strop and 4 crop strikes. As the youngest boy he had seen both Ivan and me suffer this punishment before and I still don't know why or how he thought he'd escape it!


Is he prohibited from climbing trees. if not where he is doesn,t look particularly dangerous. What are the rules on shoes? Unless told otherwise I am not too fussed. I am fussed that we had no idea where he was and that he was late to the point of having the family search for an hour. If he heard us calling and ignored it he just upgraded from paddle to strapnd we will discuss his lack of consideration and laziness in blowing off his chores


The tree-climbing and no shoes isn't a problem. He'll learn quickly enough that going barefoot carries its own risks and maybe he needs to do it regular enough to get used to it. The skipping chores is another matter, and he needs to go back now and get them done.

It's kind of charming that he's doing the Tom Sawyer bit, but he needs to understand that switchin' was a part of that boy's lifestyle, and cutting a switch may be one of his chores if he skips out on the rest of them.

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