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BOTD 05-31-13 - Jeff - In Trouble again? An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Jeff - In Trouble again?
An Ivor Production

Your 14 year old son Jeff should have been home a while ago. You have a feeling you know where he might be so you go there and your feeling is correct as this is what you see:

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Jeff has felt you belt before for going on the railway line which is fenced off and trains are fairly frequent.

At this point you're not sure if he has been spraying graffiti or paint sniffing - or both. Does it really make any difference which as he is definitely trespassing to get where he shouldn't be?

Is he going to feel your belt again when you get him home?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
Yes on the belt! 2nd time might be the charm!

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

If he is huffing this is VERY SERIOUS and I might need to consider counseling.

If he is (hopefully) painting trains then maybe my belt can make a needed impression.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I think if my belt hasn't made an impression the first time with respect to graffiti, it is unlikely to make one now.

I think that if he's huffing paint, we've got a way bigger problem than CP is going to solve.

So we're going to talk. And depending on the conversation, Jeff is going to be staying home with tough love and out patient counseling, or he's going to a locked rehab.

The trespassing is an issue either way. Clearly Jeff is out of control, and either I'm going to have to take full control of this situation or get someone to help since I'm too ineffectual to do it alone.


Given his posture, it does look like he's been 'inhaling'. If that's the case, the first order of business is to deal with the substance abuse issue. This is going to need more than parental input. Once he's clean and sober, we can talk about consequences.

If I'm wrong about it and he's 'just' vandalizing stuff (Thank God for the "small problems") then he's earned himself a sore rear when we get home.

John Boy

David M. Katz wrote:If he is huffing this is VERY SERIOUS and I might need to consider counseling.

If he is (hopefully) painting trains then maybe my belt can make a needed impression.

Ditto you saved me some typing.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'd say he's in big trouble.



This worries me and I think professional help is needed. This behaviour looks to be beyond CP. I would be happy to be wrong but in that case short odf a switch where do I go other than another worse? belting. He is grounded, for his own safety, till this is sorted


Yeah, there's a real difference between tagging and huffing, because tagging is just money, while huffing can destroy your brain.

Whichever it might have been, Jeff and I are going to have a long talk. Since the idea of my belt didn't suffice to keep him away from there, we're going to have to come up with something new. It might be a switch for his illegal trespass, but we might have to experience grounding or some type of more intense supervision for him.

Stone Man

Ditto Kier and Dimitri

The thought he is huffing scares the #### out of me.


You learn something every day!

Until now the only 'huffing' I knew took place on a draughts board........ Smile


Concur with the others. If he is huffing, and he appears to be, then it's as serious as it gets. That he's getting high next to an active railroad line only adds to the lethality.

Rehab for this kid, pronto.

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