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BOTD 6/5/13 "Daredevil Duncan" A Late Chat Productin

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David M. Katz

A *Late Chat Production
*Leti, Jkher, John Boy, DMK

You have two sons. Robert is fourteen and Duncan is seven. Robert is a more reserved and quieter boy but Duncan is a daredevil and is adventurous. Despite the age difference, the boys get along very well.
Duncan - 7
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Robert - 14
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That is Robert's skateboard that Duncan is holding. Duncan's skateboard was taken away and he is not allowed to skate for a week. You caught him doing tricks on the board without safety equipment or helmet after several warnings. Duncan went in Robert's room and removed the board without permission. Duncan is no longer allowed in Robert's room unsupervised after breaking a prized trophy last month.

Duncan's friends wanted him to come out and skate with them. Since Duncan lost his board and is on restriction he decided to "borrow" Robert's board and sneak away and skate.

Duncan and friends were skating down a steep hill and doing tricks. No, Duncan was not wearing any helmet or safety equipment. Somehow Robert's board got away from Duncan and rolled into a busy intersection and was run over and is now destroyed. Duncan fell in the incident but luckily only has some minor scrapes.

You decide that Duncan deserves a spanking. However, Robert is begging you to not spank Duncan despite the fact that he now has a destroyed board. Robert says he forgives his little brother.

Do you heed Robert's pleas? How do you deal with your little daredevil?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Why is Robert begging that Duncan not be spanked? Unless it's in lieu of Robert himself being allowed to murder his little brother, the scenario doesn't really ring true to me.

However...Duncan lost the use of his skateboard for not wearing safety equipment. He then went into his brother's room, breaking another rule, "borrowed" (AKA STOLE) Robert's board, broke his restriction, rode the "borrowed" board in a dangerous place, again without safety equipment, lost control of it, finally resulting in (fortunately minor) injury to himself and total destruction of the "borrowed" board. It is only dumb luck he isn't in the hospital...or the morgue.

If ever any boy deserved a spanking, it's Duncan. It is only by virtue of his age (7) that he isn't cutting his own switch. He's getting a paddling until he cries himself hoarse, and then he can go apologize to his brother. He will also lose his pocket money for a while to defray the cost of a new board for Rob. Since I haven't been able to get through to his head, maybe I'll have more success via the other end.


I think that we didn't get why the brother was not angry. scratch

But I guess it is a little bit of guilty conscience. He told his brother and his friends about going down that street on the skateboard when he was around their age.

But you can also add your own theory are the reason for that?

Very Happy

Stone Man

I'll jump on the Kier bandwagon.

There is a brother team where I work. The older is 14 and in 8th grade, the younger is 6 and in Kindergarten. Watching those tow together I can understand why the older brother in the story was begging for his little to suffer no punishment.


Editor Extraordinaire
I think some older siblings are just very protective of younger ones. If this is the relationship between Robert and Duncan, it is probably because the parents haven't spoiled the younger boy at the expense of the older. Robert can play the role of comforter after Duncan gets what will be, for him, a serious spanking. There is simply no way Duncan is getting off the hook for this list of shenanigans. Of course, with a seven year old, the extra harshness is going to be more in the perception than the reality.



I must confess that Doc really has the situation pretty cold for me!

I do wonder why St Robert is trying to get Dunc off this exceedingly well deserved spanking. No matter, because the little guy has earned himself what can only be seen as the spanking of his young life.

There is a literal catalog of failures, misbehaviors, and lapses. I'm glad he only escaped the accident with a few scrapes; this lets me off of some of the guilt I'd feel otherwise for giving this level of spanking to one so young. It will certainly be more than just my hand. If we are a wood family, the paddle will be used for the entire spanking.

As we're a leather house, he's getting at least a few with the belt for this. He's lucky he's only 7; otherwise it would be for the entirety of his spanking!!!

John Boy

Alright son, I won't spank him for taking the board and then breaking it. I will be giving him a spanking though for skating without proper protection and violating restrictions. EmbarassedEmbarassed


The inference I take from this scenario is that Duncan has never been spanked as the other incidents of bad behaviour mentioned were dealt with in other ways.

Thus I suspect Robert is thinking back to when he was Duncan's age and you spanked him severely and he doesn't want his little bro to have such an experience. With the catalogue of offences listed it would seem that you do have something serious in mind and that, while relieved Duncan has come to no serious harm, you are also irate at what he did.

I consider a talk first with Robert to explain to him exactly what you are going to do and reassure him it will not be too severe for a boy of only seven (no belt!). After it's done he can console his little bro.


I think Robert is a kindly soft hearted young man so I think it is he I owe the explanation of why Duncan needs a spank. He is reaching an age where he is fully aware of his wrongdoings and prepared to repeat them unless checked. Unless I act now, Robert, you will forever reproach me for raising a spoilt brat of a brother who will always expect to get his way and wouldn't mind walking all over his soft hearted big brother to do so.

I won't be punishing Duncan for the smashed board but for his dangerous and disobedient behaviour and the removal of Roberts board without his permission. 7 is perhaps too little for another kind of board but I think my hand will make the right impression


A few deficiencies in this scenario: how do I normally punish the boys, do I have a normal system for dealing with violations of restrictions, and did I state a consequence if Duncan went into his big bro's room without permission?

Without having that information, I'll just toss out a first impression, which is that I'm at least as much worried about Duncan feeling he can ignore my restrictions, forget the reasons they were assigned, and ignore rules he feels are an inconvenience (and what is it called when you take something that doesn't belong to you?).

If Duncan is halfway a good boy, by the time I get through talking to him, he's going to feel so miserable he'll need a spanking just to forgive himself. I don't mean to disappoint him. At his age, I don't think it'll have to be too harsh on an absolute scale, but I am going to turn those chubby little cheeks apple red.

Then we'll figure out what we can do to replace his brother's skateboard.


"OFF with his no-helmet-no-permission-taking-things pants king !"


not much to add here...

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