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BOTD 06-09-13 Blast From the Past - Wet Fun? A Kat Production

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Blast From the Past - Wet Fun?

A Kat Production

1980 -- You are the principal of a middle school where corporal punishment is used frequently. During the last week of school, you've had a problem with kids bringing water pistols to school and making nuisances of themselves. You made an announcement forbidding them, but today you went into the boys' room at lunch time and found at least 10 boys squirting one another. Do you let them off, as you only have a couple of days of school left, and there are so many involved, including at least one honors student with no disciplinary record?

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The Ring Leader
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Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

I am going to let them off with a warning and confiscate all of the pistols. They can have them back after school.

I don't even want to think what kind of hell these students would be put through in today's world.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm with David.

"It will go on your permanent record" were words to strike terror into the heart of any kid when I grew up--little did I know that such permanent records, then, were actually a joke.

Not so, today. This sort of hijinks would likely be the subject of legal action for "terrorist threats" resulting in suspensions or even expulsions. The world has gone insane.

John Boy

I will confiscate the water pistols and tell them, that their parents may pick up the water pistols at their discretion. Twisted Evil


AFinch wrote: The world has gone insane.

True, so true.


Its 1980. What a Face

I'll dry them all out and even them all up. Cool


In reality I suspect I'd let them all off with a severe warning and confiscate the pistols.

Evil spanko me though would march them all down to the showers and then deliver a couple of licks with my paddle to each of their bare butts as they emerged! Twisted Evil


Nowadays of course security will be arresting the boys or they might be suspended. The paranoia and failure to distinguish when

little kids are playing fantasy games while teens buy Ak 47s on the internet staggers me but enough of that. It is still term time and I banned water pistols. If i have any authority I have to deal with the disobedience.

All those toting water pistols will have them confiscated for the rest of term and recieve 1 good lick with the paddle. I am not sure exactly what the ring leader did but if it was to instigate a water fight or incite one then he gets two. I think this allows for the cabin fever of the boys while allowing me to make my point


With 2/3 of the K Klub rendering opinion, I am solidly in their corner. A warning will do.


Closer to reality, I have no doubt that I'd simply confiscate the guns. Depending upon how busy I actually was, and how cute the boys in question were, I'd probably march them to the office, lined up outside my door, so I could take the name of the owner of each 'gun', and give them each a swat for violating the rule.

Don't worry, though - it won't go on your record.


The hassle of even taking 10 water pistols and making records, much less punishing all 10 boys is simply not worth it; so I will quickly leave the rest room, and pretend I saw nothing! The boys will know to keep the water guns out of sight.

In the future, I will try to remember not to make stupid rules that will need to be enforced!


Stone Man

Confiscate the guns, give each boy a lick or two and call each boy's parents to let them know they can come by and pick up the squirt guns if they wish.... Twisted Evil Or they can pick up where I left off with the licks.

No records of the boys' or my actions will be in any records but our minds.

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