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BOTD 07-05-13 Wyatt Digging his Own Grave? An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Wyatt Digging his own grave?

An Ivor Production

Your 14 year old son Wyatt has done something that he shouldn't for the third time in the space of a few weeks. You warned him on the first occasion that he would get spanked; on the second occasion he did get spanked with a paddle. You told him then that if it ever happened again he would get a whipping with your belt - which you know he fears.

Well, now he has done it again and when you found out you told him that 'he had just dug his own grave' and sent him off to his room to wait for you. As you head that way you happen to look out of a window and this is what you see:

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Has Wyatt dug himself into, or out of, a hole?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
He's getting the belt.. promise made .. promise kept

Can you dig it?


Neither one. I'll explain the difference between an expression and something to be taken literally.

Meanwhile, three strikes and you're out. This is the third time in as many weeks. He's been told off for it, and spanked for it already, and he knew the penalty for a third recurrence.

So, as JK would say: "Off with his pants".


Editor Extraordinaire
I really hope this is Wyatt's idea of gallows humor. I'm not a big fan of the escalating punishment, particularly when it's only an increase in severity of something that hasn't worked so far. If the belt turns out to be not as bad as Wyatt feared, then where do I go? It's no good saying I'll continue making the punishment harsher until I stop his behavior, as realistically, there are boundaries I would not and should not cross.

I think before I proceed to punishment, I'd better make a serious effort to find out why Wyatt has continued to do whatever it is he is doing. Unless I can find out why he's disobeying, I'm probably not going to get far. Assuming that I have a good relationship with Wyatt, and assuming that I succeed in finding out what is behind the misbehavior, I can find a solution. Is it a peer pressure problem? Am I being a hardass about something that matters deeply to him? Is he feeling rebellious for some reason?

Having promised him a whipping with the belt, I will carry out the promise after we have resolved our problem. He can take down his jeans and get three hard licks on his underwear, which should make him respect the belt but not overwhelm him.


David M. Katz

I really have nothing to add to Kat's fine answer.

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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I may up the ante a bit if I discover he is being a deliberate smart arse! If this is my kid, it is an attempt at gallows humor in an effort to make me lighten up a tad.

If I've promised the belt, then I do have to follow through; consistency and all! I don't have to whack him into next Tuesday. It needs to be hard enough to confirm his fear but not overwhelm.

Stone Man

Gallows humor most definitely. It's Wyatt's way of telling me he understands the gravity of the situation but remains fearful of the belt.

Knowing his fear it's likely I'll only need to go lightly on him to effectively punish him; after which we need to talk over several things so a belt whippin' will not be needed in the future.

John Boy

Skater wrote:He's getting the belt.. promise made .. promise kept


Very Happy  DITTO JB who DITTO'ed Skater........!!!

hugs kal


Wyatt has done something that he shouldn't

Something criminal?  It would appear not.  Something socially unacceptable? Something against my arbitrary rules?  Or something merely annoying?  This is difficult to answer without some clarity.

What is clear is that he is continuing to do this in spite of escalating threats of punishment and that when told to go to his room he went out into the garden and took up the pose.  Taking the Mick? .... Outright defiance?

I'm going to choke back my immediate inclination to make his whipping memorable and attempt to lighten up in the face of his challenge and initiate a calm discussion.  There is more to this than meets the eye.  He is, after all fourteen, perhaps the challenge is that I am being too autocratic, still treating him as a little child instead of involving him in his growing up.

He is openly repeating this offence.  Why?  

I need to get to the (metaphorical) bottom of this.  If the discussion is productive there is no need for any further action - if not there is always my trusty belt.


I'm more worried about why he's repeating the offense so quickly. I expect boys to make the same mistakes over and again - humans learn by repetition, and those limits he tested a few months ago might have changed since then. Three times in a few weeks suggests there's something else at hand, and we need to find out what that is.

In the meantime, while it would more likely be the brush than the belt in my house, I see no reason for him not to receive the promised punishment, since teaching him about the real world (where repeated transgressions usually do receive enhanced consequences) is my real job as a parent.


Is this a piece of adolescent dramatics? I am sure Wyatt at 14 understands a figure of speech though perhaps it is not one I should have used. I really don't want Wyatt thinking of any spanking he gets in those terms. This doesn't say but if it is Wyatts first belting is it fear of the unknown?

If anything it is I who has dug the hole but clearly Wyatt doesn't fear the paddle in quite the same way and I do want this behaviour to cease so Wyatt can put the shovel down and come inside. I will keep the belting short and sharp and then Wyatt can go fill in his hole again.

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